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From: William.Hamilton@pcsmail.pcshs.com
Date: 3 Nov 1997 15:34:06 UT
Fwd Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 11:44:03 -0500
Subject: Re: DISCOVERY CHANNEL feedback

>Date:          Mon, 3 Nov 1997 00:33:11 -0600 (CST)
>From:          edwards@amigo.net (TIM EDWARDS)
>Subject:       DISCOVERY CHANNEL feedback

>>Return-Path: <Timelyjah@aol.com>
>>Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 10:54:47 -0500 (EST)
>>From: Timelyjah@aol.com
>>To: edwards@amigo.net


>I just received the Bill Hamilton comment on The DISCOVERY
>CHANNEL show.

>I have also seen the production copy of the show. In their attempt
>to show all sides of the issue withing a limited time frame, they
>have done the best they can. As a witness I am not complaining.
>The most important thing here, is not people's professional
>reputations or their "view" on this March 13th sighting, but
>rather communicating to all who "have ears to listen" the fact
>that a massive, unexplainable sighting occured on March 13, 1997
>all over Arizona. This communication is occuring with the
>DISCOVERY CHANNEL special tonight at 11:00 pm Arizona
>time. The issue of the videotape of the "lights" over Phoenix and
>whether or not they are flares is only a small part of the whole
>picture.  The testimony of reliable witnesses establishes beyond a
>doubt that  other-worldly craft passed through Arizona.  How many
>craft and of what description will only be known when as many
>witnesses as possible to the event can be rounded up and
>interviewed and their testmonies correlated into a cohesive view
>of what happened. When that is done, the videotapes of the
>"lights" will fit in properly.

The DISCOVERY CHANNEL show was a good presentation.  There are
certain niggling facts that are not apparent to the average

What we have described as Event#1 is the large chevron craft
witnessed by Time Ley and family.  The "V" videotaped by Terry of
Cave Creek is not the same nor does it match the description
given by Tim Ley --- we have listed this as a separate event.
Please note that Terry described the lights on the V as "amber",
the same color as the lights in the Mike Kryzston, Churck
Rairden, and Tom King videos.

Event#2 was ignored.  We have listed Event#2 as a very large
Black Triangle seen by numerous witnesses on the west side of the
valley also travelling south.  The triangle passed over between
8:30 and 9:00 according to these various witnesses.

Event#3 is the one we have designated for the "amber" lights in
the video footage.

The statements by the Maryland Air National Guard is that they
jettisoned magnesium flares (decoy flares not "illumination"
flares as Discovery misreports) at a part of the test range which
further away than the 30 miles indicated in their showing.
The magnesium flares burn bright white, not orange or yellow, but
this has never been addressed by the skeptics.

The analysis done by Cogitech Labs showing the lights going out
above the Estrella Mts is bogus.  They never show the lower
lights going out in this demo. Four of us did the analysis on
this formation videotaped by Mike Kryzston and we have verified
the eyewitnesses' statment.  These lights were in front of the
Estrella Mtns and did not have any descending motion that would
cause them to extinguish by falling behind those mountains ---
and of course that is not the direction the Maryland ANG
reputedly dropped flares. If they had descended behind the
mountains, the lower lights in the curve would have gone out
first and the rest of the formation would have descended a
visible distance in the interval.  By careful measurement with
several fixed points we could not find any vertical descending
movement in any of these lights.

If you looked closely at the comparison between the lights and
the illumination flares shot by Channel 12, you would see they
are not the same.  You can see the tails on the flares and you
can see them "flicker".  Also, notice the column of smoke that
comes out of that one flare -- that smoke would have been visible
through our telescope, but it was not.  We have daylight footage,
not shown in this show, which shows two of the same lights and
one jumps straight up several hundred feet.  There are no chutes
or smoke visible in that segment of video either.

We still do not have a statement from the Maryland ANG as to when
they dropped the flares especially since the PIO at Davis-Monthan
AFB stated for the record that their planes were back on the
ground at 8:30 PM --- a full 85 minutes before we started
shooting our video.

With TV magic and the ignoring of details, the DISCOVERY CHANNEL
has only shown part of the story and has omitted a great deal of
highly intriquing witness testimony. However, on the plus side,
the portraying of witness testimony and re-enactment was fairly
good and will give the general public some idea of the scope of
the events of March 13th.

BTW, Village Labs was not brought into the picture as portrayed
after Frances Barwood's involvement on May 6th, but were involved
shortly after the sightings started in March.  Jim Dilettoso and
Mike Tanner have done an excellent job especially in the face of
the opposition they received from one bitter MUFON investigator
who is trying to explain the big V as a military operation in


Bill Hamilton
Exec Director
Skywatch International

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