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Chiliasm Raises Hopes, fears

From: wlmss@peg.apc.org [Lawrie Williams]
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 23:51:32 +1000 (GMT+1000)
Fwd Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 11:20:06 -0500
Subject: Chiliasm Raises Hopes, fears

> From: RGates8254@aol.com [Robert Gates]
> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 17:45:53 -0500 (EST)
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Millennium Raises Hopes, Fears

>>        WASHINGTON (AP) - Jesus Christ is about to return, and the 1,500
>>  folks packed into the Sheraton Washington ballroom couldn't be
>>  happier......

>>        Others, both in and out of the mainstream, are also blowing
>>  horns of warning. There are best-sellers such as Pat Robertson's
>>  ``The End of the Age.'' Scores of broadcasters, from Jack Van Impe
>>  to Hal Lindsey, are preaching of the end times. And the Internet
>>  offers more than 100 popular millennial sites, including Apocalypse
>>  Now, This Week in Bible Prophecy and The Jehovah's Witnesses'
>>  Homepage.

And they all have not a clue.  I wonder if any of them even got
the name right!


That is the actual word.

Chiliasm is the doctrine of millenialism, based on a belief in the
end of the world, or apocalypse, or doomsday. Its when the antichrist
comes. So lets use the correct word.

> .... The time has always been "soon."  When Christ left the
> apostles, they thought his return was or would be soon.   Some
> years ago a historian documented all the then millennium/end of
> the world  girations that happened at  the end of the first
> millennium about 990 AD, i.e. everybody was in a frothing lather
> that the end would happen at 1000 AD.

Yes, and it is incumbent on all good citizens to ensure that the
mere fear of Midnight Dec 31 1999 does not cause panic or economic
prolapse. Hence the need to debunk the nonense and sell the truth,
or better still, Give it Away.

>  In 1968, the end of the world/Armeggeddon WAS absolutly without
> a doubt going to happen in 1975.  Then 1980, Then 1985, then
> 1989, then 1995 and so forth.

I cannot tell you the year, save that if it happens at all, it
will be between 1998 and 2012, and it will be early in January.

>  Now all the books/authors/experts are theorizing with various
> dates from 1998, 99, 2000, and some of them are even going into
> 2004.

Maybe I should have put it in a book. Maybe someone else will,
not the Truth <c> is out.

>  The nostrodaums "experts" have also fingered this or that date.
>  Not to mention I have over the years seen "experts" pick 2004,
> 2007, 2014 as the year which the Mayan calender (hence the end
> of the world in their mind) ends.

December 23 2012 AD was their prediction. Ironically I am slated to
die on or about June 23 2012, 6 months eariler.

>>        ``Verily I say unto you, `This generation shall not pass away,
>>  till all be fulfilled,''' Jesus says in Luke 21:32.

In other words according to the clear and literal word of the bible,
apocalypse was expected 1900 years ago.

The Hebrews were amongst those forcibly settled in Alexandria, several
hundreds of years earlier. There they apparently had access to ancient
records now lost. Hence the account of encounters with cometary material
described so vividly in Revelations.

>    Many people have fingered the 7 years of tribulation/rapture
> to happen in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.......

Ah, the rapture. The described symptoms are those of CO poisoning.
First the trumpets (comets), then the rapture (CO poison.)  Hale
Bopp was discharging a million tons of CO per day. Comets presage
disasters as we all know so well. Well, we have seen the comet,
so when does our seven years of exposure to CO start? This January
maybe. Prepare to take a deep breath.

Recently we had several ethane comets come past, the first ever
seen. Their orbit was such that on the previous pass they would
have been part of the destruction of Atlantis.

In John 12 28-29 it is recorded that Jesus was speaking on behalf of
his god when "...there came a voice out of heaven...." which some
said carried words, but not all agreed, because "...The crowd of
bystanders heard the sound and said that it had thundered...."

At which Jesus said: "Now the judgement (crisis) of this world is
coming on."

This seems to be no mystery at all. There was the boom of a falling
meteor, relatively common in those days, and Jesus quite reasonably
believed that it would be not long before yet another huge mass of
debris would hit the Earth. And he got it wrong.

Yes, he was wrong. It just did not happen. And just because Hale Bopp
just went past leaving an invisible plume of carbon monoxide does
not mean we will run into it. It could miss us entirely instead.

We are not on a safe world at all, you see. We are well into a
major extinction event. A couple of thousand years of relative
calm means nothing. For tens of thousands of years, the Earth has
been peppered with meteoric iron. The topmost layers of the Earth
are covered with fragments. They called it "pykos" once. A lump of
slag iron looks like a pig, hence "pig iron". To some cultures it
is sacred, as it was to the Egyptions. (Ben ben stones.)  Even now,
Muslims and Jews won't touch pig, for that reason. It is good to
see they agree on *something*, albeit something so inane.

Many people could not believe stones could fall from the sky. Hence
the expression: "If pigs could fly".

One way to read the cryptic mythology of early christianity is to say
that the "Ante-christ" (before-the-crossing) has taken place. i.e.
The "Anti-christ" is a mistranslation. The so-called "New Testament"
was in fact orally transmitted, something like some forms of herpes.

They did hold that it would come after 2 times and a time and a
half. We are told a time is a year. I think it was 1000 years but
have no basis for this except blind faith. (In logic).

So: (2 times + a time + 0.5 ) x 1000 = 3500 years.

Whether the gas will hit or not is moot. If it does then after the
euphoria some will have damaged speech centres and that will be
the Babel Effect.

Some people might find it hard to accept that all the esoteric
ideology of christianity can be attributed to astronomical
phenomena. I find this curious, since the texts are very specific
that its all about events in heaven above.

When it comes as a big dark cloud, then you will have the grand-
daddy of all eclipses, hence Apu-kalyps or apocalypse.

"Armegaddon" is a bit harder to make sense of. It seems to me to
mean "Hermes Gathering". Hermes is to me a UFO. So putting all
that together, in the End Times expect to see a comet back after
3500 years ( e.g. Hale Bopp) before the Crossing of the Ways and
then the God of Crossroads (Hermes) will be seen in plentitude.

Maybe it is a salvage mission. The record is clear enough in the
past, that the Nu (great fish) of U (heaven) will come in an akh
(a bent line, like the symbol on the same key as the period symbol,
viz:  >   like that seen about Phoenix and this "Noah's Ark" will
collect genotypes of all kinds in order to re-seed the world after
it gets creamed by the four different types of comet-magic (horus-
mene) of the apocalypse.  (Earth, air, fire, and water.)

And so on.

No idea about this rapture stuff. The path of the comet was
9 million miles beyond where our orbit will take us by early
January. We might know then.

Alternatively there is something else on the way, or maybe the
Mayans even knew that the main debris field would be trailing 15
years behind Hale Bopp. So some of you will know by Dec 23 2012.

But I guess it will be in sight 6 months earlier anyway, so I might
see it. If my prediction is correct, please call it the Williams
Cloud. That is all I ask.  : )

If my bland prognostications distress you, dear readers, then just
hit me. I'm quite cheerful about all this. Its a case of moderation
in all things, and there is nothing wrong with striking a happy

Lawrie Williams_________

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