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{84} part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {84} part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                                 Nov 8th, 1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 2 Issue 84
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
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[W 4]******

Source: Washington (Reuters)
From: kondor@kondor.demon.co.uk

CIA Black Budget revealed, first time ever

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government  Wednesday unveiled for
the first time its annual spending on the CIA and sister intelligence
agencies, a secret for 50 years.

"The aggregate amount appropriated for intelligence and
intelligence-related activities for fiscal year 1997 is $26.6
billion,'' CIA Director George Tenet disclosed in response to a
Freedom of Information lawsuit that left scant choice but
declassification of the figure.

The disclosure of the so-called Black Budget capped a heated
political debate involving Congress, the White House and directors
of central intelligence for the past 20 years.

In making public the overall intelligence budget figure for the
fiscal year ended Sept. 30, Tenet said he had acted after consulting
President Clinton and appropriate agencies.

In April 1996, the White House said Clinton had determined that
making the sum public would not harm U.S. intelligence activities, a
stance shared by then-CIA director John Deutch.

Clinton made clear at the time, however, that he wanted to declassify
the total in concert with Congress, apparently to share any backlash
from critics who might otherwise accuse him of undermining national

The Republican-led House  and Senate had refused to join Clinton in
the maneuver on the ground that Congress did not rightly have the
power to declassify and that this was a responsibility for the
administration alone.

In a statement, Tenet said the circumstances of the Freedom of
Information Act lawsuit "do not allow for joint action'' with the
Congress, as Clinton would have preferred.

"We believe this action is appropriate because it does not jeopardize
the ability of our intelligence agencies to carry out their missions
and serves to inform the American people,'' he said.

The lawsuit was brought by the Center for National Security Studies,
a Washington group seeking greater intelligence agency
accountability, on behalf of Steven Aftergood, director of the
Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy.

"This is a long-overdue reform,'' Aftergood said in a telephone
interview. "Significantly, it took a lawsuit to accomplish this.
Congressional oversight couldn't get it done.''

Kate Martin, counsel in the case and director of the Center for
National Security Studies, said the CIA had been forced to unveil
the budget figure Wednesday because it could no longer defend
withholding it.

"Only because the CIA was required to present its defense to the
court today has it released the figure,'' she said. The annual
spending total had been kept secret since the CIA was founded 50
years ago.

Tenet runs the Central Intelligence Agency and serves as board
chairman for the 12 other U.S. spy outfits whose aggregate funding
level was at issue, including the Defense Intelligence Agency,
National Security Agency and National Reconnaissance Office.

In his statement, Tenet stopped short of promising to continue to
release annual combined totals for intelligence spending, most of
which is buried in secret Pentagon accounts.

"Disclosure of future aggregate figures will be considered only
after determining whether such disclosures could cause harm to the
national security by showing trends over time,'' he said.

Executive branch officials would continue to protect from disclosure
"any and all subsidiary information concerning the intelligence
budget, whether the information concerns particular intelligence
agencies or particular intelligence programs,'' Tenet added. "In
other words, the administration intends to draw a firm line at the
top-line, aggregate figure.''

The overall level of U.S. intelligence spending has long been
considered one of Washington's worst-kept secrets, widely estimated
at $28 billion to $30 billion. A few years ago, a House panel
published the figure inadvertantly.

[W 5]******

Source: Nasa press release
Date: 30th October 1997

Uk.ufo.nw says: See last issue of e-zine {83} - [W 9] & [W 10]


(edited for length)

After a two-week hiatus, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) flight
team will resume lowering the spacecraft's orbit around Mars
beginning Nov. 7.  The effort will proceed at a more gradual pace
than before, which will extend the mission's aerobraking phase by
several months, and will change Global Surveyor's final science
mapping orbit.

The decision to resume aerobraking came after intensive engineering
analysis, computer simulations and tests with representative
hardware to characterize the current condition of one of the
spacecraft's two solar panels, which began to flex more than
expected during the spacecraft's lowest dip into the Martian
atmosphere on Oct. 6.

"After sufficient time to study the observed motion, we concluded
that it is possible to perform additional aerobraking at a slower
rate, without putting undue stress on the solar panel in question,"
said Glenn E. Cunningham, Mars Global Surveyor mission manager at
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, CA.  "This changes
Mars Global Surveyor's final mapping orbit, but it should not have a
significant impact on the ability of Global Surveyor to accomplish
the mission science objectives."

The spacecraft is currently in a 35-hour elliptical orbit which
brings it 107 miles (172 kilometers) above the surface of Mars at
its closest approach to the planet.

"There are several types of desirable orbits for us to consider in
the next several weeks that will give us global coverage of the
planet and yield all of the science data we expected to return,"
Cunningham said.

