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Scientists Manufacture Roswell-Like Material

From: Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk (Stig Agermose)
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 20:12:26 +0200
Fwd Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 09:01:20 -0400
Subject: Scientists Manufacture Roswell-Like Material

For my part the story began when I received the ensuing post from
"alt.alien.visitors" on August 20 at 07.04 local Danish time (GMT + 2
hours), but before I bring it, I would like to add a few comments.

'Ambassador Magazine' is published monthly, and offered free of charge
while traveling on TWA.

The URL of the main site devoted to nanotubes is:


Thirdly I have included the URL of a text by Peter Harris at the
University of Reading in the UK, one of the leading researchers in the
field and authoring a book on the sucject, soon to be published by
Cambridge University Press.

The text doesn't refer to the exact material described in Ambassador
Magazine, but gives a short historical background on nanotubes. The URL
of the page, which has many interesting  links, is:



20. August 1997 06.50.24
alt.alien.visitors Item
From:	MGFF04A@prodigy.com,usenet
Subject:	Roswell: metal that springs back to shape
To:	alt.alien.visitors

Many witnesses of the Roswell incident spoke about a material
resembling lead foil that wouldn't crease or dent, and that would
return to its original shape.

Imagine my surprise when I read the following article from the July
1997 edition of AMBASSADOR magazine--I don't remember exactly, but I
think it was a Northwest flight and hence the Northwest Airlines
in-flight magazine.

"It's between 10 and 100 times stronger than steel with one-sixth the
weight.  It can crumple without breaking, then spring back to its
original shape.  Within a few years, it may be used to reinforce
airplane wings and tether satellites to the Earth.  No, it's not
Superman's hair.  It's the world's strongest fiber.

"The carbon nanotube is thinner than a pencil lead and made entirely of
interlinked graphite atoms.  'This is the strongest material known,'
reports Thomas Ebbesen, a professor of chemistry as Pasteur University
in Strasbourg, France, and a pioneering expert on the filaments.  Rice
University physicist Peter Nordlander goes a step further, echoing the
views of most researchers working on the tubes: 'This is quite probably
the strongest material that can be made.'

"The reason: Carbon atoms attach to other bits of matter using a
covalent electrical bond, the strongest form of bond between atoms. The
larger the distance between atoms, the weaker the links binding them
together.  Carbon's electrical strength and small size enable it to
form a denser, stronger mesh of atomic bonds than any other material.


"So far, researchers have been able to make tubes no longer than about
100 microns--a few hundredths of an inch....

"....Nobel chemist Richard Smalley of Rice University envisions a
carbon filament one millimeter in diameter anchoring a satellite
stationed more than 22,000 miles above the globe.  The cord ... would
weigh about 20 tons, he calculates, and could easily support its own

"'Who knows what might be possible with nanotubes?' Ebbesen
adds.'They're the ultimate fiber."

Is it just me, or does this have the appearance of a smoking gun?

Responses to: MGFF04A@prodigy.com

Date: 20 Aug 1997 04:50:24 GMT
From: MGFF04A@prodigy.com (Anthony Nemelka)
Subject: Roswell: metal that springs back to shape
Message-ID: <5tdt2g$1i2m$1@newssvr01-int.news.prodigy.com>


Exciting stuff, but then I received an alarming and thought-provoking
update by Ed Wang, forwarded to me by "Doc in Phoenix".

I went to American Computer's site and found information that may
broaden the perspective on some of Philip Corso's disclosures in "The
Day After Roswell", as well as the alleged Roswell material that was
presented during the festivities in July.

I have added the page to Wang's post. The URL is:



21. August 1997 09.09.52
From:	authority@webtv.net,Internet
To:	Stig Agermose

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From: acsa@ix.netcom.com
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 19:01:47 -0500 (CDT)
To: authority@webtv.net
Message-Id: <199782020718411478@>
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I reviewed the ROSWELL materials on American Computer's website a
second time, at:


I also called internally and spoke with American's VP of Research. He
advised me that Air Force OSI was not particularly pleased with his
release of that page or of the following page:


I believe he was questioned about his security clearance by them.  I
understand they may be rather chagrined.  I heard American's offices
were broken in to after the article first appeared on the web.

