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part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

From: United Kingdom UFO Network <ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 20:39:05 +0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 03:29:44 -0500
Subject: part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

        ______ _______ ____
------ /  /  //  ____//    |----------------------------------------------
 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                                 Nov 8th, 1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 1 Issue 84
--- (_____//__/ -- (_____/------------------------------------------------

The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk giving the issue number. The issue will be
reposted to you. Please put the details as below in the subject
section e.g.  Repost {84} part 1, part 2 or part 3.

In this issue:


UK.UFO.NW IRC guests
UFO/Alien songs
Mexican UFO video
Tidying things up

United Kingdom News:

[UK 1] Alien Experiences wanted for TV documentary
[UK 2] UFO's & Kent 'F.T.' response from European Parliament
[UK 3] Hot Stuff
[UK 4] Puzzle over mystery light at Dedridge
[UK 5] Gobsmacked by Dedridge light
[UK 6] UFO attacked our nukes
[UK 7] Must fly! Aliens are after me
[UK 8] What the aliens told the equerry about Prince Philip
[UK 9] White suited figure - ghost or alien

World News:

[W 1] Pilot: UFO wasn't weather balloon
[W 2] Authorities baffled by stringy UFOs
[W 3] Scientists close universe age gap
[W 4] CIA Black Budget revealed, first time ever
[W 5] Mars Global Surveyor to resume aerobraking
[W 6] The invasion is over - now we're waiting for the screaming!
[W 7] Heaven's Gate suicide site on the market
[W 8] Company offers trips into space in 3-5 years
[W 9] Mars Pathfinder winds down after phenomenal mission



By D. Lynne Bishop

Ballad Of The Greys



UK.UFO.NW IRC guests

We are very proud to announce that the below are confirmed guests on
our IRC UFO channel:

Dan Sherman - Project Preserve Destiny
Graham W. Birdsall - world respected ufologist, lecturer and editor of
UFO Magazine.

Full details will be posted in the near future.

UFO/Alien songs.

We are on the look out for songs about our favourite subject UFOs
and Aliens. Are you aware of any? If so please send us the song name,
artist and album. Also the words to any related song if possible.
Have you written any related songs or poetry yourself. Please send
the words into us.

There are three songs that we are aware of. 'Ballad of the Greys' by
Dana Ray band. You will find the words to this ballad towards the
end of the e-zine. 'Chupacabra' by an unknown group. It came to my
attention that the group Hot Chocolate had a sighting some years ago
and made a record about it. The song is called 'No Doubt About It'.
I recently found this song amongst my wifes collection and sure
enough it does describe an encounter.

Both songs 'Ballad of the Greys' and 'Chupacabra' can be downloaded
from the Art Bell web site and UK.UFO.NW home page. They are both in
the Real Audio format.

http://www.holodeck.demon.co.uk/    (select the Real Audio button)

Mexican UFO video

>From the comments we have been receiving most of you have had no
problems in downloading the Real Audio/Video file. However a handful
did report problems. Anomalies such as 'link does not exist', 'file
not available for download' or most common a screen full of strange
characters. The link is obviously correct because I and many of you
have successfully downloaded it without problems.  Our web site
counter jumped enormously during the week after the announcement. So
it could just be that to many people were trying to download it at
the same time.

However if you are still having problems we are prepared to send you
the file as an e-mail attachment. Please bare in mind that the file
size is 284kb and should download to you reasonably quickly. As we
stated before the video sequence has lost some of it's clarity
compared with the original AVI file. However unless you are doing
serious study the reduced file size all-but makes up for this. The
original AVI file was 4.5mb in size.

If you would like the file e-mailed to you send to:


with: 'REQUEST MEXICAN VIDEO' in the subject line.

The file requires 'Real Player' ver. 4 or above to view it. This
program is free to download for various computer systems from:

The Mexican Real Audio/Video file can still be downloaded from the
link at: http://www.holodeck.demon.co.uk/

Tidying things up

Every time the e-zine gets posted out we have quite a few
bounced/returned mails stating that the e-zine could not be
delivered. One of the main reasons seems to be 'user not known'.
Usually this means that a person has made a mistake in their
subscription e-mail address or that the address no longer exists.

We are slowly going through a stage of tidying up our subscribers e-
mail list. If an error occurs whereby you receive a message saying
that you have been unsubscribed or you do not receive a copy of the
e-zine for some weeks please resubscribe.

United Kingdom News

[UK 1]******

Source: Channel 4 (UK) teletext

Alien Experiences wanted for TV documentary

(Channel 4 is the UK's 4th largest terrestrial television station)

Channel 4 is producing a major documentary series. We would like to
hear from you if you have ever had an Alien Experience.

