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Re: ETH &c

From: Peregrine Mendoza <101653.2205@compuserve.com> [Peter Brookesmith]
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 21:40:20 -0500
Fwd Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 01:04:12 -0500
Subject: Re: ETH &c

The Duke of Mendoza present his compliments.

>Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 10:52:11 +0000
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>From: Sean Jones <tedric@tedric.demon.co.uk>
>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: ETH &c

>I do believe that I posted a response to your post, but I
>wished to know from which standpoint I was to argue, Guilty
>until proved innocent or Innocent until proven guilty, or did
>you just miss it??

I didn't understand it, especially as (huge guffaw) you seemed to
think I was an American at the time. Even so, I still don't
understand it. Why don't you argue from your own point of view?
Innocent until proven guilty is my own. I'm also against the
death penalty, by and large. Self defense is one thing. Judicial
murder is another. There again, this is a UFO list, so nuff

>> (I assume because he has seen too many of "the best
>>case[s]," like Roswell, crumble when carefully studied.)

>from either standpoint (either/or its your preference) the
>arguments are already coloured/tainted by your initial beliefs.

This is sometimes true, but I think you can also start with no
beliefs at all and come down on one side or the other in the end
on Roswell. It all depends on what you regard as acceptable
evidence (although there are fairly widely agreed standards about
that). You can also end up regarding "Roswell" as unproven as an
ET event without having to buy any of the alternative
explanations that have been offered, some of which have been
phenomenally dozy, e.g. Air Force dummies on parachutes.

>> Americans are very horrid indeed,

>I disagree I know some very nice Americans.

I disagree too and I also know *many* very nice Americans.

>> but Brits and besides are much nicer people altogether.

>Why thank you for the compliment.

You're welcome, but you're getting as clever at quoting out of
context as some other people I know. Are you trying to get in my
big black book by the back cover?

>On an entirely different note I thought a Marlin was a
>fish not a beetle,

A marlinspike is neither, strange to say. On the other hand a
merlin is a bird. Suggest you use dixionary and stop worrying.

>or is it that you are admiting to being a lower life form
><very huge G>

Fairly low. Bear in mind that about 90% of both of us is
bacteria, though, so give credit where it is due.

>Like Ludwig you are trying to solve all of lifes mysteries?

Wittgenstein didn't try to do that, really. However, to elucidate
a bit on the tag: Wittgenstein invented his beetle as an analogy
when pondering whether there could be such a thing as a private
language, in "Philosophical Investigations". The beetle was
something *called* a beetle, in a matchbox. In a private language
no one would really be sure what a "beetle" was. "The box could
even be empty," he says at one point, which makes him a kind of
honorary Fortean, I guess. He also remarked (in private) that
there was more good philosophy in any single Street & Smith's [or
vice-versa?] detective-story magazine than in the whole run of
"Mind". For these and other reasons Wittgenstein is one of my
heroes, even tho' he was probably slightly nuts, definitely hard
to have as a friend by all accounts, certainly a genius, and I am
very glad I was not he.

best wishes
Palpation D. Metaphysician
Spine Tingler

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