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DISPATCH # 73 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 17:12:38 -0500
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Subject: DISPATCH # 73 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

DISPATCH # 73 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

S O M E T H I N G   S T R A N G E  I S   H A P P E N I N G


Quotes of the Week

"We think the best solution to this is Mrs. Allen gets to a hospital and gets
the treatment we need...er, that she needs."

--Illinois State Police Director Terrance Gainer on his plans...er, the best
thing for Shirley Allen.

"The motives of some protesters may go beyond anti-government beliefs - a few
of them, at least, appear to exhibit some of the signs of paranoia and
delusions that prompted Shirley Allen's relative to seek psychiatric
screening for her."

--An Illinois newspaper article explaining the thoughtcrime of
"anti-government extremists" who had gathered in support of beseiged
"paranoid" Shirley Allen.

Source: State Journal-Register, Sunday, Oct. 19, 1997, "'Roby Ridge' no
longer small-town news," by Jefferson Robbins.

Rant of the Week: "Coincidence?"

Every week we pick the wackiest, scariest, nastiest or funniest rant from the
hundreds of letters received by us here at ParaScope headquarters, and
present it to you as our Rant of the Week. This week, "Levi" asks the
"gentlemen" here at ParaScope about the "coincidences" surrounding John
Denver's mysterious death. Enjoy.

"Gentlemen, a deep concern -- the death of John Denver:

1. He was born in Roswell, New Mexico about 1944, his father alledgedly a
pilot in the USAF.

2. He died flying an experimental airplane ... body could be identified by
finger prints only  ???? !!!!!

3. His first big record hit -- "I'm  Leaving on a Jet Plane"

Coincidence ????."

[Reprinted with spelling and grammar goofs unchanged. Names changed to
protect the ranters.]


CIA InTERRORgation Manual Available in Print

"Resistant sources" can be broken with carefully chosen, concentrated
psychological forces, according to the CIA's 1963 guidebook on interrogation.
The "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation" manual, declassified in
January 1997 after the Baltimore Sun threatened to launch a Freedom of
Information Act lawsuit, offers an inside view of the agency's hostile
interrogation strategies -- methods for inducing mental and physical agony.
Throughout the manual, the CIA cites its covertly funded mind control
research to explain the optimal means of making people talk.

ParaScope was the first news service to make this important document
available on the Internet, and now ParaScope is the first publisher to make
the KUBARK manual available in print to the general public. Serious students
and critics of the CIA will want a hard copy of this document for their
libraries, and ParaScope's meticulously-proofed verbatim transcript is a
bargain at $5.95.

To order send $5.95 to:
ParaScope Kubark Offer
P.O. Box 6
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Coming Up Next Week!

Catch all these stories next week on a daily basis on America Online, or all
at once next Friday on the web site!

The Paper Trail: November Issue

The Paper Trail, Dossier's new review of all matters recently declassified,
makes its second appearance next week. In this issue: eavesdrop on the inner
workings of two historic presidencies, those of JFK and LBJ. We'll also peek
over George Bush's shoulder to see what his diary says about Dan Quayle, and
check out the CIA's new openess about the spy budget. If there's a new
release you need to know about, you'll find it on the Paper Trail.


Apocalypse Not Now, Vatican Says

A series of massive earthquakes has rocked Italy in recent weeks, in what
many believe is a fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecies of Nostradamus. The
ancient astrologer predicted that earthquakes "on three Fridays in a row"
would herald the end of the world. Adding to the millennium fever, this
October 13 marked the 80th anniversary of the "Fatima Miracle," when an
alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary is said to have delivered the
mysterious third prophecy of Fatima -- a tightly kept secret rumored to
foretell a hideous final fate for humanity. To quell the rising fears of
doom, Vatican officials have taken the unprecendented step of assuring the
masses that Armageddon is not right around the corner, and disclosed that the
third Fatima prophecy is really not that bad -- even though they're still not
telling what it says. Enigma editor D. Trull testifies with all the
cataclysmic revelations.


"Roby Ridge" Update: Illinois Standoff Ends

The Illinois State Police finally nabbed Shirley Allen on the porch of her
home, ending a five-week standoff that drew the world's attention to the
sticky issues inherent with involuntary psychiatric evaluations. Get the
details on the seige's end, and find out how the lone Shirley managed to hold
off a professional team of police tactical specialists for more than a month.


UFO Roundup

Get the latest UFO news and sighting reports, courtesy of Ed Trainor's UFO
Roundup! Mars Pathfinder plagued with problems, saucer crash allegations
disputed, new Mexican UFO video shows alleged saucer buzzing skyscrapers,
mystery meteor causes a stir in El Paso and more.


Conspiracy Newsline

Conspiring minds want to know, dammit! California police torture protesters
by dabbing their eyes with pepper spray; terminally-ill James Earl Ray
hospitalized; MTV pager network to give marketers direct access to teens; FBI
faxes confidential memo about alleged "radicals" to a shop in Spokane and
more conspiracy news.


Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!

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you're not? Starting to think you've made a wrong turn off the info highway?
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That's all there is to it!

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