Call on 0171 284 1469

[UK 2]******

Source: UFO Magazine (UK)
Publish Date: November/December 1997
Url: http://www.ufomag.co.uk

UFOs & Kent 'F.T.' response from European Parliament

Chris Rolfe, whose group UFOMEK (UFO Monitors East Kent),
investigated the major 'flying triangle' incident in early March
which appeared near the residence of Michael Howard, MP. the former
Home Secretary, persuaded Mark F. Watts and Anthony Wilson, members
of the European Parliament, to raise this and other issues with the
European Commission.

Anthony Wilson raised two question: "Does the Commission acknowledge
that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is the most likely explanation
for a number of unidentified craft?

"Does the Commission acknowledge that European airspace has been
penetrated on several occasions by unidentified craft whose
performance characterises, such flight and manoeuvrability, far
exceed state-of-the-art aircraft design?

Mark Watts asked: " Is the Commision aware of reports on both the
Folkstone Herald and Adscene in early March, concerning sightings of
unidentified flying objects in the Donkey Street area of Burmarsh,
close to the home of Michael Howard MP and the ruins of Lympne
Castle? Eye witnesses described the objects as triangular-shaped
crafts ringed with bright lights. I am concerned at possible danger
to Mr Howard and Lympne Castle and anxiuos to ensure that these well-
known ruins are protected from hazards of unknown origin. Does the
Commission have any evidence of extraterrestrial activity in this
area or in the English Channel?"

A reply was forthcoming by Mr Neil Kinnock, one behalf of the
Commission: "In the performance of its duties under the Treaties,
the Commission does not acquire information of the kind requested. It
is therefore unable to answer the question."

[UK 3]

Source: The People newspaper
Publish Date: Sunday 2nd November 1997

Hot Stuff

By Heather King

Rising star Debbie Flett is enough to send any poor alien's pulsar

The 24-year-old face of Richard Branson's Virgin company has now
turned galactic cracker.

Debbie dressed to kill for the front cover of the November issues of
men's magazine 'Stuff'.

And the gorgeous model was armed and dangerous as she illustrated a
feature about scientists on the trail od UFOs.

Stuff staff voted Debbie their ideal alien babe and one member said:
"She can enter our atmosphere any time - but for most of us she
could have come from another planet."

Debbie, from New Malden, Surrey, made her name as a hostess with
Bruce Forsyth's game show Play Your Cards Right.

She was later plucked from thousands to become the face of Virgin.

But even if she keeps her feet on the ground it certainly looks as
if her career is out of this world.

uk.ufo.nw says: 'Stuff' magazine and the UFO feature is now
available from UK stores.

[UK 4]

Source: Herald & Post newspaper
Publish Date: 16th October 1997
From: Vadir

Puzzle over mystery light at Dedridge

A livingston woman froze with terror after spotting a strange light
coming from the sky in Nigel Rise, Dedridge, just after midnight on

"I've never seen anything like it," said the 31-year-old-, who
prefers not to be named. "People have told me that it must have been
a laser light, but you don't get laser lights that wide - it lit up
the whole side of the house in front of me."

The woman told the Herald & Post that the blue light, which appeared
to be coming out of the sky from the direction of the TA centre at
Dedridge, reminded her of someone using welding gear.

"It definitely wasn't lightning, but it came on and went off a
couple of times," she added. "Strangely, two planes came over the sky
at different times and each time the planes were there the light went

Now the woman is looking to hear from anyone else who may have seen
the light at the same time.

If you have spotted the strange light, contact the Herald & Post at
(UK) 01506 634436. Don't forget us here at UK.UFO.NW

[UK 5]

Source: Herald & Post newspaper
Publish Date: 23rd October 1997
From: Vadir

Gobsmacked by Dedridge light

An Eliburn woman has reported seeing the strange light which was
spotted above Dedridge last week.

"I was gobsmacked," said the 27-year-old mum of one, who asked not
to be named.

"When I read the article in last weeks Herald & Post I told my
husband - "that's what I saw!"

The woman said she spotted the light about 4.30pm while walking
across the footbridge between Ladywell and Craigshill.

"I do a bit of star gazine," she added, "and I know for a fact that
it wasn't a satellite, although it did look a bit like one.

"It was very slow moving in the sky and was about the size of a

"It had a very subtle blue light and reminded me of Trebor mints.

"It looked like it was straight above Dedridge.

"I stood there for a couple of minutes watching it."

[UK 6]******

Source: The People newspaper
Date: 2nd November 1997

UFO attacked our nukes

Britain's former military supremo is asking the government to
investigate whether aliens fired laser beams at our nuclear arsenal.
Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton, retired Chief of the Defence
staff, wants the probe to be launched into the sighting of a UFO
hovering over RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk. He has now tabled questions
to the Ministry of Defence asking whether nuclear weapons stored at
Woodbridge were struck by light beams fired from an unidentified

He claims that US Air Force personnel who saw the "attack" filed
reports which are being covered up by the MoD.

