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Project 1947 - Shag Harbour Incident

From: Don Ledger <dledger@ISTAR.CA>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 1956 01:47:56 +0000
Fwd Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 13:32:12 -0500
Subject: Project 1947 - Shag Harbour Incident

To: Anders Liljigren and P-47 members
From: Don Ledger


I appreciate the information you sent to the list concerning my
request for info on NATO alerts and scrambles during those times and
that evening. Be advised that the object in question was not-repeat
not an errant missile from the Soviet Union. Our best information from
inside is that the object entered the atmosphere over Siberia,
decended then continued on course over the Arctic at the speeds I
mentioned then "stopped" for several minutes before continuing on its
course into Eastern Canada where it impacted the waters off Shag
Harbour,N.S. It "drifted" for about ten minutes with the ebbtide
before submerging. During its visible moments it was showing a pale
yellow light.

The reason I was inquiring about any other scrambles for that time and
that evening is to get further confirmation of a general alert
throughout NATO. We already know of the scramble out of North Bay,Ont.
passed on by ex-airforce.
        I have been working on this case with Chris Styles for nearly three
years now. He originated and dug up most of the evidence on this event
beginning 4 years ago.

Anders, you might have read the write-up in the Aug.'96 MUFON journal
about Chris's presentation 'Shag Harbour in Perspective" at the '(6
MUFON Symposium in June of '96.

Chris and I have been writing a book on this incident which seems to
have created quite a stir in the UFO community. During the process I
have become heavily involved in the investigation which seems to
uncover more and more leads as we delve into it, though my part was to
do most of the writing and he the investigation- but I've gotten
sucked in by this facinating case.

I promised Jan something on the Shag Harbour Incident as he is well
aware of it and has contributed documentation to our investigation.

Sorry this is so long but it requires some explaining. This case
incidentally was written up in the Condon Report as Case 34 and listed
as one of the unexplained. Please excuse the brevity of the outline
for the book is running about 250 pages without documents, photos,
index and references etc.

Don Ledger

Read on:

Subject: Shag Harbour Incident of Oct.4,1967, Nova Scotia
A heavily Government Documented UFO crash with Canadian and American
military envolvement.
A synopsis:
        02:20 GMT-11:20 ADT-local  Oct.4th,1967- (Night clear and
cool-no moon)
        Crash was originally phoned into the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police (RCMP or Mounties) Detachment in Barrington Passage N.S.by a
young fisherman, as a possible airliner impacting the surface of the
waters adjacent to Shag Harbour, a small fishing village some 130
miles southwest of Halifax on the Atlantic Ocean.

The report was at first greeted with an accusation that the caller had
been drinking but caller was soon re-contacted (at a payphone no less)
when others began calling in with a like account of an airplane
crashing into the waters of the "Sound" by Shag Harbour.(Some 10
people reported the decsent of an aircraft into the water) 3 RCMP
arrived on scene, all of which are principles, still living and have
been interviewed.

Object was described as being ~60 feet long showing 4 lights while
still airbourne and decending at a 45 degree angle. Viewed by
witnesses (at least 20) from about 280 degrees of circle. On the water

        Dozens of people arrived at vantage point and watched lighted object
drifting with ebbtide. Object remained on surface for about five
minutes then sank or submerged. Reports of wooshing sounds were
reported.  Attempts were made by local fishermen and 2 of the Mounties
to get to the scene to offer assistance and look for survivors. Found
only a patch of thick foam similar to shaving cream,only yellow in
colour and glittery in nature.  Patch was eighty feet wide
by 1/2 mile long. Fishermen/searchers swear that this was not sea foam
were spooked by it and did not like sailing through the stuff though
they had no choice since this was the area where the craft went down.
Also encountered bubbles
coming to the surface and expressed concerns about bouyancy.Nothing
was found that evening an since federal and military agencies reported
no missing aircraft the RCMP tagged the object as a UFO in a report
filed to the Air Desk in Ottawa early the next morning.

Royal Canadian Navy and RCMP divers were brought in on the morning of
the 6th to attempt to recover wreckage but were unsuccessful. Local
and regional press and television arrived and filmed part of the
search which was within a 1/2 mile of shore. In the meantime the event
was given a great deal of coverage by the press including banner
headlines in the Halifax daily newspaper the Chronicle Herald-Mail

The evening of Oct4/67 were rife with UFO reports all over
eastern Canada, one very strange event reported by Air Canada pilot
and 1st officer. Radar targets by offshore trawler. There was a report
of an object reported by another
Mountie and three game wardens (they were staked out in the forest
trying to capture some deer jackers) thirty miles north of Shag
Harbour same time, believed to be the same one reported in the fishing

They were astute enough to take a compass bearing on the object that
proved to be on a direct heading for the fishing village. A time lapse
photograph (slide-Ectachrome-64) was taken of an object bearing in
that direction by a professional photographer which we have obtained
copies of but cannot be sure this would be the same object due to
distance from sighting. Slide also shows star smears from time lapse
while object(s) stay rock solid.

I have provided the thinnest of sketches of the event and none of
the aftermath. These would be details of the documents, the military
connection that led to another more bizzare event around a highly
secret NATO base twenty miles up the coast at the same time which
leads us to believe that Shag Harbour was a cover for the bigger event
that unfolded near the NATO base.

What began as an interesting story (the 'trapping" of an object 80-100
feet down being serviced by another object) by seven naval vessels off
Government Point, Shelburne (also the site of a sub listening station
and Magnetic Anomaly Detection -MAD grid) has expanded to include the
muting of military witnesses, most of whom have not been in the forces
for 15 or 20 years, refusal of Canadian Coast Guard documents and the
tampering with of same, and local witnesses who offer evidence of this
event while being questioned on another.

As noted above there is too much to go into at the moment. I would
appreciate any information List Members might run across in their
investigations that they feel might link up with this one.

Don Ledger