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Re: ETH &c

From: Sean Jones <tedric@tedric.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 10:40:55 +0000
Fwd Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 10:13:55 -0500
Subject: Re: ETH &c

>Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 21:40:20 -0500
>From: Peregrine Mendoza <101653.2205@compuserve.com> [Peter Brookesmith]
>Subject: UFO UpDate: Re: ETH &c
>To: UFO UpDates <updates@globalserve.net>

>The Duke of Mendoza present his compliments.

>>Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 10:52:11 +0000
>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>>From: Sean Jones <tedric@tedric.demon.co.uk>
>>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: ETH &c

>>I do believe that I posted a response to your post, but I
>>wished to know from which standpoint I was to argue, Guilty
>>until proved innocent or Innocent until proven guilty, or did
>>you just miss it??

>I didn't understand it, especially as (huge guffaw) you seemed to
>think I was an American at the time. Even so, I still don't
>understand it. Why don't you argue from your own point of view?
>Innocent until proven guilty is my own. I'm also against the
>death penalty, by and large. Self defense is one thing. Judicial
>murder is another. There again, this is a UFO list, so nuff

Bearing in mind that this is a truely internaional list I don't
think my request to know my standpoint was worth a guffaw because
there are those who's standpoint differ from yours , and mine for
that matter. However for your benefit I will state my argument
from the "Innocent until proven Guilty" standpoint. I will post
it in a few days when I have written this lengthy tome, however,
if I have a truely valid argument will you concede???


>>> (I assume because he has seen too many of "the best
>>>case[s]," like Roswell, crumble when carefully studied.)

>>from either standpoint (either/or its your preference) the
>>arguments are already coloured/tainted by your initial beliefs.

>This is sometimes true, but I think you can also start with no
>beliefs at all and come down on one side or the other in the end
>on Roswell. It all depends on what you regard as acceptable
>evidence (although there are fairly widely agreed standards about
>that). You can also end up regarding "Roswell" as unproven as an
>ET event without having to buy any of the alternative
>explanations that have been offered, some of which have been
>phenomenally dozy, e.g. Air Force dummies on parachutes.

>>> Americans are very horrid indeed,

>>I disagree I know some very nice Americans.

>I disagree too and I also know *many* very nice Americans.

>>> but Brits and besides are much nicer people altogether.

>>Why thank you for the compliment.

>You're welcome, but you're getting as clever at quoting out of
>context as some other people I know. Are you trying to get in my
>big black book by the back cover?

Did I hit a nerve by perchance?? Debunkers have been doing this
for years and I have never heard you once complain about them
doing it when it confirmed your particular beliefs.

However I do not wish to become the victim of your wrath because
I hav'nt the time for it.

>>On an entirely different note I thought a Marlin was a
>>fish not a beetle,

>A marlinspike is neither, strange to say. On the other hand a
>merlin is a bird. Suggest you use dixionary and stop worrying.

diCTionary dear chap please do learn to spell. Yes I have three
in the house, to which I refer often so that I do not
misunderstand your final statements said in your signiture.

Marlinspike (n) (Naut) Pointed iron tool used to seperate strands
of wire or rope.

See I got a new bigger dictionary.

Merlin is also the name of the Great Wizard who assisted the very
Great King Arthur on his many quests and carried him unto

>>or is it that you are admiting to being a lower life form
>><very huge G>

>Fairly low. Bear in mind that about 90% of both of us is
>bacteria, though, so give credit where it is due.

Actually I thought I was 90% water myself. <g>

>>Like Ludwig you are trying to solve all of lifes mysteries?

>certainly a genius, and I am
> not.

titter. <G>hehehe

>best wishes
>Palpation D. Metaphysician
>Spine Tingler

 Sean Jones, a mouse who wishes his squeaking to be heard.

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