He said: "The Ministry has doggedly denied that anything untoward
happened and I simply can't believe them." Defence minister Lord
Gilbert refused to confirm or deny whether the base was equipped
with nuclear missiles.

He added: "There is no evidence to suggest that the Ministry of
Defence received any such reports."

The mysterious sighting happened in December 1980 and was picked up
on RAF radar. Phantom jet were scrambled and pilots reported intense,
bright lights in the sky.

[UK 7]******

Source: News Of The World newspaper
Publish Date: 26th October 1997
From: Calb1701@aol.com

Must fly! Aliens are after me

A SCREAMIN man who believed aliens were about to abduct him tried to
open a plane door and get off at 30,000ft.  Passengers gaped in
horror, as he struggled with handles to-escape.

British Airways crew members quickly realised he had failed to take
prescribed medication and was halluncinating.

Stewardess Susan Harwood calmed him by  pretending to be a nurse
after hearing he had recently had a coronary by-pass operation in
Brisyol. She coxed him away from the door and led him gently to his
"ward" - the crew's rest area.

Keeping up her act, Susan opened the plane's first aid box and took
his blood pressure.  Then she persuaded him to rest in his hospital
bed- three seats with the arm-rest rasied.

Susan's clever ploy helped avoid a diversion to Moscow for Flight
BA26 from Hong Kong to London. She said: "He was convinced he even
called me matron."

[UK 8]******

Source: Sunday Times newspaper
Publish Date: Sunday 2nd November 1998
From: "Brian Straight" <briansxx@gte.net>

What the aliens told the equerry about Prince Philip

by Hugh McManners and Walter Ellis

WHAT would you do if you were an alien observer keen to establish
contact at the highest level with the British Establishment?

You might attempt to reach the prime minister  but it's so hard to
get through. The same would apply to the Foreign Office, the defence
ministry and the intelligence services. Most likely, they would have
you thrown out or locked up.

Janus, an interstellar emissary assigned to the British beat, decided
to go for broke: he would arrange an audience with the Duke of

Thus it was, on a damp and misty evening, in the winter of 1954, that
Squadron Leader Peter Horsley, equerry to Prince Philip, found
himself driving out of the main gates of Buckingham Palace on his way
to the strangest, and most unearthly, en

A meeting had been arranged by a general for him to meet a Mrs
Markham in a flat in Smith Street, Chelsea. The squadron leader was
expecting little more than sherry and biscuits.

What he got, he said last week, was an introduction to man's destiny
in the stars and a briefing on the supreme being, the Great Force,
who commands the universe.

Had such a claim appeared in the National Enquirer or the Daily
Sport, it could readily have been dismissed. In fact, it came from
Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, former deputy commander-in-chief of
Strike Command, whose memoirs, Sounds From An

"Prince Philip," said the stranger, "is a man of great vision, a
person of world renown and a leader in the realm of wildlife and the

He is a man who believes strongly in the proper relationship between
man and nature, which will prove of great importance in future
galactic harmony."

Horsley  destined to be in charge of sending British nuclear bombers
on missions deep inside the former Soviet Union in the event of war
realised he had to tread warily. Janus, fortunately, understood this
as well.

"Where would you like to start?" he asked.

Many would have wished to begin by taking a better look at this
mysterious stranger from the other side of the galaxy. Not Horsley.

"It is difficult," he writes, "to describe him with any accuracy; the
room was poorly lit by two standard lamps and for the most part he
sat in a deep chair by the side of a not very generous fire.

"In fact, I never really got any physical impression of him."

Tall, thin, short, fat, grey, white or green: Horsley does not
recall. Instead, no doubt aware that such an opportunity might not
come again, he pressed straight in with his questions.

"As an airman," he began, "one of the difficulties I have with the
idea that UFOs fly here from another planet is the vast distances

Quite so. "That's a good start," his visitor replied, before
launching into a long disquisition on the reality of interstellar

Apparently, in the next century or so, mankind will become bored
with its exploration of the solar system and press on into deep
space, employing technology that bends the time-space continuum and
enables us to travel 1,000 light years in (rel

The future air marshal was understandably intrigued  not least by
his realisation that Janus was telepathic and could read his

The conversation ranged far and wide, ranging from Genesis and the
Pyramids to the prospect of a universe teeming with life forms, all
owing allegiance to the Great Force.

