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Re: Photo Hoax on Discovery Show

From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 02:39:25 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 08:19:21 -0500
Subject: Re: Photo Hoax on Discovery Show

>From: William.Hamilton@pcsmail.pcshs.com
>Date: 11 Nov 1997 23:01:53 UT
>Subject: Fwd: Photo Hoax on Discovery Show
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>Date: Tue Nov 11 15:39:15 1997
>To: William.Hamilton
>From: satmike@goodnet.com
>Subject: Fwd: Photo Hoax on Discovery Show

>From: authority@webtv.net
>Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 15:25:40 -0700
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>Subject: Fwd: Photo Hoax on Discovery Show

>Doc in Phoenix

>From: authority@webtv.net
>Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 15:20:20 -0700
>To: blackvault@mylist.net
>Subject: Photo Hoax on Discovery Show

>On a final segment of the Discovery Channel's show "Anatomy of a
>Sighting", which discussed the flyover of Arizona on March 13th,
>a photo expert used an overlay of a daylight photo superimposed
>on the night video taken by a Phoenix resident.

>This overlay presentation was to show that the lights in the
>video were flares dropped behind a mountain.  On a local Phoenix
>TV station, Fox Channel 10, at 9PM on Sunday Nov. 9th, it was
>shown that the overlay used on the Discovery show was bogus, a
>fake representation of what was seen.

Hi Doc, hi All,

The much maligned Jim Dilletoso (not sure sp?) made an overlay
analysis months ago that drew nothing more than sniping from the
'debunkers.' Now that channel ten and others are beginning to
'confirm' Dilletoso's earlier findings give a little credit where
credit is due.

I was so impressed by the video footage that Tom King had shared
with me shortly after the sighting, that I spent hours pouring
over it and taking it apart in my computer. The stuff held up,
I'm a graphic artist with 16 years of publication experience. I
am familiar with every 'creating' technique that can be applied
to film or to a digital image. When something in an image is
manipulated the 'artist' leaves behind 'evidence' of his having
-been there. Seams, altered pixels, hues, values, and other much
more obvious stuff as well.

Tommy's video held up under the closest scruitiny, (he originally
sent me about three hours worth of daylight, night time, clear
day, cloudy day, you name it footage of 'hamburger bun' shaped
'metallic' -craft- to study.)

Not a stitch of it showed -any- signs of tampering. (That I could
find) After I saw the March 13,th footage I began to think of it
as a monumental and blatant -demonstration- on the part of 'the
occupants' of that thing that hung in the sky over Phoenix. I
also got to know Tom and Jason DeGraf, and Mike DeVarennes
personally and I consider them friends. These are straightforward
honest guys who are trying to alert the rest of us about 'what's
in our skies'!

Everyone I know or have met who claims to have seen a UFO relates
to it as having been a 'pivotal' experience in their lives. To a
person, the experience left a very deep impression and as -they
will tell you - it was an 'unforgettable' one as well. We are,
each of us in our own way, running up and down mainstreet
yelling, "They've landed! The aliens are here!"

I'm still waiting for the dust to settle and the 'reality' of the
event to sink in with people. IMHO, it was tantamount to a
"landing on the White House lawn" as far as I'm concerned. The
appearance of a 'thing' like that over a major American city is
significant. People better stop screwing around and start paying
some attention. As for me, it would take a lot of 'serious
evidence' to the contrary to convince me that it wasn't "UFO"!

Noises from one mans blowhole.

John Velez, *"I'm not a UFO believer, I'm a UFO knower!"

(stolen from RS <G>)

                              John Velez

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