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Oliphant advances a theory

From: jared@valuserve.com (Andromeda.net- Anderson, Jared)
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 22:20:35 -0700
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Subject: Oliphant advances a theory

The following was originally posted to UFC by respected cattle
mutilation researcher Ted Oliphant

Source: http://www.qtm.net/~geibdan/newse/nov/moo.html

Mad Cow Disease and Cattle Mutilations ?

Hello, I'm Ted Oliphant, as a police officer in Fyffe, Alabama I
investigated over 35 cases of cattle mutilations over a six month
period from Oct 1992 through May 1993. I have made several recent
breakthroughs in researching this problem. Would you consider
posting the following article on your website?


Ted Oliphant III

Recently the British Secretary of Health admitted that Bovine
Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), or "Mad Cow Disease" may be a
species jumper. This means that humans exposed to animals with
BSE, can also contract it. This announcement set off a panic with
many countries (Most Notably France, Belgium and Germany)
announcing boycotts of all British beef. There was serious
consideration given to destroying all eleven million head of
British cattle.

Current projections for the year 2010, suggest that 200,000
people will die each year from Mad Cow Disease, and it's
pre-cursor, Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. This is in Great Britain

What is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease?

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease ("CJD") is a rare, fatal brain disorder
which causes a rapid, progressive dementia and associated
neuromuscular disturbances. The disease is often referred to as a
sub acute spongiform encephalopathy because it usually produces
microscopic vacuoles in neurons that appear "sponge-like". *
Under the microscope, you can see "holes" in brain tissue.

"Prions" (Spongiform Associated Fibrils) proteins or plaques, are
believed to be responsible for other fatal brain diseases in
humans, as well as animals. In addition to CJD, the suspected
human prion diseases include Kuru, Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker
disease and Fatal Familial Insomnia. Kuru has been found only
among the Fore tribe in Papua, New Guinea and has been virtually
eliminated since the cessation of the ritual handling and eating
of the brains of deceased relatives. The disease is characterized
by progressive problems with coordination which are typically
followed by dementia. Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease and
Fatal Familial Insomnia are predominantly hereditary disorders
with the former usually marked by progressive coordination and
movement problems and the latter evidenced by sleeping problems
preceding dementia. The suspected prion diseases occurring in
animals consist of: Scrapie in sheep and goats; Transmissible
Mink Encephalopathy; Chronic Wasting Disease of mule deer and
elk; Feline Spongiform Encephalopathy; and, Bovine Spongiform
Encephalopathy ("BSE"), also known as "mad cow disease".*

On March 20, 1996, the British Government, in a complete reversal
of its previous position, stated that there was a possible link
between BSE and CJD. This new acknowledgment arose from the
identification of an apparently new strain of CJD which was
discovered in 10 people under the age of 42, including some
teenagers. Additionally, five of the people were associated with
the meat and livestock industry. Scientists advising the British
Government decided that the most likely explanation for this
unusual outbreak was the consumption of beef from diseased cattle
before 1989, when regulations were adopted for the disposal of
potentially infectious cattle offal, including brains, and the
use of sheep entrails as feed ceased.*

At the present time, the only proven manner for contracting CJD
from an infected person has been through iatrogenic transmission,
an unintended consequence of a medical procedure using tainted
human matter or surgical instruments. Iatrogenic transmission of
CJD has occurred in cases involving corneal transplants,
implantation of electrodes in the brain, dura matter grafts,
contaminated surgical instruments and the injection of natural
human growth hormone derived from cadaveric pituitaries. Thus,
one may become infected with CJD from direct contamination with
infected neural tissue.*

There are new, strict guidelines for the handling of suspected
BSE, CJD and Kuru infected tissues. Once a brain biopsy is
completed, surgical instruments, scalpels and the like, are
disposed of because sterilization will not kill the Prions, or
proteins. This raises the question of how many times before the
new guidelines were instituted, were contaminated surgical
instruments used from patient to patient?

BSE & CJD are Doomsday Diseases, they are very hard to detect,
there is no cure or treatment, and both are %100 fatal in ALL

How did this happen & where did it come from?

The main suspicion traces the un-natural practice of feeding
vegetarian animals "Rendered" food. Rendered foods come from
"Rendering plants" like the Avon plant in Geraldine, Alabama.
There are hundreds of these plants throughout the United States
and the world.

What goes on at a rendering plant?