Interestingly, he also added the following, and I quote:

"Ed -- really, as to the fragment of Silicon Carbide and Tungsten, with
Arsenic doping, believed to be from the wreck, I really don't know, but
if I were to speculate, and it has been speculated by others, that the
Transistor might have evolved from testing a piece of it, discovering
its 'Bipolarity' and 'Switching nature', and its ability to amplify, at
Bell Labs... but most interestingly, perhaps an ElectroGravinomic
Interference Drive..."

(those are his exact terms, continuing...)

"...could actually be the purpose of such a device - if one in fact
exists...by running about 80 Million volts into a moving
electromagnetic field, such a panel, composed of a sandwich like that,
could oscillate and that might result in some pretty interesting side
effects - I don't even think the Department of Defense may realize what
the side effects are - I did early work on my own years ago, High
Energy Physics research work, and once proposed this solution to the
problem of defeating gravity, while making a sufficiently light and yet
resistant panel that could overcome the friction due to atmospheric
re-entry, to the DoD and NASA, but they just seemed not to be
interested, back in 1972, those having been war years and all...  It's
pretty technical what I was proposing - has a lot to do with areas of
gravity research work I did that go quite a bit different path than
Isaac Newtonian gravity 'beliefs' - but which are neither contradicted
by, nor conflict with, Einstein or Hawking... "

(to which he added:)

"If such a component does exist from such a UFO wreck, maybe it's part
of an interStellar Drive, don't you think?  Gravity Interference can
also be used as a rather high energy propulsion system - but to explain
why, would take an hour I don't have to spend on the phone with
you...sorry to say."

That's an exact quote.  Interesting phone call.  He's quite open about
it.  Mentioned that if someone was going to silence him, they could
have done it 25 years ago when he was theorizing about the structure of
empty space and gravity. Very interesting guy.  I thought maybe that's
why we haven't heard about all this during the past twenty five!

Food for thought.

-- Ed Wang

[End RFC-822 message.]


This is from American Computer:





[ Go fill out OPINION form NOW! ]
[ Go to main AMERICAN COMPUTER Website... ]

RUMOR and CONVENTIONAL FOLK LORE have claimed that a UFO crash
landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in September, 1947 near a Nuclear
Research Center maintained by the US Air Force at its airbase in
Roswell. Supposedly, authentic reports of the crash were suddenly
covered up by the Air Force -- because the information unwisely
released by base PR personnel, might constitute a threat to
national security. Anecdotal reports have since claimed that
Aliens, killed in the wreck, or afterward, were subsequently
autopsied by the Surgeon General's office, and that the Surgeon
General insisted that the autopsy be filmed. Supposedly: their
bodies are now being stored by the US Army.

Much more recently, stories have begun surfacing about what the Army or
Air Force supposedly did with the downed Alien Spacecraft in September
and October of 1947. Nuclear Powered Engines and Advanced
Communications and Computing devices, all of which were a hundred years
beyond post-World War II technology, were taken from the Alien wreck
and purportedly made their way to The Bell System's "Bell
Laboratories", then located in Murray Hill, New Jersey -- it has been
alleged. There, they were studied, dissected, microanalyzed and pieces
tested. One piece was supposedly found to have unique potential, an
Alien switching device composed of Silicon and Arsenic, arranged in a
microscopic array much more complicated than even now have been
assembled by Humankind, hundreds of years ahead. It became the priority
focus object of Bell Labs' and The US Department of Defense's analysis
and scientific research.

It was discovered by the researchers, that the unusual
electronic Alien device could act as both a high speed electronic
switch and as an Amplifier. They decided to call it the "Transfer
Resistor", because it could be made to resist or accept power flow at
much higher or lower currents than were applied to it, depending upon
unique application of electron flows.

