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Alfred's Odd Ode #195

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 09:22:52 -0600
Fwd Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 17:34:29 -0500
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #195

Apology to MW #195 (For November 2, 1997)

Now this sets the watchers back on their cans!
=85And from a country of some progression!
Where we're thinking (all wrong) that we're acting so right.
Where we practice our stupid obsessions.

She's going to bring them ALL to term!?!
And heaven sings its praises?
She turns her back on best advice?
I think her thinking's pretty lazy.

She's working _real_ hard to do it.
"Keep them all alive"!, she pipes.
"They are a Christian's children."
"Help them live to know God's stripe."

So let's assume she makes it,
And all the children learn to breath.
What clothes will they be wearing?
What _will_ they find to eat?

She contributes to the disrespect
With each new whelp she makes.
There's just so much to go around,
Great ZOT! Good Christ, and SAKES!

And consider how she drags us too?
We are not consulted.
We, who would inhabit her polluted, crowded world!
We who _pay the freight_ are then the damaged, sore insulted!

And how much money did she spend?
=85Treating birth like a hamster production.
Fifteen, twenty, twenty-five thousand?
What IS this awful child birth, and what _is_ its strange seduction?

Thirty thousand daily die, what's pampered in her belly.
Thirty thousand starve to death in misery and fear.
Thirty thousand children are the price of her insouciance !
Thirty thousand other kids can take it in the rear!!

Where is it written that _her_ seed is blessed?
Where is it stated her flesh is worth more?
From where comes her gladness, this purpose obsessed,
Shooting babies like confetti =85 from somewhere near her anal pore.

The watchers perceive that the Earth holds too many,
And considers the woman insane.
Her politics are stunted, and her world view too short,
And her mocking wish demented, way too selfish, and deranged.

The alien view will condemn in detachment
The right of one woman to inflict on the rest
The care of her off spring when disabled or damaged --
When their birth is a disaster, and a tragic, sordid mess.


Along with our alien witnesses I am revolted that one person
could so selfishly expend precious resources in an attempt to
subvert common sense and bring to term a LITTER of human beings,
the one commodity that this Earth has seen quite enough of,
already. Her babies must be of a certain wondrous speciality. The
chances are better than hands down that, even carried to term,
they will contribute to an already sizable disabled population --
but what the hell, she can always spend _my_ tax dollars to tend
for them.

And I'm sure that she has been told that the human body is not
engineered to gestate seven fetuses, and hasn't been since we
lost all the extra nipples!!! They are gestating in oxygen
starvation, and that is a sure path to cerebral palsy. I could
not countenance a God that made THAT his will. Moreover, on at
least one level that woman should be arrested for child abuse --
for the same reason that she would argue a pregnant drug addict
should be arrested for child abuse. What she does to seven
fetuses is just as damaging as what the drug addict does to one,
but she wraps herself in a cloak of divine respectability!

The watchers shake their heads in baffled disbelief.

Explore the Alien View?


"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake.

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