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DISPATCH #65 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

From: ParaScope@AOL.COM
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 22:02:14 -0400
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Subject: DISPATCH #65 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

DISPATCH #65 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

S O M E T H I N G   S T R A N G E  I S   H A P P E N I N G


Quote of the Week

"You have manipulated images of the president's public statements, taken them
out of the context in which they were uttered, and adapted them to fit the
plot of your film. By appropriating President Clinton's image and words in
this manner, you have essentially given him a role in your film without his

--White House counsel Charles Ruff in a letter to the makers of the film
"Contact." (Ruff apparently is unaware that the same thing is done by the
corporate "news" media to non-presidents every day.)


Rant of the Week: "Mom, Dad and the Demonic Entities"

Every week we pick the wackiest, scariest, nastiest or funniest rant from the
hundreds of letters received by us here at ParaScope headquarters, and
present it to you as our Rant of the Week. This week, "Trumpeter" makes a
frightening prediction about the horror that is to come. Sadly, we don't know
when it will come, so keep an eye on Mom and Dad if they're caught outside
when the darkness falls. Enjoy!

"The earth will soon be encompassed in absolute darkness for a period of
three days. All caught outside of home or shelter will die. Board up your
windows and lock your doors when this event occurs. Don't look outside. Admit
no one into your home after the darkness falls, even what APPEARS to be
friends or family members will be demonic entities trying to gain admittance
into your shelters. There is more, but at his time I have given you enough to

[Reprinted with spelling and grammar goofs unchanged. Names changed to
protect the ranters.]


New Friends in Online Places

ParaScope is pleased to announce exciting new partnerships with two of the
premiere spots in cyberspace for cutting-edge content: Imagine Zone and The
Hub. You can now find ParaScope carried on both of these great sites. You'll
find us featured every Monday in the Imagine Zone's "I-Files" area, featuring
the best in paranormal, UFOs and true crime stories. (Check us out at
http://www.imaginezone.com/) The Hub is the number one original content site
on America Online, and we're thrilled to be featured in their line-up of
killer content along with great sites like Urban Legends and Crime Scene,
both of which ought to be of interest to ParaScope readers. (Check them out
at keyword: hub on AOL or at http://www.thehub.com on the web.)


Hot Talk on the Grassy Knoll

You'll find regularly scheduled, hosted chat sessions every night (and most
of every day) on our AOL site at the Grassy Knoll chat room. Lauded as one of
the top chat rooms on AOL, the Grassy Knoll is the place to go to share your
views live with others on everything from conspiracies to UFOs to the
paranormal and beyond. Also, join us at our web site every Saturday night at
9pm ET for the latest gossip, chat, rumor, innuendo and fun.



Coming Up Next Week!

Check out all these stories next week on a daily basis on America Online, or
all at once next Thursday on the web site!

Conspiracy Newsline: Daily updates for cognitive dissidents.

Idaho prosecutor's decision to file charges in Ruby Ridge case displeases all
sides; new book blows the lid off the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy;
videotape shows violent prisoner abuse at private Texas prison; Tennessee
appeals court halts King assassination probes; updates on Nike labor
violations in Vietnam and Bangladesh; imprisoned Branch Davidians to seek
sentence reductions.


Pat Robertson Recommends Stoning for UFO Enthusiasts

The Bible says the Earth belongs to man, but the heavens belong to the Lord,
and you UFO nuts better keep that straight! Otherwise, you'll be stoned to
death in accordance with the book of Deuteronomy. That's what  religious
honcho and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson suggested
in a 700 Club news segment broadcast on July 8. In a rambling discourse, he
stated that if aliens exist, they are simply demons trying to lead people
away from Christ, which Robertson perceives to be a very serious threat.
ParaScope will soon be taking orders for stoning-proof vests and
granite-resistant BELIEVER helmets, but until then, you can get the details
on Pat's rant in Nebula.


Castro and the Kennedy Assassination: New Documents, New Details

In the early 1960s, the U.S. government put multiple hits on Cuban leader
Fidel Castro. Did Castro return the favor? Some investigators of the Kennedy
assassination have speculated that the bearded revolutionary was in some way
involved in this most controversial of political murders. Now newly released
documents fill in the story of how Castro reacted when he heard the news from
Dallas. Dossier has investigated the new findings and how they fit in with
what was previously known about Castro and Kennedy's death. If you've ever
wondered how covert ops against Cuba may have been involved with JFK's
killing, don't miss this Dossier special briefing.


CSICOP Takes Stock of the Media

CSICOP (the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the
Paranormal), publisher of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, is planning a campaign
to acquire stock in various media conglomerates "to provide leverage for its
response to the television networks' lucrative commercial marketing of fringe
science and pseudoscience." By obtaining shares of common stock in Time
Warner and the four major TV networks, CSICOP will be able to "question the
infatuation with the paranormal increasingly demonstrated in television
programming" at shareholders' meetings. Enigma editor D. Trull has the
details on CSICOP's skeptical initiative.


Prescription for Controversy: Reefer Madness in the '90s

Sixty years ago, Congress outlawed marijuana in the midst of a firestorm of
patently false, often racist propaganda fed by tabloid-journalism hysteria.
The plant which was on the brink of becoming a multi-billion dollar cash crop
instead became the target of a multi-billion dollar drug war that has
imprisoned tens of thousands of otherwise innocent American civilians. But
the tide began to turn in 1996, when voters passed medical marijuana ballot
initiatives in Arizona and California. Ignoring the clearly expressed will of
the people in those two states, the Fedgov has launched a series of
retaliatory attacks. President Clinton and drug czar Barry McCaffrey promised
that users of medicinal marijuana in Arizona and California would still face
federal charges if caught. And various Congressional representatives have
sponsored a host of certifiably insane anti-marijuana bills, including Rep.
Newt Gingrich's proposal that anyone caught with two or more ounces of
marijuana be executed. ParaScope presents a situation report on the current
legislative landscape, including roundups of pending ballot measures,
Congressional updates and related news.


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