Rendering plants act as an animal disposal unit for dead
Instead of burning and disposing of dead animals, they are
converted to animal feeds. I visited the Avon plant in 1993 and
witnessed this process, where nothing is wasted. Area farmers and
ranchers are invited to drop off any dead farm animal. The
animals are crushed up in large mulchers and poured into enormous
high pressure vats where they are cooked into multi-animal stew.
The stew is furtherprocessed until it is packaged and sold to
area farmers as livestock feed. I've witnessed pigs, goats, cows
and horses brought to rendering plants. The animals were in
various conditions. Some had been dead for over 24 hours, yet
were still rendered into livestock feed. Shockingly, many cows
that been found "mutilated", ( missing various glands, tissue and
organs) were brought to the rendering factory and processed into
food for their still living relatives. I was shocked, but unlike
Great Britain which has had protections against such practices
since 1989, there are no such guidelines here in the United

What is the prospect for Mad Cow Disease to appear in the United

That is THE question several of us are asking, what does our
government know and what aren't they telling us? The first case
of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease appeared in the 1890's, was finally
identified in 1920 and first considered contagious during the
identification and study of Kuru in the 1950's though it was, at
that time, thought to be fully contained. However the
identification of contaminated surgical instruments as a
transport mechanism raises a bigger question...how many surgeries
used contaminated scalpels?

The incubation period for BSE, CJD and other associated
Spongiform Associated Fibrils (SAF) ranges from six months to
forty years. That means that if you ingested contaminated meat
prior to becoming a vegetarian, you can still get sick many years
down the road.

This isn't the first time animal parts introduced into the food
chain, caused illness and death. Thyrotoxicosis (New England
Journal of Medicine, Hedburg CW, Fishbein DB et all 316: 993-8,
1987) occurred when bovine thyroid glands were combined with
hamburger meat and distributed throughout many communities. This
caused over 100,000 people to get sick. Finally the Center for
Disease Control (CDC) investigated and concluded that large doses
of bovine thyroid hormone in hamburger meat, was the culprit.
Here's what happened. For years the US Government bought every
bovine thyroid gland it could get it's hands on for research. As
a result, every meat packing plant in America was removing the
thyroids and selling them to Uncle Sam for top dollar. Then all
of the sudden, our government stopped buying them. Meat packing
plants and butchers starting grinding up the glands and mixing
them with our hamburger. That practice has, for the most part,
been stopped thanks to the CDC.

The U.S. Army, The National Institute of Health (NIH) & Rocky
Mountain Labs.

Quietly and secretly, The United States Army and the Center For
Disease Control have worked together, off & on, for years. A
perfect example of this clandestine cooperation was the outbreak
and containment of Ebola Reston. You can learn more about this in
an excellent book "The Hot Zone". The Army & The CDC entered the
Reston monkey houses, took care of business and were gone
beforeanybody knew what happened. They showed up in civilian
clothes, and un-marked vans. All of this was done right under the
noses of television camera crews who were looking around, but
never saw them because the Army & CDC hid their vehicles behind
buildings! Currently another organization, The National Institute
of Health (NIH) has been tasked with tracking and studying
somethingeven more frightening: Bovine Spongiform
Encephalopathies and other Transmissible Spongiform
Encephalopathies (TSEs). Much of the research has been conducted
at Rocky Mountain Labs. Not far away, Dr. John Altschuler, a
veterinary pathologist/hematologist has also been studying this
problem, he's been doing so quietly since 1967. All the tests and
studies he's done as "favors" for cattle mutilation guru Linda
Moulton Howe, haven't just been for her. Dr.John has a friend in
the government he's been comparing notes with for sometime.
Originally it was thought that a foreign power might be trying to
contaminate the American food supply. Instead they discovered a
new biological evolution, TSEs.

The funding for this research is hidden in the NIH's black budget
for the study of AIDS. Neither AIDS or BSE are viruses, rather
they are the consequences of immune systems that have been
thwarted. BSE and AIDS are both plaques. The research has been
kept quiet to prevent an outbreak of panic. But the cats out of
the bag, all of us are in the same boat. Every American who's
ever eaten meet has been exposed to our new, common threat:
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies.

Over the last ten years, law enforcement in dozens of States have
been trying to track and identify unmarked helicopters sighted
where area livestock have been discovered dead under suspicious
circumstances. The helicopters are seen before and after these
cows are found in pastures, missing certain organs. The same
things are always taken. Bovine jaws are stripped to the bone,
reproductive organs removed, digestive tracks and rectums "cored"
out. There is little to no blood at the scene. Tissue samples
taken by police investigators and analyzed at veterinary labs,
all show signs of exposure to heat, three hundred degrees or
more. The tissue is cooked and the incisions are cauterized by
the heat. This prevents blood and other fluids from leeching onto
the ground. Everything taken has to do with input, output and
reproduction. In recent mutilation cases, Alabama 1993 & 1994,
California 1996 and Florida 1997; pharmaceuticals have been found
in bovine blood. They are: Barbiturates, Anti-coagulants,
Synthetic Amphetamines, Aluminum-Titanium-Oxygen-Silicon flakes,
and Antimony (Antimony: A brittle lustrous white metallic element
occurring in nature, free or combined, used chiefly in alloys and
in compounds in medicine. Webster's). The drugs found are NOT
veterinary drugs, they are pharmaceuticals associated with
humans. Among those law enforcement agents who have thoroughly
investigated these bovine excision sites, there is a consensus
that some kind of medical testing going on. The additional
presence of un-marked helicopters on scene, before and after
cattle are found dead missing specific organs, leads both
victimized farmers and investigating officers to conclude that
there is a connection. But why use human drugs on cows? Use your

