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Re: {84} part 3 - United Kingdom UFO Network

From: United Kingdom UFO Network <ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 20:39:05 +0000
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Subject: Re: {84} part 3 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                                 Nov 8th, 1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 3 Issue 84
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
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On the day of my session, my sister and brother had taken a metal
detector down to the tree near the pond, where I had played with my
horse figurines so many years ago. The tree's roots had become
gnarled with time, and digging in the rocky ground was a daunting
task. However, they had completely circumnavigated the tree, and
found several old nails and wire, and one unusual rock. With just a
little imagination, you could almost discern the outline of a saucer-
shaped craft caused by the natural striations of the stone. It was
almost as if Nature, itself, was laughing.

I wrote John to fill him in on the latest information my sister had
supplied, and through correspondence found that there would be a
public meeting on August 14. At this meeting, he would be presenting
a slide show of several of the drawings which had been made by
numerous persons who had been affected by the alien abduction
phenomenon. My husband and I decided to attend this meeting. I was
very curious about what other people had reported seeing, and was
intrigued as to whether there would be any similarities to my

The evening of August 14 arrived, and we again made the trip to
Springfield. I was excited, and also nervous as the lights were
turned down, and the presentation began. An expectant hush fell over
the crowded room. As the first drawing flashed on the screen, I knew
my fence- straddling days were beginning to draw to a close. It was
an eerie feeling, watching face after face appear, all drawn by
different hands--and all depicting the same nonhuman creature-- time
after time.

Shortly after the presentation, my sister and mother had an
experience that left them shaking. Since first looking into the
missing-time event back in April, I had been noticing odd happenings.
They were just vague premonitions that things were occurring--things
that I just couldn't quite put my finger on, but knew were happening,
somehow. I had awakened many mornings to find bruises on my arms and
legs that weren't present the day or night before, and that couldn't
be accounted for in the glaring reality of daylight. I had lucid
dreams on an almost regular basis, and many of them contained
elements of alien abduction scenarios. Still, while interesting, and
somewhat thought-provoking, there was nothing that I could really
declare to be alien phenomenon occurring in my present life. Then, my
sister and mother shared what appeared to be a common "dream" one
night--and yet they lived in separate houses.

Mother's "dream" began with her standing by her kitchen sink,
looking out the back window into the wooded area behind her house. As
she watched, a blinding group of lights appeared in formation, white
and red in color. This object drew near her house, and she
immediately had the thought, "Oh, my God! It's a UFO!" With this
realization had come the devastating knowledge that the aliens were
coming for her younger grandson. She somehow knew they had already
taken the older boy previously, and she was frantic with fear for the
safety of the younger one. Without thought for herself, she tore out
of her home, running toward my sister's house, a few hundred feet
away. Ignoring the darkness outside, she ran to save her grandson.
Winded, she finally reached the backdoor to the house, and threw the
door open, bolting inside. With surprise, she noted there were five
"men" standing in the den area. They appeared to be wearing blue
outfits. She recalled weaving among the "men," refusing to look above
their waists, trying to locate her grandson, but having no success.
After an abrupt scene shift, she realized the encounter had taken on
a sexual connotation. A brief lapse of time occurred, and Mother
heard a roaring sound that rattled the house, as the UFO finally

The following day, Mother discovered my sister had also "dreamed"
that night-- about five men wearing blue clothing, who had come from
the hall into her bedroom. It seemed that these "men" had distracted
her while a possible abduction occurred elsewhere.

This event shook up the proverbial apple-cart, and we again
contacted John Carpenter to let him know of their shared "dream," and
a possible shared event of which they had conscious memory. He
requested that they not discuss their memories on these two events
with each other, until sessions could be arranged to explore each of
their conscious recalls on an individual basis. A session was
arranged for my sister, to be held August 23.

On August 20, I felt compelled to mail a letter to the
hypnotherapist. I had recalled a puzzling incident from the distant
past--or actually, several puzzling events- - centering around a
deceased friend of the family. In the past, during times of personal
crisis, I had dreamed of this longtime friend, and had mentioned this
to John Carpenter in the beginning of this "strange journey." An
excerpt from this letter follows:

"You'll recall that I mentioned in the questionnaire I had three
dreams in the past about a deceased friend of the family, who in
these dreams gave me assurances of some kind of continuation after
death. This friend was George Mahon, the City Marshall of a small
town. He had been in police work for most of his adult years, and had
many friends and acquaintances among the State Troopers, FBI, and
various other associated organizations. He and several of his
"buddies" would often drop in on our family during their routine
beats. These visits were both day and night, and we always looked
forward to them.

