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Re: Skywatch: UFO News International 31

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y                    - 31 -

Steven Greer on Sightings                        2
Opinion                                          4
More debunking                                   5
Astronaut Story Musgrave: Greys are real         8
Quotes                                           9
Briefs                                           9
Web sites                                        10
Letter from Ben #4                               10
You can use UFO News International articles      11
Editor's notes:                                  11

- 1 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

Steven Greer on Sightings

On Monday June 20, CSETI's director Steven Greer was on Sightings
on the Radio with Jeff Rense.


Rense asks Greer to comment on the claim by American Computer
Company (ACC) that there is evidence that the former Bell
Telephone Laboratories faked the history of the transistor and
decided to be silent about the influx of alien technology it
acquired through the US military.
Greer reiterates that CSETI has a total of well over 100 high
level witnesses who are willing to testify before the US Congress
that their work for the US military or private contractors
involved extraterrestrial technology. ACC's story, which is
backed by the book 'The Day after Roswell' by Lt. Col. Philip J.
Corso (Ret.), is just the tip of the iceberg.

Greer says it is not clear whether AT & T, parent company of the
Bell Laboratories, is really to blame. "Artefacts could have been
handed over, but the researchers may never have known where it
came from." Furthermore every sensitive project where the
military is involved, is highly compartmentalized. In most cases
the left hand of the project does not know what the right hand
is doing.

Greer adds that transistors, lasers and optics are small potatoes
compared with other technologies that are the result of acquired
alien technology that CSETI is aware of. New propulsion systems,
alternative energy sources and non-linear communication (telepa-
thy - HvdP) are other, more important fields. Ben Rich, former
director of Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works, said in a speech
before he died in front of fifteen people: "We have the means to
travel to the stars. But it will take an act of God to get
anything out of these black projects". According to Greer the
star travel technology involves electro gravitic systems and zero
point energy. "These technologies can replace the fossil fuel
economy of today and can deal with most of the environmental
problems we have", says Greer.

Greer wants his witnesses to testify before the US Congress.
"The truth must come out. But the problem is one of collective
will. We as a people have to educate the politicians about it."
Greer says that the CIA director he has spoken to shared the
notion that it is time for the truth to get out. Greer adds: "But
people in power do not necessarily have the freedom to enforce

Greer says that he and a CSETI team go out into the California
desert regularly to make contact with extraterrestrial vehicles.
CSETI has developed a "protocol" to let alien craft "vector in"
on his group. Some kind of communication takes place, but Greer
does not say what this contact is about.

- 2 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

He says that on one occasion a big disk descended from the sky
and went directly into a mountain without crashing. Many of these
excursions have been done outside the USA, because the US
military already has several reversed engineered craft in its
possession that are frequently test flown over US territory. The
CSETI group is interested in the real thing, not in so called
Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARV's).

A caller to the program described her own UFO sightings. When she
wanted to photograph the UFO, her camera switched off at the
moment she poined it at the craft. This happened a few times.
Greer confirms that the same thing has happened to his group.
Greer says that so called "thought actuation" is to blame, by
which the aliens switch off the camera. He says that the alien
races are very familiar with this kind of control over equipment.
Thought actuation also works on UFOs and underlies the "proto-
cols" that CSETI uses to attract UFOs.

Another female caller asked whether Greer had experience with
women that have experiments done on them by alien beings. Greer
answers that he has worked with people who were part of a
military project in which innocent citizens were abducted and
were made to believe this was an extraterrestrial event. Greer
says that every single element of a so called "alien abduction"
can be explained by electromagnetic stimuli that can stage an

Greer feels that the concepts that underly the "alien abduction
scenario" can induce an arms race with extraterrestrials and can
lead in the end to a military confrontation. Greer says that he
has multiple witnesses who say that the US military are tracking
alien craft regularly and on more than one occasion has downed
an ET object. Greer mentions a specific case in 1991.

Greer says that the case of the crashed alien vehicle near
Varginha, Brazil, 1996, that produced large numbers of Chupacabra
sightings, also involved an alien craft that was deliberately
shot down. This time by a sophisticated space based weapon
system. Rense asks Greer why the aliens don't shoot back. Greer
says that is not their way of operating.