Every organ taken from affected livestock has to do with input,
output and reproduction. Where entire jaws have been excised in
large, oval excisions, the bone is exposed and is perfectly
clean. The wounds have been cauterized and there is no presence
of blood. The jaw is an important part because enzymes are
produced there. Enzymes that can kill viruses and bacteria, it's
an antibody factory. The digestive track also acts as a filter,
that absorbs, collects and stores traces of any chemical or toxin
introduced. The rectum is a similar filter as are ears. They
store traces of toxins and chemicals like a library. Because many
diseases (like CJD & BSE ) can be inherited, the reproductive
system may be a good place to find look for clues on how it
passed to the next generation.

In 1993, I got a call from a man who told me that if I went to a
certain place on a certain evening, I would see several
helicopters land and refuel. He was right. Well after dark, two
Chinook helicopters (The large twin rotor type) landed in the
field behind some trees and opened their doors revealing large
black plastic fuel bladders. Minutes later several smaller scout
helicopters landed nearby, shut down and crews from the Chinooks
walked over with large hoses and refueled each of a half dozen
helicopters. The whole operation took less than 30 minutes and
the helicopters took off and headed across the border where we
tracked them to their home base, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Now we
knew who they were but we couldn't figure out why they refueled
on Sand Mountain. The next morning a reporter, Steven Smith from
the Rainsville Weekly Post, called the Public Affairs Officer,
William Gibbons of the 101st Airborne and asked if they might've
been in our area the previous evening. "We have no aircraft in
your area, it wasn't us" said the captain. It certainly was. So
we knew then that some kind of secret operation was being
conducted, but we didn't know what it was. We still don't, but
when you look at each piece of evidence and try to use them as
puzzle pieces, these so called "cattle mutilations" might be
associated with government studies of epidemiology. With BSE &
CJD being such devastating "new" diseases, is it possible than
many alleged cases of "cattle mutilations" are actually evidence
of our tax dollars at work?

The Evidence Suppression Team from Maxwell Air Force Base,
Alabama; & The F.A.A. Investigation of un-marked helicopters over
Sand Mountain.

The 101st Airborne Division is not suspected of being directly
involved in the cattle mutilations that occurred between Oct.
1992 through May of 1993. But is seems possible they may have
refueled the un-marked helicopters that we eventually traced to
Maxwell Air Force Base. The 101st's inability to tell the truth
about where they had been, seems to be a constant in Federal
Government employee behavior: You don't tell the truth unless
somebody holds a gun to your head.

When un-marked helicopters were witnessed by local farmers and
law enforcement officers, Albertville Police's Chief of
Detectives Tommy Cole called in the Federal Aviation
Administration to investigate. Detective Cole had lost a cow to
the phantom surgeons and his wife had seen an un-marked
helicopter over their pasture January 8th, 1993; the day before
they discovered one of their Black Angus steers mutilated. An FAA
investigator came to Albertville and Cole took him for a ride in
his police car. The FAA investigator was skeptical until an
un-marked helicopter flew near them. The FAA investigator
couldn't believe his own eyes and pulled out a hand held radio
and hailed the helicopter. The helicopter pilot didn't respond
and ignored demands that he identify himself. This infuriated the
FAA investigator who had now reversed his skepticism. He was able
to trace the helicopter to Maxwell Air Force Base in Southern
Alabama. When he launched an inquiry at the base, he was
immediately told to drop it and never talk about again. A week
later Chief Detective Cole received a call after midnight, it was
the FAA investigator. It seems that while out in a boat on nearby
Lake Guntersville, he and his family had witnessed a large
triangle shaped craft flying maneuvers above them. I wonder if he
ever reported that to his superiors?

I don't pretend to know the solution to either the bovine
excision cases nor the appearance of the mystery helicopters. I
don't know that America faces a threat from BSE, but I do feel
that these questions deserve our attention. President Ronald
Reagan once hypothesized: "What if one day we all found that we
faced a common threat from outer space, wouldn't we all put aside
our differences and work together?". President Reagan wasn't so
far off, today we DO face a common threat, soon we'll realize
that we all have something in common: exposure to Transmissible
Spongiform Encephalopathies.

If you have any information, pertinent speculation or a rebuttal,
please contact me.

Ted Oliphant III email: alkahest@slip.net (510) 486 0611

*Courtesy of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Research Foundation

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