"Because our father was away so much of the time, George became a
surrogate father for us, and we often sent him Father's Day cards,
as well as sending them to our real father. The caring that he gave
was of inestimable value, and we weren't the only ones who felt that
way toward him. On the day of his funeral, the entire school turned
out, so all the students could attend. There was standing room only,
and not very many dry eyes. His loss was felt by the entire town.

"He was a very special person, and filled many needed roles for many
people, both children and adults. He was highly respected by his
peers, who often sought his advice and assistance.

George always felt very drawn to our and enjoyed the visits with us
as much as we did. The interesting family--thing is that occasionally
George would come by our house, and tell us that 'our house had
disappeared' the night before--that he had driven by on his regular
beat, and could not see the house at all, even though we always left
lights on. We always laughed about it, and joked with him about our
'having gone somewhere', but in retrospect, I think he knew there
was something different about either us or the place, and that was
his way of letting us know."

I had no idea what compelling force was working on me at the time I
mailed the letter to the hypnotherapist, but knew it was important,
somehow, that I let him know. Then, in going through some
memorabilia, I discovered the source of my desire to let John know
about my old friend--August 22 was the date of George's birthday, and
also the anniversary of his death. I felt that in some obscure
manner, I had again been in touch with a friend who had been very
important to me.

The day of my sister's session dawned bright and clear, and my
husband and I drove with my sister to her appointment. She was a
little tense this time. The possibility of an ongoing phenomenon--one
not relegated to the past, but happening in the "here-and-now"-- was

The following excerpts have been taken from the conference with the
hypnotherapist, prior to the induction of hypnotic regression:

John: Tell us about this dream that you and your mom had.
Consciously, what do you remember?

Laura: I'm in my bedroom, and the door opens. A woman comes in and
announces, "These men want to have sex with you." There are five
men, wearing dark blue suits, lined up around the bed, and they all
look the same. I tell them, "But I don't know you," and they say,
"Yes, you do. We've come a long way for this." (What followed was a
natural progression.)

And then, in the morning, Mother came in and she was totally flipped
out. She said, "I've got to tell you about this dream I had last
night!" And then she describes the blue outfits they have on, and I
start thinking, "This is strange. This is a little more strange than
 . . normal."

In fact, it bothered her so much, she wasn't able to work well, that
day. And, see . . . I work for a real estate company--normally, I'm
very handy to my kids--but that day I had gone out to do an
appraisal. A little boy had spent that night with my younger son, and
they got up early and went across the street to play with a new kid
in the area. My older son woke up later, and didn't know where he'd
gone. He got worried and tried to call me, but I was out, so he
called Mother. She was in an important meeting at her place of work,
but she freaked out. She thought maybe "they" had picked up my
younger son and forgot to bring him back home, so she left work
immediately and went home to locate the boys.

John: Why do you think she was so uptight about your younger son?

Laura: Well, we know that my older boy has a hole in his nose . . .
and there's some anxiety there. Mom thought, when she saw the
lights, that they had already gotten her older grandson, but they
weren't going to get her younger one, if she could help it.

I want to tell you another thing, too. I had a really hard time
coping after the last session, because I wanted to deny it all. The
first week was super hard, and then by the second week, I was
starting to come around a little bit. And I finally came to grips
with it, and I believe it now. After examining the facts, I can't
deny it.

John: Okay. Let's hear about this airplane dream, now. (This
referred to a conscious event my sister had recalled, and had written
the hypnotist about previously.)

