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From: Majorstar <Majorstar@AOL.COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 17:36:06 EST
Fwd Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 09:12:33 -0500
Subject: CURRENT-ENCOUNTERS: Filer's Files #44

Filer's Files #44  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
From George A. Filer:  MUFON Eastern Director, Nov. 4, 1997
Majorstar@aol.com  (609) 654-0020

New videos, flashes and news reports indicate strange hostilities in our


Reportedly a Christian TV station was video taping a children's show near
Marietta last May, when the cameraman noticed several black unmarked
helicopters flying nearby. On seeing the choppers and knowing his Christian=
audience has a fascination and dislike of unmarked black helicopters, he
turned his video camera towards the choppers and got some good shots of=
Upon returning to the TV station a technician noticed  a UFO going in and=
of clouds could be seen behind the helicopters.  According to Chris, a=
physicist and camera buff, the UFO is no refraction, lens flare, reflection,
or close by insect or bird.. He says it is clearly a real object darting in
and out of clouds behind the choppers. It also is not something very small=
relation to the choppers The video was magnified and enhanced, the UFO=
to be a real unknown flying structured object. Thanks to John Thompson,
Georgia State Director.


Nancy Dunning reports about her sighting on October 14, 1997, over the=
Florida Gulf Coast.  "I had just left work. It was about 5:10 p.m. I was
facing North and stopped at a traffic light in Palmetto, FL, when I saw an=
shaped object moving northwest at a steady rate of speed. It was silvery=
in color. I watched as it went into a cloud and just disappeared. It never
came out the other side of the cloud. I know it wasn't an airplane because,=
know a lot about airplanes. I can identify almost any plane there is."
Ray Pollock also states, "I saw an object like this almost a year ago in
Bradenton where I live. That object flew directly over the middle of town in
broad daylight. It flew very fast, made a complete tight circle and
disappeared toward the north. I don't know if anyone else saw these objects=
not. I have heard nothing reported in the papers for either one." Thanks to
Nancy Dunning and Ray Pollock.


The following information comes courtesy of a cordial and highly=
staff member of the WXIX channel 19 Newsroom, who was contacted this=
in regards to a piece which aired on their 11:30 a.m. newscast (an alert Mr.
Paul Koch of Western Hills spotted the report). The gentleman at WXIX-TV
searched through the computer and retrieved  the script which was used to
convey the story of the UFO to the TV audience.  He was helpful to re-read=
script, which follows.

Caption: "A mysterious UFO videotaped in Indiana?" A newsreel segment from
WFLD TV in Chicago, Illinois stated, "This is something a fan of the X-files
may enjoy. A young brother and sister from Indiana were startled by a
mysterious  light in the sky Wednesday night.  Christy and Tony Venandor=
in  their backyard in Porter, Indiana when they recorded these images of a
light streaking across the sky. You can see it right above the tree-line.=
say the light lasted only a few seconds and disappeared without a  trace."

        (Insert: interview with witnesses). "We saw a white dot being=
 trailed by
flames.  We thought it  was crashing, but wasn't sure." The eyewitness said=
was like a rocket after take off.  It wasn't a plane crash, and there are no
official reports of a comet, so the light show over Porter, Indiana remains=
mystery.  Thanks to Kenny Young at T.A.S.K: task@fuse.net

John Thompson, MUFON State Director, reports bright flashes of light were
observed across the country at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time on October=
1997. UFO Roundup obtained reports from a Georgia roofer who stated, "He
thought what he saw was sometime before midnight (not sure exactly when ).=
wife said she only saw two flashes before she came inside and got her=
The flashes she said lasted about 5 seconds each and were unlike anything=
had ever seen before in her life. She said there were no balls or lights=
that the sky flashed blue. Her husband said the flashes--which he saw more=
because he went outside thinking maybe they were nearby--were of a light=
color and finally disappeared while he was looking for them in the woods.=
husband and wife said they couldn't tell if the flashes were stationary or
moving around some. In the New Mexico report below blue flashes were=
at 9:00 p.m. Now remember that New Mexico is 2 hours behind Eastern time.=
is one eerie coincidence! What is the chance of two unrelated couples 1600
miles apart seeing sizeable blue flashes on the same night and apparent=
I wonder if these blue flashes could, perhaps, be seen all over the southern
part of the U.S. on Oct. 18th around 11:00 p.m. EST? If so, what could make
such light sources? Thanks to John Thompson and UFO Roundup, Joe Trainor