Another caller asks how can the truth about alien contact can be
brought out. Greer says that it will take one member of Congress
to take a serious look at the situation. But, Rense says, CSETI
has already provided US representatives with an abundance of
information. Greer says the process still takes education and
CSETI is working on it.

- HvdP
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 \_\  /_/
 \  "  /
  \ _ /
   \ /

- 3 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

Usually I don't add comments to these transcribed interviews, but
this time I make an exception. Alien abductions are a world wide
phenomenon that affects people in technological countries such
as the USA as well as inhabitants from such remote areas as New
Guinea. Unless the US military industrial complex wants to induce
Papuas into a war with extraterrestrials, I don't see much merit
in Greer's assumption that the greater part of abductions is
artificially induced.

The part about the reverse engineering of alien technology by the
US military is confirmed not only by Greer's own pool of
witnesses, but also by people such as Bill Hamilton (Skywatch),
Col. Steve Wilson (Skywatch), Bob Lazar, Bill Uhouse, Lt. Col.
Philip Corso and the consultant for American Computer Company.
It should be noted, however, that all these individuals each
possess just a piece of the puzzle.

- HvdP



CSETI's Dr. Steven Greer's radio interview October 19th on Jeff
Rense's "Sightings on the Radio" can now be played back via Real
Audio archives from CSETI's Website.

It can be found in the "What's New" Section.


Tony Craddock
Web Administrator


[This is a courtesy copy of an article posted to Usenet via Deja

I have read posts about what happened during the 19th century
when a newspaper ran stories about a dramatic new telescope that
discovered a race of people on the moon.  People were very
interested and the newspaper's circulation improved. There was
no panic.

- 4 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

Some posts have mentioned that no great fear or panic resulted
from the Darwin or Galileo revelations. This was discussed
concerning what would happen if the forthcoming pictures from
Mars showed evidence of a previous civilization.

In my opinion, revelation of now extinct civilizations on Mars
would not cause any fear or panic. It may help to increase
budgets for future space explorations.

However, if non-human piloted craft entering Earth's air space
were discovered, and if the propulsion of such craft was proven
not to involve fossil or nuclear fuels, and another big if, if
that method of propulsion could be duplicated and proposed as
marketable, what would happen to our financial markets?

Would the oil and energy stocks tumble?  Would oil and energy
shareholders keep calm knowing that the new propulsion technolo-
gies would become products of the Corporations now in nuclear and
fossil fuels? Would investment bankers, and mutual fund control-
lers, take the news lightly, willing to wait things out?

In my opinion, the reaction from the public, to knowing a
previous civilization was on Mars, versus knowing fossil and
nuclear fuels may become extinct, would be quite different.

Doc in Phoenix

 /\    /\
 \_\  /_/
 \  "  /
  \ _ /
   \ /

More debunking

What this world needs is more UFO debunking. In last week's issue
I included an article about a possible connection between the
weather phenomenon El Nino and UFOs. A few days later I was
surprised to find the same article, and a reference to UFO News
International and me in eSufo, a new Internet publication by
David Watanabe. This issue of eSufo was also distributed on the
public Skywatch mailing list, so that it reached a total of
several thousands of people.

This was the introduction.


- 5 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

Now, boot up your cynicism, for I give you the Skeptical
UFOlogist, a new feature which will serve to highlight the 'bad'
aspects of UFOlogy.  Here at exoScience we would like to promote
scientific investigation of UFOs and related phenomena.  The goal
of this feature is not to mock, but rather to acknowledge the
fact that a lot of bad work does take place under the nameplate
of "UFOlogy".

Today's article comes from UFO News International, a generally
credible newsletter by Henny van der Pluijm.  I'm not certain if
he intended it as a serious article, or rather shared our


This was followed by the article.


I responded to David Watanabe with the following:

Thanks for using the article about El Nino from UFO News
International. FYI I did intend it as a serious article, though
I had my reservations at first. It is so easy to link one
sensational subject (UFOs) with another sensational subject (El
Nino) and thereby creating an entire new field of wild speculati-

However, the article was based on the observations and conclusi-
ons of a serious meteorologist, so I felt free to include it in
my newsletter, albeit at the bottom of the issue. As you
understand, the report is just that: a report. I make no claim
about the validity of the theories of the meteorologist, because
it is beyond my powers to do so. Needless to say, the same goes
for any report in any newspaper or magazine.