Laura: Oh. That wasn't a dream. It happened in the late '80's. My
mother and I-- and the kids, I think--were coming back from town.
The grocery store, I think. And just about a mile from our house,
just over the trees came a white airplane with no engine. It was
coming down . . . and I braked immediately, 'cause it was so close I
thought it was gonna fall right on us. Well, when I braked, it kept
on--went across the road still in a decline. I pulled up to get a
better view, and kept inching forward, because I was afraid of being
rear-ended. I thought, "God, we're going to see a biggie here!" But
nothing happened. It just eased on down, like it had found a way to
land under the power lines. And we had a lot of amnesia about it--
couldn't remember what all we had done. I could remember pulling into
someone's driveway and also going to the airport. When we got there,
there were three men refueling . . . and they were kinda strange. I
went inside to talk to the manager, and he acted like it wasn't even

Since the time of the incident, a friend of my older son mentioned
to me that my son had asked him if he'd ever seen a plane crash. His
friend told him, "No," and my son told him that he had once seen a
plane crash when he was in the car, and that he even remembered
numbers on the plane. I have never been able to recall any
identifying numbers at all, though.

John: What does your mother think about this airplane incident?

Laura: She says it's as strange as what happened to her and my
sister (in 1972).

John: Okay. What else was it that you remembered about your sister
burying that little thing by the tree?

Laura: Well, when I was under hypnosis that first time, when I had
looked at my sister down there, she had a glow around her. A
funny-looking glow. It was light blue.

John: Do you remember how long it lasted?

Laura: No . . . not very long. But . . . I have seen . . . uh . . .
"glows" around other people. And I'll tell you about one, but then
no more weird stuff. There was this man one time, and I knew he was
going to die that day, see. And that's why I don't really like this
aura thing. I don't like to tell other people when I see things,
'cause that one weirded me out. He had come to our house that day--he
was a nice old man who was our neighbor, and we had a lot of fun. And
he was "gray." I was a teenager at the time, and I thought, "Oh, he's
getting ready to die." And he died of a massive heart attack that

I'm not saying I'm special . . . It's just that if you're observant,
sometimes, you can see things . . . that anybody can see. It's just
that they don't pay attention to it.

So, anyway, that's why I knew that day at ten, that something
unusual was going on with my sister. Because she had a glow--a light
blue glow.

John: Now, you all took a metal detector down to that tree . . .

Laura: Yeah, and I found a very unusual rock down there. I brought
it here today to show to you. It has kind of an unusual shape to it .
 . (Gave rock to the hypnotist.) I guess you could call this some
comic relief, maybe. (Laugh).

John: Are there any other things you'd like to mention?

Laura: I'm going to tell you the truth. I don't want to see aliens,
like they (mother and sister) all see. I don't want to see the gray
bodies. If I look at 'em, I'm gonna make 'em pretty. I'm gonna give
'em hair . . . But, when you would ask me to stare at their eyes,
under hypnosis, it changes. And then, when I'd glance away, I'd see
what I want to see, again.

One other thing, about the dream Mom and I shared recently. One
Saturday, about 3:00 in the morning, my husband started talking in
his sleep, and he said, "You decidin' who to put in the hamster wall
tonight?" I jumped up, and said, "Where are you?" He replied, "I'm in
a cellar." He said there were a lot of holes in it, and it was
honeycombed. He started waking up then, and realized where he was.
His description reminded me, you know, of that "Intruders" movie,
because of the scene with the man in the tube. And then again, maybe
it's just Saturday night hysteria. (Laugh).

HYPNOSIS SESSION August 23, 1992

John: (The hypnotist had decided to explore the airplane event, so
the time- frame had been regressed to the 1980's.) . . . Drift back
through time . . . What do you notice about the car, and what do you

Laura: The car's blue. The front seats are bench cloth. I don't
really hear any sound. It's not cold. It's spring. The windows are
rolled down. There's a mobile home park on the right side. There's
one house, and then a whole bunch of trailers--bunch of mailboxes.
And big trees.

John: What do you notice, as you're driving along?

Laura: It looks like a plane, but it's blurry. It's over the trees.
It's not making any noise. It's bigger than both widths of the road.
It looks like it's spinning. Like a fan . . . like a boomerang. It's
moving so fast, I can't slow it down. It's white, and shiny. There's
something kinda orange--like a fire--under the bottom. It's a

John: Can you see what happens next?

Laura: It made all sorts of weird movements. (Gestured with hands) .
 . Up and over, then down, and then up. It's more of a bell-shape,
actually. The top, when it turns this way, has got like a black dot
on it. The bottom has the orange circle. It looked like volcanic rock
on the bottom.

John: Okay. Does anyone say anything, or what happens next?

Laura: We were curious. My older son's hanging out the back window,
watching. I told him to get back inside. It looked like a bell.

John: How did it change from a boomerang to a bell?

