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Abductions and Paedophilia

From: wlmss@peg.apc.org [Lawrie Williams]
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 22:50:33 +1000 (GMT+1000)
Fwd Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 08:44:34 -0500
Subject: Abductions and Paedophilia

Paedophillia and Abductions

OK folks, here is a SERIOUS question.

Just been watching Oz ABC's show "4 Corners" which is
taking a look at the kerfuffle happening in New South
Wales about child paedophillia.

Proponents say they have a lot of witneses who have vivid
memories of being sexually misused by strange men. And by
some not-so-strange men, in fact politicians and judges have
been accused.

The accused and most other people besides are saying this is
untrue and unjust, that there is no solid evidence for this,
indeed some of the evidence is very dubious, even relying on
"recovered memories".

As you read this, careers on both sides of the controversy are
going down the tube. One lady politician is about to be expelled
from parliament for her brave but perhaps misguided stand. But
she was only acting on very convincing testimony.

This sounds in some ways very much like some of the goings on
that can surround abductions and "satanic ritual abuse".  I am
wondering if we can help in a real way here.

Remember my theory about this?  Maybe it does not just apply to
abductees, maybe a whole lot of other kinds of experiences can
be relayed from one person's mind to another. Why not?

So for example suppose we have a girl of 8, and one night she
has a lucent experience, actually finding herself perceiving as
if her mind was inside the mind and body of another person. I have
had this happen briefly to me, as I have formerly described.

Now supposing the person she is sharing experiences with is her
mother, who is having sex with her husband, the little girl's
daddy. The kid might remember this, or repress it and remember it
later in life. And she will think her dad did it to her, but in
fact it was something normal her mother and father were doing, but
she did not realize it was another body it happened to.

I want to know what others think of this idea. Here is a chance
of a real breakthrough, a chance to get a lot of people to sit
up and take notice and realize that here is in fact some very
strong evidence in favour of telepathy.

This has all happened before. It happened in ancient Greece, it
happened in Europe up until the inquisition. Recently I figured
out what happened here. During the Enlightenment many people of
science testified that magic did not work. If magic did not work
then there was no point in accusing people of witchcraft. So in
that way decent people, as vulnerable as anyone else to persecution
were able to put a stop to the torment, the torture and the burning
of men, women and children by over-enthusiastic followers of Jesus.

Now that UFO contacts and paranormal powers like telepathy are
happening again, society does not believe in telepathy, so there
are all sorts of misunderstandings happening.

I am sure that telepathy is the key to this. And if there is some
abductee consensus on this, and more testimony related to it,
then maybe we can help out a lot of sincere but troubled people
who are at present caught up in a sterile debate - because they
have not the understanding of the world that abductees have been
given. So the first thing to be discovered is: have many of the
people saying these things have had abduction type experiences?

I want to get on to this in the morning, and since many abductees
will be coming on line about now, I thought I'd post this on
related lists for some quick discussion. If there is support, I
could trim off names and other identifiers and compile an anony-
mized file of other first hand witnesses to this phenomenon and
take it up with some newsgroups or mailing lists based in the
Syndey area.

So, what do YOU think?

Lawrie Williams________________

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