Even if we wind up in an elliptical orbit, we will have an
opportunity to study Mars at closer range than we originally planned
because the spacecraft's periapsis -- or closest passage over Mars
-- will be closer than the 234-mile (378-kilometer) circular orbit
that was to be its original mapping distance."

A new color image from the MGS Mars Orbiter Camera of the giant
volcano Olympus Mons is available on the Internet at the following


Additional information about the Mars Global Surveyor mission is
available on the World Wide Web by accessing JPL's Mars news site at


or the Global Surveyor project home page at URL:


[W 6]******

Source: The People newspaper
Date: 2nd November 1997

The invasion is over - now we're waiting for the screaming!

The silent invasion has begun. Former military intelligence operative
Philip Imbrogno claims he has the evidence. Drawing on his contacts
in the CIA and US Air Force the has built up a terrifying dossier of
alien abductions. He has researched the claims of thousands of
people. Today Matthew Benn's presents their terrifying testimony.

George and Maria have a daughter who is almost two. One day she
brought out her doll and asked her mum to open its head.

Maria asked her where she had seen something like that and the
little girl told her mother: "they do it too daddy at night."

George and Maria are not alone. Thousands claim to have been
abducted by aliens.

When scientific researcher Philip Imbrogno began to talk to the
worried couple be discovered a chain of events that he believes will
stun the world.

Imbrogno served with US Special Forces in Cambodia on a secret CIA
operation called Shadow. He used his CIA contacts to verify George
and Maria's story.

Then he followed up more people who claimed to have been kidnapped
by aliens.

Imbrogno discovered several chilling similarities.

Most terrifying of all was that almost every one of these people
shared the same rare blood group.

Imbrogno placed the abductions on a map and found they all formed
straight lines that pointed to the Hudson Valley outside New York. A
CIA former colleague told him: "the invasion is over. All we are
waiting for is the screaming."

Imbrogno believes those screens will start where the UFOs were first
spotted in the towns along the Hudson Valley.

The alien invasion had begun quietly. Middle school head Douglas
Harlow arrived at his office to find that every clock in the school
was 10 minutes fast.

"I couldn't figure it out," said Harlow.

But it was not just the school clocks. Every electric clock in the
town had gained 10 minutes. A spokesman for the Conneticut Light and
Power Company blamed a power surge - even though shift supervisor
Philip Gervais said there had been no surge.

Then the witnesses came forward. Mrs Diane Duont, 40, was driving
her car when she saw a large boomerang pattern of lights slowly
moving through the night sky.

She said: "I watched as these lights approached and I was surprised
that I heard no sound at all.

"The object then passed directly over my car and as I looked up I
saw a dark mass blocking out the brighter night sky."

Police and the local radio station were deluged with reports of the
slow moving flying wing with white and red lights.

Arnold Sprinster said the giant triangular shape was the size of a
football pitch and took 10 minutes to pass over his car.

"It looked like one of the space ships in the science fiction movies
but this was real."

Local police chief  Herbert Peterson said: "if this thing can come
here and do this, I want to know where the hell are our country's

But Imbrogno believes it is too late to worry about defences - the
aliens are already here.

Imbrogno began his search for evidence by calling a general meeting
in a valley town called Pine Bush.

He asked people to write down any experience they had with UFOs.

He was stunned. 40 percent of the people in the room had been in
contact with aliens.

George and Maria are so used to the night time visits from alien
creatures that when they appear Maria tells her husband: "your
friends are here."

Bill, a 32 years old computer programmer who would not give his
surname, saw the giant UFO in the Hudson Valley as he drove home
from work late at night. He saw the space ship pass over his car but
remembered nothing else about the incident until he had hypnosis.

Bill relieved the ordeal. "There is someone standing in the road and
he's walking towards the car. Who are you?"

The alien replied: "Do not be fearful. We need you. You have been

Bill said: "I feel strange, like I am floating in air. It's all
dark. I am now on this table and these guys are all around me.

"They have large heads with long black eyes, the eyes are so black I
can't see any pupils. They look like shark eyes.

"The one that is near my head is moving some type of thing up and
down the side of my head. It looks like a portable vacuum cleaner.

"He is moving it closer and it is making my head vibrate, it feels
like a drill going through my head. STOP, STOP, IT HURTS.

"They are looking for something and they've found it. I can't hear
them speak, but I know what they are saying.

"He is telling me that they come from a place which is very ugly in
comparison to ours and they would like to live here but they

The next thing Bill recalls is finding himself back in his car one
hour later than the last time he looked at his clock.

A CIA source told Imbrogno that an alien craft landed at a US
military base shortly after the Second World War.

The aliens were dying out and needed humans to infuse fresh genetic
material into their species. They offered new technology in return.

The US government allowed the grey aliens to abduct people for
genetic experiments.

Imbrogno took blood tests from people who claim to have been

The outcome astonished him - 95% had the rare B-negative blood type.