While the claims might sound sensational, we can't dismiss
reports because they sound sensational. Would we do that, the
whole field of Ufology would have no merit and the research
should be stopped.

Having said that, I am not sure why you used this article for
eSufo. Was it because you took it seriously or because you
thought it should be exposed? In the latter case, please include
these comments in one of your next issues.

Henny van der Pluijm, editor of UFO News International.


- 6 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

To which David responded:


I noted that the article was written by someone at the World
Weekly News, which is, if I'm not mistaken, a devout tabloid!
I must, on principle, be highly skeptical about anything taken
from such a publication.

Also, the fact that it was researched by a 'serious meteorolo-
gist' means very little.  There are millions of meteorologists
around, and I'm sure one would be willing to accept a cash
incentive from a tabloid.  If there were a group, or even a
significant number of 'experts' who claimed this as a serious
possibility, I'd possibly give it more credibility.

btw...I still think your newsletter is great, and I hope to use
more articles of a more serious nature on eSufo.   Thanks!


Well, where must I start? For starters, David has not complied
so far with my request to send my comments on the eSufo issue to
his readers. It has been two weeks now since I asked him this.
Which increases my suspicion that all David wanted to do was
debunk an article while he did not care about the reputation of
this magazine or me. Furthermore, no new issue of ESufo has been
published since, so I suspect David was also a little short of

I am angry about this. Because what good does it do? In a world
in which the media, science and the rest of the establishment
ignore all UFO reports, research and investigation. Where people
who have observed a UFO in most cases hardly talk about is, let
alone report it. Where honest investigators universally undergo
the ridicule of people who couldn't care less about the truth.
Where experiencers of alien abduction not only have to endure the
torture by their kidnappers, but are also scoffed at by so called
scientists who don't know what they are talking about.

To start a new UFO newsletter in this climate that has the
intention of promoting science, but in fact engages in single
minded debunking and to suggest that this should help Ufology is,
in my honest opinion, a kind of reasoning that is out of this
world. If David wants to defend the science in Ufology, why
doesn't he start with debunking the complete works of Phil Klass
and Kal Korff? Or why doesn't he start a newsletter that contains
high quality UFO cases or in depth investigations? A mere book
review would even be better than this. Or doesn't David have
anything to add to the field, as is usual for debunkers?

- 7 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

I wanted to follow a policy of freely sharing information about
UFOs and related subjects by offering to redistribute any article
from this newsletter to any kind of magazine, newsletter,
newspaper or what have you, because many people have a need or
wish for information on this subject. It was not my intention to
let these articles be abused for the sake of debunking. If David
felt the article was without merit because he knew that World
Weekly News is an Internet tabloid, he could have told me so and
I would have written an appropriate disclaimer in the next issue.
But no, not only did David debunk, the way in which he handled
this matter is the style of the debunker too.

I hope this was just an incident. Nonetheless, I feel forced to
from now on pose the condition on using articles from this
newsletter that they not be used for the express purpose of
debunking, a condition which will be specified in the relevant
section in each issue. Everyone, including David, is free to use
these articles as long as - for the sake of Ufology, progress and
mankind itself - something positive is done with it. The last
thing Ufology needs is more debunking.

- HvdP

Astronaut Story Musgrave: Greys are real

Dr. Story Musgrave is the most experienced Space Shuttle pilot.
- HvdP

Submitted by Steve W. Sawyer

Regarding the recent AP story on Edgar Mitchell, there is another
astronaut you really ought to talk to: Dr. Story Musgrave. In
case you haven't heard, it was reported on Art Bell, by way of
a caller, that Dr. Musgrave recently gave an astronomy presenta-
tion with a closing statement that was totally unexpected and out
of left field.

The caller was a television reporter who attended the presentati-
on. He said that Dr. Musgrave gave an interesting slide show with
purely down to Earth stuff, but at the very end he put up slide
of a "grey" and simply stated: "these guys are real... I
guarantee it". He made no further comment and ended his presenta-

The reason I find this significant is that Dr. Musgrave was
previously on the opposite side of the fence. What has happened
lately to cause Dr. Musgrave, a die-hard skeptic, to suddenly and
change his position?

