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Re: Project 1947: APRO and Blue Book Meeting - 1953

From: Jan Aldrich <jan@CYBERZONE.NET>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 20:47:05 -0800
Fwd Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 01:05:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Project 1947: APRO and Blue Book Meeting - 1953

Greetings List Members   (Attention:  Mike Hall.  This will be of
interest you.)

N. D. = National Director (i. e. Coral Lorenzen)
APRO = Aerial Phenomena Research Organization

APRO Bulletin, 15 July 1953, Volume II, No. 1, page 1

N. D. CONFERS WITH W. P. [Wright-Patterson] MEN

   The following will in essence be an account of the N. D.'s
meeting with two representatives of the Wright-Patterson Air
Intelligence Command on the evening of June 12 at Milwaukee, Wis.

   The prior weekend, a Miss Dorothy Madle [?] of Milwaukee
Sentinel called the N. D.'s home in Sturgeon Bay and stated that
Edward Halbach of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society had suggested
that her paper do a feature story on APRO.  We consented,
arranged to go to Milwaukee for the interview and pictures and
also for a little rest.  Two days later Mr. Halbach called and
said a Professor Hynek (J. Allen) of the Ohio State University
(Astrophysicist) and a representative from Wright-Patterson were
coming to town the following Wednesday, stated their desire to
talk the Director, and after finding that she would be in
Milwaukee that Friday, delayed their own trip to that part of the
state so that their presence would coincide with hers.

   On Friday, June 12, the N. D. went to Milwaukee, talked with
APRO special investigator from Rockford, Illinois, interviewed the
reporter and retired to her room until 6 p.m. when she was to have
dinner with the professor, Mr. Halbach and the officer from W-P.
She was instructed druing the dinner that she was not to give
names to the newspaper, and complied.  The Professor's name is
given here because he also autographed a pamphlet written about
aerial phenomena, therefore could not have been so guarded about
his identity getting out as the officer was.

   The Professor called the N. D.'s room at 5:50 and they arranged
to meet in the lobby at 6 p. m., and then to dinner.  The discussion
of saucers and astronomy in general was held during dinner and later
at Mr. Halbach's home.

   We can't go into detail because of lack of space, but the N. D.
was encouraged to finish her book, and urged to include a good deal
of scientific fact written simply so that it could be easily
understood by the lay population.  These conclusions were stated by
the Air Force officer:  That the 'Monster' of West Virginia was a
meteor, that Booth [Conway, SC case] shot a blimp, and with a few
well-placed remarks gave the impression that the Air Force does not
consider the interplanetary theory a good one, but did not at any
time deny that the theory is being considered.  His personnel opinion
was that the interplanetary theory is all wrong.

   The whole discussion was certainly encouraging to say the least
and the N. D. will receive regulation blanks on which to record all
the facts and figures of sightings in the Wisconsin area which she
considers to be bona fide unidentified aerial phenomena.  The
Professor and the officer seemed to believe the N. D. qualified to
discern between misconception[s] of conventional or slightly
unconventional objects (such as meteors) and actual sightings of
unidentified aerial objects which is, of course, an honor as she
considered both men experts in their respective fields.

   The subject of crackposts and out-and-out hoaxers was discussed
and several named.  All members are familiar with the worst offenders
in these field so it not be necessary to enlarge upon what was said.
However, the officer stated that Wright-Patterson is glad that such
organizations as our own exist, and that they encourage those groups
which deal with facts and do not thrive on rumors which have no
basis in fact.

   The time has come, in our opinion, for each and every member of
the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization to take an extremely
conservative view of the mystery and to make every attempt to
break down all sightings and reports os as to catagorize them as
meteors, birds, balloons, reflections, planes, Venus, etc.  In this
line of operation, all sighting which cannoth be incuded in one of
the categories will be considered bona-fide unidentified aerial

   APRO has at last succeeded in getting some sort of recognition
by the Wright-Patterson hierarcy, and this may lead to a more
active part int he eventual solution of the saucer enigma.
Rationalization in regard to the many reports will merely tend to
keep us in a dreamer's world.  We all know that most organizations
of our type hesitate to label as hoaxers those dreamers and
egotists who pretend contact with the saucers and we have pioneered
in the field of exposing.  Now our project should be to narrow the
field  and with the use of every resource at hand, attempt to bring
about a full explanation.

   There are some among our members who may think the Director has
sold out, so to speak, to the enemy camp.  This is not so.  She
merely recognizes a superior force, and remembers the old adage,
"If You Can't Beat 'Em---Join "Em."

   We would like to advise all member who do not already take an
interest in the fundamentals of astronomy, preperties of meteors,
celestial phenomena and the like, do so in order to have a reliable
soruce of information with which to work in disseminating reports
of unidentified aerial phenomena.

   Many individuals unconsciously misconstrue the appearance of
various conventional object in order to be able to say they have
seen a 'saucer.'  This in not done purposely in all cases, and
those  who do are not to be condemned as it is often the result
of an overwhelming desire to actually observe a so-called 'flying

   Incidentally, the astronomer and the W-P man both believe that
Menzel's theory is not the whole answer although in some cases it
might apply.

   In the future, we mgiht all cast a juandiced eye upon those
who seem to desire to cause friction between saucer enthusiasts
and any Intelligence group working on the mystery under the aupices
of nay government.  Those whod do are attempting, by underhaned
methods, to create an air of animostiy and at the samw time elevate
themselves as the 'high priests of saucerdom.'  They have no proof
of their evidence, as they call it.  They only attempt to disqualify
the one group which can give the 'official' verdict on the enigma.
They are motivated by jealousy, frustratins and greed.

   We can and will cooperate with Air Technical Intelligence but at
the same time retain our identity as an independent group.  As the
Director clearly stated to the Investigator and the Astronomer, we
can and will cooperate to the best of our ability but must retain
our right to our own ideas.

In the September 15, 1956, APRO Bulletin, Mrs. Lorenzen was a little
more forthcoming with information on this meeting.  On page 7:

   In June 1953 1st Lt. Robert Olssen, Air Technical Intelligence
Command, then working on the saucer project at Wright-Patterson
(Ruppelt's outfit), in the presence of J. Allen Hynek, consulting
astro-physicist to the Air Force on the same subject, told the
Director of APRO in effect--"We are going to keep these reports
(of saucers) out of the paprers.  We believe most of them are due to
mass hysteria and the power of suggestion.  IF people are allowed to
forget this matter they'll quit seeing them."  The Director did not
inquire as to how this was to be accomplished but Lt. Olssen's
attitude suggests that the *arrangements had already been made.*
We do not doubt the Lt.'s sincerity but believe that he was merely
parroting the 'party line' that had been passed to him down the
chain of command.  We feel that he inadvertantly gave away the gimmick
that was to be used to help insure the cooperation of all major news

Comments we do not know how much cooperation APRO gave Project Blue
Book.  CSI-LA sent the Air Force their material.  However, the CSI-LA
material was apparently not incorporated into the Project Blue Book
files.  Nor are there any APRO reports.

In 1955 Isabel Davis of CSI-NY made contact with Dr. Hynek.  They
corresponded and met, but Hynek wanted the contacts kept secret.
Hynek would from time to time tip CSI-NY and Davis on cases or
interesting information.

Best regards,

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947

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