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Skywatch: DISCOVERY CHANNEL feedback

From: skywatch@wic.net (SKYWATCH)
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 02:11:57 -0700
Fwd Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 08:54:06 -0500
Subject: Skywatch: DISCOVERY CHANNEL feedback

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Date:          Mon, 3 Nov 1997 00:33:11 -0600 (CST)
From:          edwards@amigo.net (TIM EDWARDS)
Subject:       DISCOVERY CHANNEL feedback

>Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 10:54:47 -0500 (EST)
>From: Timelyjah@aol.com
>To: edwards@amigo.net


>I just received the Bill Hamilton comment on The DISCOVERY CHANNEL show.
>I have also seen the production copy of the show. In their attempt to
>show all sides of the issue withing a limited time frame, they have
>done the best they can. As a witness I am not complaining.  The most
>important thing here, is not people's professional reputations or their
>"view" on this March 13th sighting, but rather communicating to all who
>"have ears to listen" the fact that a massive, unexplainable sighting
>occured on March 13, 1997 all over Arizona. This communication is
>occuring with the DISCOVERY CHANNEL special tonight at 11:00 pm Arizona
>time. The issue of the videotape of the "lights" over Phoenix and
>whether or not they are flares is only a small part of the whole
>picture.  The testimony of reliable witnesses establishes beyond a
>doubt that  other-worldly craft passed through Arizona.  How many craft
>and of what description will only be known when as many witnesses as
>possible to the event can be rounded up and interviewed and their
>testmonies correlated into a cohesive view of what happened. When that
>is done, the videotapes of the "lights" will fit in properly.

>I would like to comment, that the first time my wife and I saw the
>Mike K's videotape it was during the filming of the 2nd STRANGE
>UNIVERSE town-hall meeting with some of the witnesses.  When we first
>saw the lights we both immediately recognized them as the same type and
>spacing as what we had seen. In our sighting, we watched the craft for
>about 12 or 13 minutes before it passed overhead.  During that period
>of time we saw it from many different distances and at one distance the
>pattern/brightness/texture etc. of the lights was IDENTICAL to what we
>saw on the videotape.  From our viewpoint, it is so far-fetched to
>think that the lights on the videotape are flares dropped from
>airplanes, that we actually laugh at it with ridicule. Of course, we
>have the advantage of knowing with certainty of the reality of these ET

>And finally, my whole family and I have known Jim Dilettoso as a
>friend for almost ten years. He is a totally responsible scientist in
>his techniques and has a wonderfully intelligent mind to boot. He is
>capable of thinking logcially to the nth degree, unlike most of the
>supposed "experts" surrounding him on all sides.  Anyone that gets
>close to Jim is ultimately awestruck by the depth of his understanding
>of the nature of things.  In his creativity he is like Michaelangelo
>and in his ability like  Einstein.  Some individuals are irked by such
>an intellect, and set themselves at odds with him.

>I was at Village Labs with another witness, Mike Fortsen (I'm not
>sure of the spelling) the evening that Councilwoman Barwood was there
>doing a limited probe on the event. There were TV people there also.
>Mike and I were sitting in the main computer room ready to go into the
>conference room and testify when 2 investigators showed up with their
>reports. One was Bill Hamilton who seemed very open and pleasant. He
>was the new national director of SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL. The other was
>the local MUFON guy with one of his assistants. The MUFON guy was
>uptight to say the least, because he thought he should go in and
>present his report first, before Bill Hamilton of SKYWATCH.

>Mike Fortsen and I were talking to Bill Hamilton about our experiences
>when the MUFON guy showed up and listened in on what we were saying. And
>what we were saying was that the lights we saw were part of some huge
>craft of unknown origin.  We didn't realize that the MUFON guy had his
>preliminary report under his arm and that the report said the lights
>videotaped over Phoenix were flares. If we had known he was going to
>say that, we would have laughed him out of there.  Obviously he wasn't
>going to say anything to us and he was definitely in a snit about Bill
>Hamilton being there and was vocally complaining after Bill Hamilton
>left the computer area and went into the conference room. He was
>getting himself pissed-off at not only Bill Hamilton, but also Jim
>Dilettoso.  He definitely was not a happy man. Since that evening this
>MUFON guy has turned this hateful attitude he has towards Jim Dilettoso
>and Village Labs, and seems on a vendetta to attempt to discredit Jim
>and his work.  My only explanation for this, is that this MUFON guy has
>been "mentally abducted" by invisible evil beings and is in fact part
>of the effort to keep the world in confusion and darkness.  I feel
>sorry for him and can only pray for his release.

>In conclusion, I recommend everyone to watch the DISCOVERY CHANNEL
>SPECIAL tonight, and take everything negative with a grain of salt.

Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 22:09:07 -0600 (CST)
To: edwards@amigo.net (TIM EDWARDS)
From: Jim Arnold <justdrum@ionet.net>

Well, I watched the Discovery Channel Sun. night about the Phoenix
lights and it was better than I expected.  It does not bother me that
some credence was given to the possibility of the "flares" since there
were so many other things that were not explained at all.  I would not
be surprised if flares were dropped just to confuse people.  Perhaps at
least now more people will be saying "Yeah but...."    Thank you for
bringing the program to my attention.

Jim Arnold
Midwest City, OK

The show was much better than I expected too. It raised alot more
questions than answers and didn't do too bad a job on presenting just
how incredible the events were and only downplayed one of them. Good
eyewitness testimony and video too. Tim

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