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Re: ETH &c

From: Dennis <dstacy@texas.net>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 16:16:00 -0600 (CST)
Fwd Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 03:56:27 -0500
Subject: Re: ETH &c

>From: Greg Sandow <gsandow@prodigy.net>
>To: "'UFO UpDates - Toronto'" <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: RE: UFO UpDate: Re: ETH &c
>Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 16:04:39 -0500

>While of course I'm on Jerry Clark's side in his dispute with my
>other friend the Duke, there's one point on which I must -- with
>great sadness -- dissent:


>In New York, depending on where you go to the movies, the price
>can be as high as $9.50.

>Sony's theaters are the worst offenders. Which makes me wonder
>whether Sony ( a devious corporation if ever there was one) is
>plugged into deep UFO secrets, and overcharges us at the movies
>to syphon money toward the maintainance of captive aliens.....
>hey, why not? I don't want to hear about Sony Music chief Tommy
>Mottola's alleged mob ties. This is MUCH better!

>Greg Sandow


I understand the above is tongue in cheek, but suppose all of us
who think there must be a less than literal interpretation of
abduction accounts were to concede abject defeat (not to mention
intellectual poverty, perverse rhetorical tactics, and CIA/Sony
connections, etc), what then? Let's assume Budd et al aren't
asking leading questions one, but are only soliciting the
objective truth. What then?

Obviously, the godlike aliens, with their ability to scoop out
human brain pans and determine (in)visibility at will, are in
aliens have won, they've taken over. It doesn't matter, and never
will, in the ultimate scheme of things, that Menzel or Sagan, or
you or I, J. Clark or the Duke, ever lived. Or that mainstream
science as a whole never paid no mind. We're whupped, done,
beaten, finished, dude, that's the end of it. We're high-grade
cattle for the Zeti Reticulans, so why are we even bothering to
discuss this stuff?

If true, or only half true, I think everyone on this list owes
the Air Force a hearty round of applause (and apology) for having
covered up the truth as long as they have. I mean, if you had
your choice between a planet in panic, but still ripe for the
plucking, or a plucked planet that went about its daily business,
which would you choose? At least in our ignorant bliss (of the
fact that some 4 million Americans have already been abducted by
Budd's last count, a number growing daily), some of us are still
able to raise a family and hold down a job.

Don't know about you, but there's not a day goes by but what I
don't personally wake up every morning and first off thank the
Air Force for a job well done. If Sony gets to siphon a few bucks
off the top of the cost of coverup, that's fine with me. If
movies like "Starship Troopers" and "Independence Day" are merely
someone's idea of gradually introducing us to reality, that's
fine, too, although I am curious as to why we Earthlings keep
winning in the face of such omnipotent odds. Homo sapiens spin
doctors, I can only presume.

So we concede! You've won. We're all wrong and you're all right.
Alien abductors with godlike powers, I mean, advanced technology,
are here, "here, there, and everywhere," and peons like us are
absolutely powerless to halt them -- despite what crazed patriots
like Corso contend. You could be next! I just hope if you're
abducted before I am that you don't turn Quisling on us.
Remember: all that the diplomatic treaty with the aliens, signed
in 1954 by President Eisenhower (after serious consultation with
the members of MJ-12), requires is that you surrender your sperrm
and social security number. *You don't have to collaborate.* Your
privacy and other rights are protected by galactic treaty.
Abductions are allowed only on weekends, between the hours of
1900 and 0300.

If you feel your planetary rights have been violated, contact the
nearest Secretary General of the United Nations. If he's been
abducted, too, you're in deep do-do. How can you tell? If he
denies being abducted, then he obviously has, and just doesn't
want to go public with the admission. At the same time, if he
says he *has* been abducted, then you'll know you're still on the
right track. Since you can't lose either way, it's best to assume
you have both been abducted repeatedly since childhood, at which
time you were introduced to your present significant other, whom
you would only encounter, thanks to alien intervention in the
affairs of humans, many years later. If the details are vague and
need to be recovered under hypnosis by a disinterested UFO
hypnotist/researcher later, it may well be that you are suffering
from episodes of missing time.

In light of the above, I think it's rather churlish of you to
complain about current movie ticket prices in the Big Apple.
Given the alternative, I'd say it's a bargain at twice the price.
And I'd go for the bucket of buttered popcorn and 24oz soda --
the so-called "caloric killer" -- while I was at it. Hey, enjoy
life while you can! Tomorrow you may be abducted.


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