Rumors have been flying in UFO-logy circles that, in 1948 and 1949,
realizing that Aliens might not take lightly to this research, fearing
attack not from the Soviet Union -- but from Aliens of unknown origin
-- the U.S. Government hurriedly erected anti-missile batteries in the
surrounding Watchung Mountains of New Jersey... near Bell Lab's Murray
Hills facility, to protect it from space invasion!! It is not known if
this is any indication that the Department of Defense accidently shot
down the space craft and feared a reprisal.

The alleged Space Defense Anti-missile Batteries, along the Lookout
Mountain Ridge north of Bell Labs, is now abandonded and partly
overbuilt by a regional high school. On the "Lookout Mountain Nike
Base" there were, supposedly, frequent "alien anti-invasion" readiness
exercises and drills throughout the 50's, 60's and the early 70's,
notably: their frequency reportedly increased any time UFO sightings
were reported to the US Air Force -- particularly in the New Jersey
flight corridors, or so it has been alleged !!

According to one account: the Alien Silicon "amplifier / switch",
evaluated in October and November of 1947, was discovered to have
enormous implications. The Alien device was allegedly a hundred years
beyond the then simple "junction diodes" commonly in use at the time by
military electronics. Yet it was reportedly determined at the time that
simplified versions of the Alien devices could be manufactured by the
effecting of several upgrades to existing technology. Then President
Harry S. Truman ordered the devices "cloned" and a cover story
manufactured. He was supposedly quoted as saying: "We can't keep so
earthshaking a technological advance out of the hands of mankind. It
just isn't right !" -- with classic Harry S. Truman sobriety.

So, according to the story leaked by a reliable source to UFO-logy
circles: in mid-December of 1947, to effect a plausible cover story,
the DoD and Bell Labs purportedly manufactured a series of Press
Releases, to whit: that after a "2 Year Long Extensive Research Effort"
--discovery of the Transistor had "at last" been accomplished,
supposedly by clever Bell Labs researchers (Drs. Shockley, Bardeen and
Brattain, at Bell Lab's Electronic Circuits Research Center, under the
aegis of maverick Bell Labs Vice President John "Jack" Morton). Since
that time, The Bell System, and Bell Labs, in the hands of successor
company AT&T and its partly owned subsidiary, Lucent Technologies, have
continued to maintain the "Transistor Story" for all of posterity,
while quietly covering up the real tracks that led the Alien devices to
Bell Labs.

Ufology sources say, however, that the device in the famous
"transfer resistor test rig" at Bell Labs was, in fact, an actual piece
of the original Alien integrated circuit array of transistor-like
circuit pieces -- found in one of the Alien communication devices at
the Crash Site in Roswell, N.M. It has allegedly been reported that it
took a year or more for Bell Labs to then figure out how to
commercially produce the miracle devices. Reportedly, subsequent
technology obtained over the course of the next 10 years by Bell Labs,
from the pieces of the wreck delivered to them by the DoD, included the
Laser, enhanced solid state circuit components, large scale switching
control systems and high definition imaging devices...

However, some devices from the downed Alien spacecraft, not fully
understood to this day, allegedly include a high energy microwave
amplifier that has the secondary effect of decomposing solid objects
into their molecular components, a form of circuitry that runs on other
than electronic power: using particles thought to have very short
half-lifes in the natural universe ("muons"), and a huge induction
generator-like coil system some 50 feet in diameter which appears to
implement part of some aspect of the vehicle's ability to perform
unique flying characteristics and aerobatics - some think it might be a
"gravity nullifying" device.

What do you think?? Do YOU have any thing to add, such as an abduction
experience, or a theory about Alien Visitations to our Planet? Did you
work at Bell Labs during the 50's, 60's, 70's or in recent times, and
notice anything unusual which might confirm or rebut these rumors?

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