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Re: om King's Comments About Kal Korff

From: xalium@netwrx.net (Tom King)
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 15:21:24 -0500 (EST)
Fwd Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 20:21:33 -0500
Subject: Re: om King's Comments About Kal Korff

>From: TotlResrch@aol.com [Kal K. Korff]
>Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 05:26:23 -0500 (EST)
>To: Updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Tom King's Comments About Kal Korff

>>By Tom King

>>The episode was not a bad in my opinion. However it contained several added
>>in effects to spin the end of the show.

>>The first half was right on track, but it seemed to attack Village Labs and
>>take the flare theory. This might be because of Richard Motzer and Kal
>>Korff, giving their approach which the producers bought. Kal was cut out of
>>the episode mostly likely because of him discrediting himself recently.


>Hi Tom:

>You are WRONG about why I was cut out of the Discovery show. I
>would appreciate it in the future that when you choose to
>SPECULATE, that you leave ME OUT OF IT!

>Most of my footage was "punted" to the upcoming Area 51 show and
>even then, it may not be used. It is not uncommon to have footage
>cut...I spent all day filming at Fox recently and my footage was
>cut to 15 seconds. This is part of the industry of TV in that you
>never know how things work out until the broadcast airs. How many
>interviews have you given to the evening news, only to have a ten
>second snippet used? Several, Tom.

>Frankly, I liked to show, and although I believe the later lights
>that were filmed that night were flares, I still have NO
>EXPLANATION for the earlier, V-shaped object and I told the
>Discovery Channel this. However, the V-shaped objects ARE
>consistent with various "Star Wars" toys. My objection is how
>people try to cram EVERY sighting that night into one big, UFO
>event and make this whole thing so very black and white. If only
>the Universe were this simple!! The TRUTH is, there were MANY
>things going on that night, INCLUDING FLARE DROPS and Hale Bopp,
>etc. There also remain a very core group of impressive,
>unexplained sightings.

>Have you accounted for the flares, Tom, and HOW MANY WITNESSES
>INTERVIEWED? These should be people who lived near the front side
>of the mountain, right??

>I would not be surprised if the number was zero, Tom. I hope this
>is NOT so.

>Finally, I have not "discredited" myself, Tom, except perhaps in
>the eyes of those for which I never had any "credibility" in the
>first place. You know the type, Tom, those Meier/Pleiadian nuts
>you hang out with. I got LOTS of mail over the Art Bell thing and
>it was very supportive and I have lost no credibility with the
>media. That's why I was back on Sightings a few days later, after
>apologizing to Art Bell where the whole thing got started....duh,
>Tom! I have also done many interviews since then but won't really
>be back in the media spotlight or too active on the internet
>until my new projects come out. However, on November 21, you may
>watch me on the widely-syndicated Leeza show if you so desire.
>Who knows how that one will be edited, but the Phoenix lights are
>covered briefly if I recall correctly.

>Getting back to Art Bell, you see, Tom, my sources had confused
>the legal threats made against radio stations and the attempts to
>censor me with the activities of Art Bell.  I quoted my sources
>and they turned out to be wrong upon closer investigation.

>Unlike certain UFO "researchers" both you and I know, Tom, I
>ADMIT when I am wrong. Even on national radio, and I did so on
>Bell's show.

Ok, Kal, I give credit where it is due. It takes a man to admit
when he is wrong. So I have to give you credit for that. Although
you may have only did this to prevent a lawsuit against you.

>The TRUTH is, Art Bell did NOT threaten anyone over me, but JIM
>DILETTOSO did. I even sent Mr. Corbis, Bell's radio station
>affiliate's President, copies of Dilettoso's threatening material
>but it was never mentioned or even cited on Bell's show nor
>referenced on his web site that I know of.

>However, how Bell cares to edit the information he presents about
>this issue is his right and privilege of course. I felt I owed
>Art Bell an apology and he deserved it. I was wrong about Art
>Bell, but Jim Dilettoso is another story entirely, Tom.

>This is a FACT THAT YOU IGNORE AND OTHERS who have tried to use
>the Art Bell episode against me.

>Finally, Tom, if you wish to continue to allign yourself closely
>with Dilettoso so be it. However, I would prefer rather NOT to
>quote or cite the "expert" opinions of those like Dilettoso who
>go around LYING about claiming to have a Ph.D. Do you CONDONE

I did ask Jim about this and he explained his side of the story.
I accept it for that and have no reason to believe Jim is lying
about it.

>If I have become so "discredited" for being wrong about something
>(the Art Bell incident), Tom, what does that make Jim Dilettoso
>then in your eyes?

Jim's a very nice guy in my opinion. He goes out of his way to
help people and never asks for any money.  He is very generous,
and polite and I have no reason to believe he is a fraud.

>Or do you believe, Tom, that people who LIE about having Ph.D.s
>are more credible than those researchers who make totally human,
>albeit very visible, mistakes?

>Are you saying that Jim Dilettoso has NO credibility problems?

No I don't think he does, he just has some monkeys on his back

>I look forward to your sharing with all of us here, Tom, the
>details of those conversation(s) you have had with Dilettoso
>regarding his bogus claims about his bogus background.

Its not my job or interest to report on Jim's background. I study
UFO material and consider that a waste of resources.

>I am sure that you have done the proper personal introspection in
>yourself and have searched your soul and have a perfectly valid
>reason you will now all share with us as to WHY you continue to
>hang out and endorse someone who makes up the schools he claims
>he attended and the degrees he earned.

>While I have been accused of having a "vendetta" against
>Dilettoso, this is NOT true. Wrong. VERY WRONG. However, as long

>After all, if I DIDN'T say anything, many more of you would
>actually go around CLAIMING Jim Dilettoso actually has a Ph.D.
>because NONE of you EVER BOTHERED to do some simple checking and
>would never know to the contrary!!

>If I have any "vendetta," it is to get to the truth. Even if it
>means I must admit I am wrong, like I was over the Art Bell

>When are YOU going to ADMIT YOU were WRONG about the Dilettoso
>issue(s), Tom??

>Kal (Hoping you will leave me out of your future, written and
>very public theorizing) Korff

Also Kal,

I don't recall recieving a phone call from you, while you were
investigating the March 13 events. I have checked  with the
videographers and none recieved a phone call from you also. So
how did you get my video. When are YOU going to address to the
list, how you investigation sightings and never talk to the

The List is also STILL waiting for the video with "smoke" in it.
I was the closest party to the lights with a videocamera that
night. I doubt anyone was closer with a videocamera.  Also I
haven't met anyone who reported seeing flares that night, or
stealth aircraft. Would you care to provide the names of the
witnesses who did see them?

You could also fill me into the running time of my video?, The
breakdown of all the lights from all the videos, that if you
studied them.

Also you and your partner Richard Motzer have claimed to have
over 12 videos from that night before the airing of the Discovery
Channel show. How come they weren't on the episode? Why wasn't
the smoke video aired, Ah yes, that important info was cut out!

After you admitted you basically are a liar on national radio,
only after threats of being sued. Then its not so far fetched
that you are a liar in general, and your "stories" you tell are
just that, "stories" all to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Also Kal, in the future try keeping Jim out of your posts, unless
you want to keep up your love/hate obsession with him.

Tom King, Skywatcher
Arizona Skywatch director
AZ Skywatch http://personal.netwrx.net/xalium/skywatch/skywatch.htm
OVNI Chapterhouse at http://personal.netwrx.net/xalium/ufovideo.htm

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