The said: "people with B-negative blood may be off-shoots of the
hybrid race that the aliens are trying to create."

If that is true, the silent invasion has begun.

Contact Of The 5th Kind by Phillip J Imbrogno and Marrianne Horrigan
published by Llewellyn at 7 pounds and 99 pence.

[W 7]******

Source: CNN
Date: 29th September 1997

Heaven's Gate suicide site on the market

Anyone wanting to purchase the home where 39 members of the Heaven's
Gate cult committed suicide six months ago must put in a bid within
two weeks, says a California real estate agent selling the home.

Realtor Burt Sveine said the home, located in a posh San Diego
neighbourhood, is being offered on a sealed-bid-only basis, with all
offers due by October 14. "Come and see your perception of the new
'Heaven's Gate' estate," says a flier about the sale of the sprawling
home where members of the sect committed suicide in March for what
they hoped would be a rendezvous with a UFO trailing Comet Hale-Bopp.

The nine-bedroom, seven-bathroom estate -- complete with swimming
pool, tennis courts, putting green, sauna and elevator -- is worth
about $2.2 million to $2.5 million, Sveine said.

The flier adds, "This property is being sold with the 'movie rights'
passing to the new owner and in 'as is' condition and status."

For those interested, Sveine can be reached at 1-888-2- HEAVEN.
Sveine represents owner Sam Koutchesfahani, who rented the home to
the cult.

[W 8]******

Source: New York Times
Date: 14th October 1997

Company offers trips into space in 3-5 years


{edited for length)

The Halloween season is usually a time of heightened UFO sightings
and tales of UFO abductions. But if Mike McDowell has his way, some
future UFO sightings will be readily identifiable, modern spaceships
operating under the banner of his company, Space Adventures.

Inside will be well-heeled Earthlings paying upwards of $100,000 for
a chance to take a suborbital flight into space on the ultimate
adventure travel trip. "It's three to five years away," McDowell

As president of the recently formed Space Adventures, McDowell is
the first entrepreneur to offer immediately available simulated
adventures in space and the prospect of suborbital flight. He's so
confident that he's taking $6,000 deposits on a first-come,
first-served basis -- money that will be held in escrow accounts.

McDowell figures, admits that "it will probably cost them $75,000 to
$100,000 each."

Before anyone dismisses McDowell as a dreamer, consider his
background. As founder of Quark Expeditions, the Australian-born
McDowell pioneered travel through the Arctic and Antarctica on
polar-class icebreakers.

He's also a partner in Adventure Network International, the only
private company offering air flights in Antarctica.

A man who has climbed Mount Everest, dog-sledded to the North Pole
and skied across 400 miles of Antarctica, the amateur climber, diver
and small aircraft pilot personifies the adventurous spirit.

McDowell's partner in Space Adventures is Gloria Bohan, the founder
and president of Omega World Travel, the ninth-largest travel agency
in the United States, according to Business Travel News.

The company's advisory board includes Dr. Suzanne Churchill of
Harvard Medical School, Dr. Giovanni Fazio of the Harvard
Smithsonian Observatory and four astronauts: Captain Robert L. "Hoot"
Gibson, Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg, Dr. Charlie Walker and Dr. Owen

"These guys all want to go back themselves," McDowell explains. But
since five years is a relatively long time to wait, and $75,000 to
$100,000 a considerable sum for most Earthlings, Space Adventures
has alternative adventures as well.

First, there are "Terrestrial Tours," a series of programs that
start as low as $750 per person and are designed to give an insider's
perspective on space science. They include Rocket Scientist
Training, where participants design, build and launch a 10-foot-tall
rocket; a Space Camp Adventure at Rocket City in Huntsville, Ala.,
for amateurs to train for a simulated space shuttle mission; and a
Star City Russia Tour, for those who would like to train as a
cosmonaut in the space station Soyuz.

Then there are "Zero G Flights," zero gravity flights in an
Ilyushin- 76, a Russian-made four-engine jet aircraft.

NASA has trained its astronauts for years in similar aircraft to
achieve zero gravity, and Ron Howard used this type of aircraft to
film the weightless scenes of his movie Apollo 13.

"The only way you can produce weightlessness on Earth is with one of
these aircraft," McDowell explains. "Basically, you follow a
roller-coaster profile, making parabolic passes. You're weightless
for up to 30 seconds at a time, and ideally you can do this 15 or 20
times on a flight."

The price starts at $5,500 per person, with air fare and
accommodations extra. Finally, the closest thing to space flight for
civilians these days is Space Adventures' "Journeys to the Edge of
Space." One lucky soul accompanies a pilot in a two-seater Russian
MiG-25 military jet for the ride.