Laura: It was spinning.

John: What's the very next thing you notice?

Laura: I pulled down around the corner and got out of the car. I was
in the driveway of this house. Mother got out, too.

John: And what do you see now that you look at it again?

Laura: It went underneath the power line. The whole thing turned
orange for a minute, and I could hardly see it. Then it went under
the lines.

John: Notice what happens next . . .

Laura: We're talking about going to the airport. It had gotten
really far away. Then it landed, and I thought it was an airplane
again. My younger son thought it was a helicopter. He's on the other
side of my older son.

--To Be Continued -

Jacket Notes

"As each human voice from the UFO abduction syndrome is offered for
public consideration, I am impressed by the similar patterns of
events from case to case. Lynne Bishop's story, like so many others,
involves orange, glowing discs, small spheres of white light, night
paralysis, her body transported literally through walls, physical
examinations, body marks and rashes, animal mutilations, telepathic
communication, encounters with non- human beings that include small
"gray" and tall "ant-like" entities, humanoids, glowing "angel- like"
beings, and Bigfoot-type creatures. The reason for all this, in the
alien intelligence's own words: "This is how we breed." The
increasing number of human testimonies that insist an alien life form
is harvesting genetic material from our planate should give us all
pause. Who - or what - is interacting with our planet? And what are
the implications for our past, present and future?"

Linda Moulton Howe, TV Producer and Author of An Alien Harvest and
Glimpses of Other Realities

"I found A Fearful Symmetry to be a fascinating look at how the
alien experience can affect the lives of an entire family, often
without their conscious knowledge that such events are taking place.
There is much here that correlates with other testimonies...but there
are also details which seem unique."

Lucius Farish, Editor, UFO Newsclipping Service

"A Fearful Symmetry, by Lynne Bishop, is a unique and compelling
account of alien abductions that have intruded into the lives of an
entire family for many years. While such stories are not new, Ms.
Bishop's account is especially convincing because it includes the
testimony of not only her own experiences, but also events involving
several members of her family, recalled consciously as well as
through the memory- enhancing aid of regressive hypnosis. The story
is extremely well-written, insightful, and honest. Ms. Bishop's
fearlessness in pursuing the truth behind her bizarre experiences is
a lesson in courage for anyone who has been forced to deal with the
alien presence, and her determination to be more than a passive
victim, to find ways to alter the experiences, sets a new standard
for other abductees to emulate."

Karla Turner, Ph.D., Author of Into The Fringe, Taken, and
Masquerade of Angels


Lyrics to the ballad by Dana Ray band

The Ballad of the Greys Lyrics

Please Lord if I'm abducted, don't let it be the Greys, the short
little guys with the big black eyes from a galaxy far away; I've
heard the horror stories, being taken in the dead of night, laid out
on a table like a Christmas turkey, I'm afraid I'd die from fright.

They can paralyse you with their eyes and levitate you out of bed,
pull you right up through the ceiling and start messing with your
head; Now if they would just stop at that I wouldn't mind too much,
but I've heard they'll probe you up and down and you won't like
where they touch.

The witnesses say they're a humourous bunch and by that I'm quite
surprised, do they watch all the reruns of I Love Lucy and The Best
of Saturday Night Live? I don't wanna be a live experiment; father
children in a place unknown, but they'll splice your genes and make
grotesque things; leave my tadpole guys alone.

Please Lord if I'm abducted, don't let it be the greys, the short
little guys with the big black eyes from a galaxy far away; I've
heard the horror stories, being taken in the dead of night, laid out
on a table like a Christmas turkey, I'm afraid I'd die from fright.

When Eisenhower signed the treaty, he never thought they'd stay,
maybe hang around long enough to mutilate some cattle and they'd be
on their way;

We built them underground bases and they're feelin' right at home,
like that Dreamland in Nevada where the antelope and aliens roam.
And Art Bell knows what's going on, they probably give him rides for
free; for all we know he's one of them, that's why he's on radio...
and not ... TV.... (think about it).

Please Lord if I'm abducted, don't let it be the greys, the short
little guys with the big black eyes from a galaxy far away; I've
heard the horror stories, being taken in the dead of night, laid out
on a table like a Christmas turkey, I'm afraid I'd die from fright.
Laid out on a table like a Christmas turkey, don't let me die

..(nanoo-nanoo my foot!)


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