Horsley remembers the encounter with total recall and noted it down
in a report to his superiors. What they made of his tale is not

But ever since, the retired air marshal, author of the Journal of a
Stamp Collector and holder of the Portuguese Order of Christ, has
been "at intellectual peace with the concept of God as a universal
spiritual force without shape or habitat,

As for Prince Philip, Horsley left the Smith Square flat and made no
attempt to pass on the extra-terrestrial invitation to his royal

When he later returned to the flat it was empty, and he never saw
Janus again.

He thought no more about it  until now. "I was aged 33, very busy
and had to get on with my job. So that's what I did."

[UK 9]******

From: duncan@life.com

White suited figure - ghost or alien

My friend Joan and I came across something bizarre whilst traveling
along the Fleet Road towards Aldershot at lunchtime on 25th February
1997. We had taken a short cut down Claycart Road and suddenly
caught sight of a figure running through the trees on our left.

The figure was running incredibly fast and at first we both thought
it was a ghost.

However as we drew level, we could see it was a figure dressed in a
tight white fitting suit. It then darted right infront of the car
and ran across the road. At this point in the road there was a hump -
the figure disappeared under the hump via a tunnel by the side of the

By now, Joan and I were terrified, and just wanted to get the hell
out of there.

After the incident, Joan and I asked several locals what they knew
of the area, and were surprised to hear that sightings of these white
suited beings were very common. They also informed us that soldiers
from a nearby army compound regularly cordon off the area without
warning to prevent public access.

Our only conclusion is that the white-suited beings are aliens, as
nothing human could ever run that fast, and that the military are
aware of their presence.

Joan and Nikki, Aldershot

World News

[W 1]******

From: kondor@kondor.demon.co.uk


An unidentified object narrowly missed a SWISSAIR Boeing 747 while
the aircraft was at 23,000 feet, passing in air space between
Philadelphia and New York, on Aug 9, Swiss radio reported this
morning.  Major newswires are taking the story and moving it.  The
pilot described the object, which passed within 50 yards of the
aircraft, as "white, elongated and without wings," and strongly
rejected U.S. explanations that the object was a weather balloon, the
radio report said.  The object was moving at very high speeds,
Swissair spokesman Erwin Schaerer tells the NTSB.  The plane was
Zurich-bound, from Philadelphia.  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE is reporting
that there may be passenger witnesses to the incident...

[W 2]******

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Publish Date: 22nd September 1997
From: kondor@kondor.demon.co.uk


Santa Cruz--

Just what were those stringy, spider-web like strands drifting
throughout the skies of Santa Cruz County yesterday? Authorities
were baffled as speculation varied wildly on the source of the
unidentified floating objects spotted from Felton to Watsonville.

"From a meteorological perspective, I cant explain it." National
Weather Service forecaster Bob Benjamin said.

No major fires were reported that could spread debris in such a
widespread area.

Robert Franklin, airport operator at the Watsonville airport
said....the strands were about 3 feet long, and faced every which
way. "Its like you took a piece of wet chewing gum and stretched it
with your fingers. It had strands," Franklin said. "Then it went
straight up into the sky like a hot air balloon."

Santa Cruz sheriff's Sergeant Craig Wilson saw a few strands near
downtown Santa Cruz and identified them as seed pods.  ".....I'm not
a botanist. But that's what they look like ," Wilson said.

...Could it have been related to El Nino, the much-hyped weather
phenomenon expected to mess up the climate world-wide?  Bob Benjamin
(of the national Weather Service) said no, but "sure, go for it.
Everything else has been blamed for it."

[W 3]******

Source: Washington (Reuter)
Date: 3rd October 1997
From: kondor@kondor.demon.co.uk

Scientists close universe age gap

U.S. astronomers said Friday they were helping to close one of the
most troublesome age gaps of all time -- the discrepancy between the
age of the universe and the stars in it.

Many of the measurements taken by scientists indicate that some of
the oldest and most distant stars are actually older than the
universe -- something obviously impossible and extremely irritating
to cosmologists.

Physicists at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio said they had
come close to sorting out the problem using measurements from the
European Space Agency's Hipparcos satellite.

They say these distant globular clusters, once thought to be as old
as 15 billion years, are 11.5 billion years old. They are also
farther away than experts once believed.

This fits in with estimates made in February by European scientists.
"If the stars in the globular clusters are actually farther away than
we thought, they must also be brighter than we thought," said
Lawrence Krauss, who led the research.

"If brighter, the stars are burning faster. This means the stars
would evolve more quickly, and thus the globular clusters would be
younger than we originally thought."

Age and distance of such stars tell physicists how fast the universe
is expanding.  This, in turn, tells them how long ago the Big Bang
that started everything was, and gives hints as to whether the
universe will keep on expanding forever, will eventually flatten out
and stop, or implode back in a Big Crunch.

Krauss said the latest measurements pointed to a flat universe.

-[continued in part 2]-

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