          On Saturday, October 18, 1997, at 9 p.m. Mountain times, "a man=
his fianc=E9e were  going home to" Los Alamos, NM.  The couple "observed a=
blue flash that 'lit up the sky behind the Jemez Mountains.' They reported
that the light faded slowly, then returned to its previous level of=
approximately five minutes later." About 45 minutes later, as the couple
approached their house in Los Alamos, "the sky lit up with the same blue
light, but this time it was on the opposite side of the Jemez Mountains. He
reported that the light was so bright that the profile of the mountains was
clearly visible in the night." Many thanks UFO Roundup and Steve Wilson for
forwarding this story. Editor's Comment: A similar phenomenon took place at
8:50 p.m. on Thursday, September 4, 1997 just north of Beaver Bay,=
The light flashes were green, however, not blue. For more information, see.
UFO ROUNDUP, v 2, # 35.) Joe Trainor Editor


On Friday, October-31, 1997 at 8:23 p.m. CDT,  a "Flash of Light" was=
N. E. of the town of Reydon, Oklahoma (appox. 120 miles N.W. of Oklahoma
City). A local Sheriff's Deputy witnessed this flash. This radio report was
monitored, and it was described as a 'Large Flash of Light in the Sky'. also
heard- Dispatch-" was it lighting?"  Deputy-" I don't see any clouds in the
sky"..." "I saw one large flash to my northeast and it wasn't
lightning!".Thanks to Jim Hickman  and Skywatch.
Editors Note: These strange blue flashes over much of the country over=
weeks my have some significance. I have frequently run into aircrews who=
also seen the flashes that light up the whole sky at night.  I think they=
be a natural light phenomenon.  Something in space such as a satellite could
cause the sun to flash on the dark side of Earth.  UFOs penetrating our
atmosphere could also be responsible, but it is more likely to be some sort=
electrical phenomenon similar to the Northern Lights.  Could lasers cause=
blue flashes? I wonder if a large craft entering the atmosphere at night or
laser would cause this type of flashing? Do you have any ideas?


Air Force Magazine announces new YAL-1 attack lasers are being developed by
the Air Force to destroy enemy missiles.  Installed on a modified Boeing 747
the Attack Laser will employ an advanced beam control and atmospheric
compensation system to precisely direct a multimegawatt high energy laser to
destroy theater ballistic missiles during boost phase. Colonel Michael Booen
is the program director at Kirtland AFB, NM.  He stated the program is in=
shape and successfully passed the Critical Design Review for the full power
Flight Weighted Laser Module last February.  Thanks to the Nov. AFA=
Editors note: If a laser can destroy a missile, would it also be able to
destroy a UFO?


NORAD also tracks UFOs and the change of direction and smoke could indicate
that this unidentified object was in some sort of trouble.
Regarding the recent sighting of a strange meteor like object that=
slammed into the Texas border near El Paso causing Army, police, and
helicopter response. Reuters News reports Steven Marquez  stated, "I saw a
large flash like an explosion in the sky near the Organ Mountains outside=
Cruces, New Mexico. `Something fell off of it and left a huge cloud of smoke
over there by the mountains ''  Robert Simpson, a spokesman for the McDonald
Observatory in  Texas, said he saw what appeared to be a small meteor flash
across the sky at 12:47 p.m. MDT and that it was about as bright as the
surface of a setting sun.

 Las Cruces, NM Police Sgt. Joel Cano said, "The North American Aerospace
Defense Command (NORAD) tracked the object as it entered Earth's atmosphere
until it fell to the ground about 30 miles east of El Paso. A police command
post was set up near the Organ Mountains as U.S. Army Reserve helicopters=
infrared sensors to look for pieces of debris from the object.  "What they=
looking for is any debris that is still hot or anything that came off the
object,'' Cano said.   Witnesses said the streak of light left a contrail
across  southern New Mexico that hung in the sky for about 30 minutes. CNN
claimed it then headed south according to weather radar. Ufologist and web
master, Tony Craddock states that, "Sources I talked to at the NBC affiliate
in El Paso feel that something was definitely shot down there October 9,=
A Los Angeles radio station reported on October 19th that a large number of
people in El Paso, Texas heard a very loud explosion in the sky earlier in=
month. A meteorogical scientist had given the explanation that a meteor had
exploded 10,000 miles up, but a local Sheriff interviewed on the radio said
"They can say what they want,
but it is like I am standing here in a snowstorm".  He described the debris=
being lightweight and metallic "like sequins or the metal flake makeup that
ladies sometimes wear" This broadcast was reported by a local doctor, who
listened to it at the time. The meteor attracted a surprising amount of
government response. An update to this report is posted on the Website at
http://www.cseti.org/crashes/crash122.htm. Thanks to Tony Craddock.

Editors note: Assuming these reports are correct, this kind of debris
indicates an explosion of a metallic object entering the atmosphere. Can=
metallic flakes be analyzed as to type, source, manufacturer? Can a laser
cause this kind of damage to a metallic object?


