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Re: Intelligence Agencies and NICAP

From: Ian Read <i.read@netcom.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 20:42:41 +0100
Fwd Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 16:03:10 -0400
Subject: Re: Intelligence Agencies and NICAP

NICAP History

"The UFO Cover-UP" by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood (1984)

During NICAP's first year of exstence under it's original founder, T.
Townshend Brown, several mysterous persons managed to fit themselves
into NICAP's structure. One, named Nicolas de Rochefort, was a Russian
immigrant who, among other jobs, wrote scripts in French and Russian
for the Voice of America. He was also employed by the Psychological
Warfare Staff of the CIA. De Rochefort became NICAP's Vice-Chairman,
alongside Brown. Another NICAP staffer in 1956 was a man named Bernard
J.O. Carvalho, a native of Portugal, who was also involvd in CIA-owned
companies (secretly owned, that is). Perhaps the involvement of two CIA
employees was not all that mysterious. After all, T. Townshend Brown's
leadership of NICAP was short lived and, in fact, ended near the end of

Well-known UFO authority Major Donald Keyhoe managed to beef up NICAP's
prestige by looking for and appointing prominent people to NICAP's
Board of Governors. One of the first board appointees was Vicie Admiral
Roscoe Hillenkoetter, a Naval Academy classmate of Keyhoe's and the
first Director of the CIIA, when it formed in 1947. Hillenkoetter made
a number of positive statements on UFO reality, thus endearing himself
to Keyhoe. This relationship reversed itself, however, when Keyhoe
developed NICAP into a fierce opponent of government secrecy and pushed
for Congressioinal hearings in the early 1960s. Hillenkoetter abruptly
resigned from NICAP, expressing the opinion that NICAP went as far as
it could go, and no further criticism should be aimed at the Air Force
for its handling of UFOs.

It can probably be surmised that Hillenkotter was pressured out of NICAP
by the CIA, since it was of considerable embarrassment to the CIA to
have a former Director making pro-UFO statements.

Further evidence of CIA influence in NICAP developed during the period
immediately before NICAP's decline. On December 3, 1969, Donald Keyhoe
was ousted as NICAP's Director during a Board meeting. Who led the
effort to remove Keyhoe? The Chairman of the Board, Col. Joesph Bryan,
former Chief of the CIA's Psychological Warfare Staff (1947-1953). And
who replaced Keyhoe? John Acuff, who was the head of the Society of
Photographic Scientists and Engineers (SPSE), a frequent target of
Russian spying attempts and a group that had many members involved in
Defense Department intelligence units, including the CIA. His
management of NICAP was financially "tight' (in the cheap sense) and
totally inept in a research sense. Criticism of government UFO policy
was gone, and NICAP merely served as a sighting collection center.
Acuff's management drove loyal NICAP Board members away and ultmately
led to Acuff's downfall in 1978.

Who replaced Acuff? None other than Alan Hall, a retired CIA employee,
who accepted the position after a number of other CIA employees were
offered the job. Support for Hall from the NICAP Board came from
Charles Lombard, an aide to Senator Goldwater and former CIA covert

NICAP eventually became so ineffective that it was dissolved, and the
group's UFO files were absorbed by the Center for UFO Studies in
Evanston, Illinois.

There certainly seems to be a pattern behind NICAP's destruction. Is it
a coincidence that so many ex-CIA people became deeply involved in the
operation of NICAP? It is possible that the CIA wanted to influence
NICAP activities for several reasons:

  1) To gather intelligence through NICAP's investigators network.

  2) To identify and plug leaks from government soures (NICAP was
     renowned for receiving military-oriented reports).

  3) To monitor other hostile intelligence agencies (NICAP received
     several overtures from the Soviet KGB).

After Acuff's bungled management of NICAP, the CIA may have felt that
NICAP's effectiveness as a "front" was gone and allowed it to be taken
over by CUFOS.

Speculation? Yes, but not without justification, as one can clearly
read. A new question now arises. Would the same thing happen to another
UFO group that became effective and efficient? We can only watch for
the signs.

The structure of CAUS underwent changes (not CIA-induced!) in the
1980s. Peter Gersten became its new Director, with Lawrence Fawcett as
Assistant Director. A Board of Advisors was formed, containing
well-known names in UFO research such as Raymond Fowler, Stanton
Freidman, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, and others. The focus, to this day,
continues to be the release of government documents on UFOs, although
pressure by the Reagan Administration to restrict the Freedom of
Information Act may hamper the work of CAUSE in this area.

It is important that the public become involved in the search at this
time. To prevent further dissolution of the FOIA, we urge ccitizens to
write to their elected officials telling them to support the free flow
of government information, particularly about UFOs. Use this book as a
source of documented evidence. Make copies of the reports and send them
to your Senators and Congressmen. CAUS has been effective in obtaining
new data, but there is strength in numbers. The more support behind
CAUS's efforts to inform the public, the better off both the public and
CAUS will be.

/___  ___\ Ian Read
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