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Ted Phillips at Ozark UFO Conference

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Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 23:49:14 -0500 (CDT)
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Subject: Ted Phillips at Ozark UFO Conference

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Bob Soetebier

St. Louis County, Missouri


 Ted Phillips Highlights Missouri UFOs at Recent Ozark UFO Conference

                    Copyright 1997,  by Bob Soetebier

On Saturday evening, April 12, 1997, the featured speaker at the Ninth
Annual Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, was Ted
Phillips.  The title of his presentation was "Landing Case Histories,
A 'Spook Light' and Reminiscences in Ufology."

Ted Phillips has archived well over 5000 "land-trace" cases.  During
his talk Phillips said he had personally investigated 600 of these
cases and also personally talked to thousands of witnesses involved
with such cases.

Ted noted that from his experience investigating these incidents --
and from general correlations from the vast majority of such cases --
the physical parameters of the UFOs (reportedly sighted in direct
relation to the physical-trace sites) usually fall into one of the
three following categories:

   (a)  Eight- to ten-foot in diameter donut-shaped disk; usually
hovers just off the ground (rarely "touching down"); apparently not
infrequently leaving a circular ring-trace of either, and/or, burned
grass and/or hardened soil that typically will then not absorb any

   (b)  Twenty- to thirty-foot in diameter disks with 3 landing legs.

   (c)  Oval-shaped craft with with 4 legs -- such as the April, 1964,
Socorro, New Mexico case involving patrolman Lonnie Zamora.  (In
response to my later public question, Ted Phillips classed the Zamora
case as the most impressive one he had investigated along with his
best friend, J. Allen Hynek, who was famous for his role as the chief
field investigator for the U.S. Air Force's [now-defunct] "Project
Blue Book.")

The bulk of modern-day purported UFO-related case now receiving media
attention, according to Phillips, seem to involve so-called
"abductees" or "experiencers."  He also noted an apparent shift from
the classic disk-shaped craft to triangular or wedge-shaped craft.

During his 1 1/2-hour slide presentation, Phillips featured, among
other cases, a 1967 Tuscumbia, Missouri case.  This case appears to be
one of those "exceptions to the rule" as far as the "3 or 4 legs"
landing pods is concerned.

A 64-year-old farmer by the name of Claude Edwards was about to feed
his cows when he noticed that the cows were all faced the same
direction toward a field behind a double fence row.  Farmer Edwards
reported that what held the cows the attention was a 20-plus feet in
diameter greenish-grey disk that was supported off the ground by a
singular central shaft-like pedestal.

Edwards said he climbed over both fences and noticed small beings
(also greenish-grey in color) around the craft.  Upon his approach
these beings seemed to disappear into the craft.

As he got closer to the craft Edwards reported running into some sort
of impenetrable invisible force field 15 feet out from the craft.  He
then picked up a couple of good-sized rocks.  He threw the first rock
at the craft.  It was repelled by the invisible shield.  Edwards then
threw the second rock on top of the craft and said it skipped off of,
and over, the same invisible force-field shield.

Needless to say, after being more or less caught between a rock and a
persistent hard-case farmer, the UFO was said to have made a hasty
retreat.  Left behind was the incredulous farmer and a ground
impression of that central shaft-like pedestal (with the resultant
classic physical-trace characteristics mentioned previously.)

Today, Ted Phillips still actively investigates the occasional (but
now, more rarely reported) landing-trace case.  Currently, his main
investigative thrust has been documenting the long-standing (regularly
-- almost nightly -- reported since 1800s; right up to present-day)
"Joplin 'Spook Light'" just a couple of miles south of the tri-state
Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma border.  [John Carpenter -- of
Springfield, MO -- has recently produced a 90-minute video on the
"Joplin 'Spook Light'" documenting Ted Phillips investigations of
this intriguing enigma.]  As Ted says:  "The Joplin 'Spook Light'
is furnace-bright.  Whatever it is, it most definitely is NOT distant
car headlights!"

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