An October 1997, Poll finds that 3 million Canadians have seen UFOs. A
national survey by an independent research consortium has found  that 9.6=
cent of all Canadians believe they have seen UFOs.  "This translates into
nearly 3 million people who say they are  UFO witnesses. Nearly 200=
were  randomly surveyed, and our results appear to be in line with similar
studies in the United States." notes Chris Rutkowski, project coordinator.=
per cent of Canadians believe in the existence of life  elsewhere in the
universe. More than 52 per cent believe that some UFOs are alien spacecraft.
Only 12 per cent of people who have seen UFOs actually report  their
sightings. More than 57 per cent of Canadians believe there is a military =
government cover-up regarding the existence of UFOs. Younger Canadian adults
are more likely to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Thanks
to MUFON Ontario at 416-249-0933 Chris Rutkowski, 204-269-7553, and Posted=
Thanos (news.ti.com)


On November 3, 1997, at 11:11 p.m. Don Jay Fredrico  reports a sighting near
the airport runway in Stephenville,  Newfoundland.  Don states, "I saw the
strange craft hover over the ocean across from the run way it stayed their=
about 2 or 3 minutes and then it left without a sound. as it was leaving it
looked life a ball of red fire then it divided into two different (balls of
gas) and disappeared." Thanks to ISUR & Don Jay: sleepygonzals@hotmail.com


A US Army soldier's wife living in Germany, called her mother in the US to
report a UFO.  She said, that in the afternoon of October 22, 1997, =
Army dependents saw a giant saucer UFO with lots of lights on its bottom,=
over a highway. The UFO made allot of noise, flew low and moved slow enough
for people to stop their cars and get out and look at it in astonishment.=
occurred outside of a unnamed American Army base in Germany. This same=
also told her mother that a friend of her 's took a photo of the UFO. The
daughter is married to an Army sergeant stationed at the base.  We are
attempting to verify this story. If anyone has further info please contact=
Thanks to John Thompson
gin@wp-lag.mindspring.com (john c. thompson)


Philippe Piet van Putten reports the possible suicide of a  Brazilian=
after he allegedly revealed the truth about UFOs. Brazilian Air Force=
colonel  Uyrange Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima, 56, made =
revelations concerning UFOs on July 20, 1997. He was interviewed during the
national television show Fantastico (Globo TV).

For the first time, the Colonel confirmed his personal UFO-experiences while
commanding  Operacao Prato. Operation Plate was activated by the Brazilian=
Forces, 1st Regional Aerial Command in September, 1977. Colonel Uyrange and
Operation Plate succeeded in filming and photographing numerous UFOs, which
were causing panic in the Amazon region. He and agents of the now extinct
National Information Service (SNI) had a real close encounter with an=
UFO. Operation Plate  obtained hundreds of photos of strange aerial=
which "seemed aware of the military presence" and moved in an intelligent
fashion. There is an unconfirmed report that the Colonel  may have committed
suicide. Thanks to the Director, Philippe Piet van Putten, Brazilian Academy
of Parasciences (ABP)


Victor J. Kean reports on November 5th, 1997, "I am informed of UFO activity
off Lowestoft, Norfolk in Southeast England, which is being videoed by=
reliable observers.
Apart from "lights under the sea"  various UFOs have been videoed "entering
and leaving the sea.   Large Flying Traingles (FTs) also seen in the=
area. Witnesses have been visited by 'Military Intelligence" and additional
UFO activity is centered upon Thetford Forest, Norfolk. Thanks to

Editors note: I was stationed at RAF Sculthorpe in Norfolk, England and=
heard reports of UFOs and even had the opportunity to chase one.  London
Control vectored us to the Stonehenge area to investigate.  I was able to=
up the UFO on our aircraft radar at 25 miles. We were doing about 425 mph,
when we spotted lights hovering in the distance. We closed quickly diving on
the stationary target.  We closed to one mile on the radar, when the UFO=
off at a high rate of speed.  It reminded me of a shuttle launch at night.=
had other reports of huge mother ships launching smaller scout craft over=


Dr. Herman Oberth, the father of modern rocketry and one of Germany's=
scientists, is quoted as saying in 1954, "UFOs are conceived and directed by
intelligent beings of a very high order, and they are propelled by =
the gravitational field, converting gravity into useable energy.  There is=
doubt  in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. =
and my colleagues are confident that they do not originate in our solar
system, but we feel that they may use Mars  or some other body as sort of a
way station. Years later he was  quoted as saying, "We cannot take the=
for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone.  We have been
helped."  When asked  by whom, he replied, "The people of other worlds."
Thanks to Skywatch &Tim Edwards: edwards@amigo.net (tim edwards)

If you have a UFO news or comments, please, e-mail it to: =

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