- 8 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

I have a taped episode of Sightings (TV) from a couple of years
ago where Dr. Musgrave was discussing strange objects observed
in space including things photographed near our spacecraft. When
asked, "Does the United States have (extraterrestrial) evidence
that it's hiding?" Dr. Musgrave responded:

"No, I'm sure they would divulge it. That's what NASA's all
about. Its about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
I can see no reason that that would be classified in any way. And
I wouldn't let it be. I'm an astronaut -- I fly in space. I have
five flights. The second I see something I'm going to tell

          /  \


Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson) - "The surest sign that
intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has
never tried to contact us."


The International Peacemaker Project, together with the Australi-
an, New Zealand and Pacific UFO Hotline, wishes to advise that
at 0900 UTC "Voice of Russia" transmitted a story on the history
of UFO reports and sightings in Russia, some from the 9th and
11th century and then to date.

VOR stated that, "although that many reports can be explained
there existes an number of reports that can not, and it is these
that need to be looked into and studied.

Copies of this recording will be able to soon be heard on the IPP

National UFO Hotline's site.

If you wish any information please contact "Ross Dowe"

IPP Australia
Ross Dowe

- 9 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

          /  \

Web sites

UFO Information Center, the home of UFO News International, has
registered its 5000th visitor.

Letter from Ben #4

Henny, baby....,

That spot in the newsletter about the El Nino and alien space-
craft connection was, I tell you, a barrel of laughs. I still get
a chuckle just thinking about it. Yesterday, during a routine
call with the local National Weather Service, I mentioned the
spot and they were completely floored with laughter. They were
beside themselves, of course we continued the logic to even more
hilarious extremes.
Now I can't get a weather report without giggling. Some of the
past stories in the newsletter were humorous if to no one else
but me. The series on the transistor I admit had me with the
ususal remarks "Oh.. Please" or "Give me a break ". After that
phase, I start giggling about the topic.
I am not the only one. I share the story and laughs with others,
and whenever the subject comes up. Henny, I hand it to you, when
you dug up that El Nino bit, to me it was the topper.
You sir have a wonderful and gifted sense of humor. Keep up the
good work.

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your - as always - enthusiastic letter. I really
appreciate you sharing UFO News International with others,
because this way my newsletter reaches even more people than the
200 direct subscribers. I really can't express how encouraged I
am by the warm response this newsletter is getting from your
friends and acquaintances. Just the thought of your colleagues
and the weather people rolling over the floor with laughter makes
constructing this newsletter a worthwile endeavor.
However, we have a saying here that who laughs last, laughs best
and for the time being I await further news about El Nino hitting
continental America this winter. So far the jury is still out on
the connection with UFOs.

- HvdP

- 10 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

You can use UFO News International articles

. Make a selection from this issue for your web site.

. Redistribute articles in your owns newsletter or Bulletin Board


. Please give credit to UFO News International and, if relevant,
to the original source.

. Articles may not be used for the express purpose of baseless
debunking. Baseless debunking can be defined as attacking the
validity of a report without including substantial grounds for
the attack. Violations of this condition will immediately be
followed by exposure on the main Internet UFO discussion forums.

Editor's notes:

UFO News International welcomes:
. your own UFO report
. abduction experience
. analysis or commentary
Anonimity will be provided if needed.

UFO News International also welcomes:
. congress announcements
. congress reports
. notification of a change in your web site
. information about your UFO organization

All contributions to this newsletter must be in English. Grammar
and spelling need not be perfect.

In case of a change in your e-mail address, please notify me in
advance, so that you can continue to receive UFOPals. If you
haven't received this newsletter for more than three weeks,
something must have gone wrong, so please contact me. Readers are
encouraged to invite their friends, acquaintances and colleagues
to subscribe to this newsletter.

The text of this newsletter can be transferred to your preferred
word processor. First take care that this newsletter and your
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system. Then select the text of the newsletter with the computer
mouse, click on the copy command (Ctrl-C), change to your word
processor and paste the text by clicking the Paste icon (suitca-
se) into your word processor document.

- 11 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -

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Date:               November 3, 1997
Editor:             Henny van der Pluijm
Correspondents:     Barry Chamish (Israel)
                    Mike Stahl (Australia)

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- 12 of 12 -      - UFO News International 31 -


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