For example, while the Concorde goes as high as 50,000 feet, the
MiG- 25 goes over 70,000 feet. It uses afterburners to stand on its
tail and reach a point where 99 percent of the Earth's atmosphere is
below the aircraft. Ahead of pilot and passenger is the black,
star-studded sky.

"It's like being in a rocket," McDowell says, "but without the
discomfort." Except, perhaps, on the wallet. These flights, on which
McDowell says the pilot often lets the passenger take the controls,
start at $11,900 per person and leave from Zhukovsky Air Field
outside Moscow.

"There are plenty of people out there who have a heartburning desire
to go into space," McDowell says. "And it's a great thing to tell
your friends."

For more information, contact Space Adventures, 9411 Lee Highway,
Suite J, Circle Towers, Fairfax, Va. 22031; call 888-85-SPACE; or
access http://www.spaceadventures.com on the Internet.

[W 9]******

Source: Nasa press release
Date: 4th November 1997


After operating on the surface of Mars three times longer than
expected and returning a tremendous amount of new information about
the red planet, NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission is winding down.

Flight operators at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA,
made the announcement today after attempting to reestablish
communications with the spacecraft over the last month. With
depletion of the spacecraft's main battery and no success in
contacting Mars Pathfinder via its main or secondary transmitters,
the flight team cannot command the spacecraft or the small rover
named Sojourner that had been roving about the landing site and
studying rocks.

"We concede that the likelihood of hearing from the spacecraft again
diminishes with each day," said Pathfinder Project Manager Brian
Muirhead. "We will scale back our efforts to reestablish contact but
not give up entirely.

"Given that, and the fact that Pathfinder is the first of several
missions to Mars, we'll say 'see you later' instead of saying
goodbye," he said.

Since its landing on July 4, 1997, Mars Pathfinder has returned 2.6
billion bits of information, including more than 16,000 images from
the lander and 550 images from the rover, as well as more than 15
chemical analyses of rocks and extensive data on winds and other
weather factors. The only remaining objective was to complete the
high-resolution 360-degree image of the landing site called the
"Super Pan," of which 83 percent has already been received and is
being processed. The last successful data transmission cycle from
Pathfinder was completed at 3:23 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Sept.
27, which was Sol 83 of the mission.

The team plans to continue sending commands and listening for a
spacecraft signal on a less frequent basis.

"Basically we are shifting to a contingency strategy of sending
commands to the lander only periodically, perhaps once a week or once
per month," said Mission Manager Richard Cook. "Normal mission
operations are over, but there is still a small chance of
reestablishing a link, so we'll keep trying at a very low level."




By D. Lynne Bishop

A FEARFUL SYMMETRY Copyright 1995 by D. Lynne Bishop

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or
otherwise without prior permission of the publisher, except by a
reviewer who may quote brief passages.

First Printing September 1995

Printed in the United States of America





At the conclusion of the hypnosis session, I found myself both
amazed and shocked by the information recovered. It was very
unsettling to discover that an encounter with the "unknown"-- and
possibly unknowable--had happened to me as early as the age of four.
The two events--one at ten years old, and one at four--had been so
different in nature from the ones occurring in my teens. Through
regression, I had come into contact with the child I had been, and
had relived those events. As I recalled them during the session, I
had even spoken differently--more childlike, and with a child's
wonder at the strangeness of the universe.

The trip home from Springfield was uneventful, although we had got
into the habit of checking our watches periodically, to make sure we
were not "missing time" anywhere along the way. Even though we
laughed at ourselves for doing it, we still would catch each other
surreptitiously glancing at the clock in the car. We felt compelled
to make "reality checks" every so often--and often wondered
sardonically which reality we were checking on.

I had finally entered the "gray area" on my map to the new world I
was inhabiting. I had accepted the gauntlet that had been thrown at
me, and now found myself dueling with conflicting struggles. One side
indicated that these aliens truly existed and that what I had seen
and recalled were true events--and the alternative indicated I was
dealing with imaginal events made real. And, in a very real sense, I
no longer knew which world I belonged to. I was straddling a fence,
waiting for something to push me over into the thorny brush of one
side or the other.

On August 3, I visited with my sister, and gave her a brief rundown
on what had transpired at my last session. She startled me by
saying, "Do you want to know why I knew something strange had
happened down at your horse-tree?" I wasn't about to say, "No," so I
asked her what she had in mind, and she replied, "When I saw you at
the tree, you were glowing blue." I had no answer for this, but my
life was becoming stranger by the minute! I told my sister about my
encounter at four years old, and described the pajamas I had been
wearing during the experience. My sister reminded me that we still
had some old family photographs, and perhaps something from that era
would be among them. Like children on an Easter egg hunt, we searched
through the old albums, finally coming across some "glossies" dating
around 1957. There, in a portrait taken of my brother, sister, and
me, was the very pair of pajamas I had seen in my memory!

-[continued in part 3]-

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