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Re: Elders Remarks on Mexico City Footage

From: Mark Cashman <mcashman@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 11:56:32 -0800
Fwd Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 17:12:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Elders Remarks on Mexico City Footage

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>  Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 13:37:31 -0700
>  From: jared@valuserve.com (Andromeda.net- Anderson, Jared)
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>  Subject: Elders Remarks on Mexico City Footage

>  One of the most impressive of the witness statements comes from a
>  woman who was standing beneath the unknown. She reported developing a
>  "sun burn" that lasted for more than a month after the experience.
>  We asked H. David Froning, a retired senior staff scientist at
>  McDonnell Douglas and propulsion specialist, his opinion of her
>  statement. His feelings are that the "sun burn" could be the result of
>  ionized radiation left in the wake of an electro-magnetic form of
>  propulsion. The ionized air would would not block any ultra violet
>  rays, thus creating a "sun burn" in short period of time. David
>  comfortable releasing this information now as speculation is all we
>  can do regarding the "sun burn" statement. =E1

Nothing up to this point really  bothered me, but this does. I
have spent some time studying eye and skin irritation in relation
to UFO sightings.

What qualifies a "propulsion specialist" to comment on a medical
condition? What medical documentation of the witness condition
exists? If the witness was sunburned, how was it distinguished
from a conventional sunburn?

The explanation sounds ridiculous also. UV filtering occurs at a
very high level of the earth's atmosphere, and a local ionization
will not affect that filtering. In fact, I have seen no
information that would lead me to believe that ionization even at
the level of the ozone layer would affect UV filtering - in fact,
ionization is one of the contibutors to the formation of the UV
filtering molecule ozone at that level.

>  Also of interest is that several witnesses reported a "haze" around
>  the object.

In a hazy and polluted sky? This is surprising?

>  6) Preliminary estimations of size and distance have been triangulated
>  by Village Labs in Tempe, Arizona. The object appears to be 36 to 50
>  feet in diameter. The distance from the camera to the unknown is
>  estimated between 800 and 1200 yards. We are working on a program that
>  should provide better estimates.

Can some photo expert on the list inform me as to how the
distance could be triangulated using diverging sight lines such
as seem to be the only sight lines available from the video?

>  If this footage is hoaxed, then sophisticated computers and programs
>  were employed. However, the suggestion that has been posted on this
>  site that the material was first composited then filmed off of a
>  monitor screen is inaccurate. Anyone who has attempted to film a
>  monitor or television knows that the scan lines of the camcorder and
>  the monitor do not sync. This was verified, not only by first hand
>  observance, but by one of our consultants, an engineer with several
>  years experience at NBC. Taking that possibility one step further, we
>  posed the question, "What if a composit were created then placed on a
>  video tape through audio/video output?" His response, "Output to video
>  tape would leave a telltale mark that could be found."

It is true that video from a video monitor is not a good
explanation. The image quality is too good for even genlocked
recording (no visible pincushion or moire patterns, for

What would this telltale mark be? Would it be present if the feed
were from a computer video source (such as a Flyer) into a


In short, this released information is somewhat disquieting. I
hope the video will be quickly released to the research community
so that some clear answers can be developed by open process.

Mark Cashman, creator of The Temporal Doorway at
- Original digital art, writing, and UFO research -
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