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Alfred's Odd Ode #139

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 06:16:59 -0500
Fwd Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 10:51:17 -0400
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #139

Apology to MW #139 (For May 25, 1997)

It=92s the rawness of the wound, that I shove before your eyes.
It=92s the septic vision possible, I can show, you so despise.
It=92s what you have ignored, pushed back, dismissed by your decries.
It=92s the reason for your anxiousness; it=92s why your baby cries.

It=92s what=92s hiding in our heavens, and awaiting our decision.
It=92s what=92s beyond almighty God, and all the limits of religion.
It=92s the way *they* hover teasingly outside your line of vision.
It=92s the dust that=92s raised when bunkies smoke their weed of cold

It=92s the lights I=92ve seen myself that are so strangely inconclusive.
It=92s the stifling dearth of news a whorish media finds intrusive.
It=92s the way we treat our sister world =96 unloving, cold, abusive.
It=92s the way we treat our fellow beings, so thoughtless, so exclusive.

You buy into a whitebread dream where you don=92t pay your end.
You weigh your *options* carefully before you make a friend.
Convictions of tradition you will not break, or bend,
Though they sicken up your insides, and your belly they distend!

Now I come by, and point up plans for useful thoughtful friendship,
Based in part on extended thought, and garden variety scholarship.
It=92s inconvenient dwelling on the facts of all our kinship,
So, we dump on those less fortunate, thereby, causing all their

Dismiss me, if you must, as a bleeding heart, or liberal.
But the web of life I feel around me is more than just ephemeral.
We slap the face of mother=92s grace; we=92re disrespect in general;
As if heads had swapped with tails, and our brains were less than

I=92m listening if you tell me when you think I=92m wrong or =96 what?
Or if you=92re thinking that I=92m crazy =96 writing crap, or not?
I do this thing from something plain, and I give you all I=92ve got;
I share with you my conscience on this world that we have wrought.=20

And we only see a tiny band of that which _can_ be seen.
Our science is mostly money driven, so elite will contravene!
This stunts investigation, and inflicts with mad gangrene
The truth we should be searching for, a truth that=92s made obscene.

I know that I should keep my mouth shut, and count my lucky stars.
I know that I could be arrested on a trumped up heinous charge.
I know that they could steal the sun, and put me through cold bars.
I know that they hold all the aces in their crooked deck of cards.

But that=92s not what=92s sold, or made of gold in the sun source of my
That=92s not the play we put on here, on a stage where you=92re the actor.
The lines you speak are made of lies, produced by the aggressor. =20
His stock in trade? Prevaricate! Eclipse all truth, and candor!

They=92re owning all the media =96 John Swinton made that clear!
They fan up all your hate, and what you hate you also fear!
You draw your lines too hard and straight, and ALL that=92s outside=92s
Then you=92ll smoke a pack of cigarettes, and pound down too much beer!

When it=92s all done you wake to find that nothing much is changed.
Your life is on a treadmill, and your future=92s been arranged!
Science is dishonored, God=92s seemingly deranged,
You=92re haunted by world family, from whom you=92ve been estranged.

And blooming in your shadows are the monsters you=92ve created.
They live when you ignore them, because they=92re not debated. =20
The thirst for truth is gone from most; its lost, not mourned =96 unsated.
What should be said is not said, so the truth goes down abated.

I know that what I=92m saying is uncomfortable to bear.
But, I know that we ignore the dark, and what we=92re sensing there.
Can=92t you feel it=92s cold breathing, can=92t you see its grinning stare?
But indecision scares you more, so you=92re too scared to care!

				Lehmberg@snowhill.com =20

Comments, queries, bitches, gripes, any and all pissing, and moaning,
gnashing of teeth, and/or pleasant greetings are not so patiently

Someday I=92ll have a place that you can all come to in real time. It=92ll
have all the magic of a "Callahan=92s Cross Time Saloon." The webs gonna
have to do a _lot_ of speeding up, though. Look forward to "AL
<squared>" coming in your future .

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake for bravely looking into the shadows!


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