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The Phoenix Lights Hoax & The New AREA 51?

From: Jakes Louw <LOUWJE@telkom.co.za>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 09:01:33 +0200
Fwd Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 11:42:13 -0500
Subject: The Phoenix Lights Hoax & The New AREA 51?


Interesting article that came through
Jan Lamprecht's Hollow Earth list:


Jakes E. Louw
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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 07:38:03 +0200
From: "Jan Lamprecht"  <UFO-1@qit-ul-0104.telkom.co.za>
To: pbs@iafrica.com,...@qit-ul-0104.telkom.co.za,
Subject: The Phoenix Lights Hoax & The New AREA 51????*****

I haven't had a chance to read this, but I did read and account of
the Phoenix sighting and to my mind there's no question that these
were secret USAF planes pretending to be UFOs.

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Date:          Tue, 22 Jul 1997 12:51:12 -0500 (CDT)
From:          kutchak@ix.netcom.com
To:            pbs@iafrica.com
Subject:       Fwd: The Phoenix Lights Hoax & The New AREA 51????*****

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   Hummmmmm...Another point of view.
Subj:	Skywatch: The Phoenix Lights Hoax & The New AREA 51
Date:	97-07-17 10:02:02 EDT
From:	skywatch@wic.net (SKYWATCH)
From:          DNIHOA@email.usps.gov
Subject:       The Phoenix Lights Hoax & The New AREA 51
Date:          Wed, 16 Jul 1997 20:21:34 -0400

 Hello All,

 I found this information at:  http://www.xroads.com/~rms/phoenix.html I
 recommend that everyone check it out. I am just posting a small portion
 of it. You really need to read ALL of it to appreciate Robert's


 In April of 1997, a young man with whom I had worked with for several
 years lost his life in gathering some of the material which you will
 read. I offer this in his memory.

 I have found in the course of my brief career on the UFO /New Age
 circuit that there is a dogma fervently adhered to by this community.
 To take a position contrary to the `Community Church' is to be
 heretical and blasphemous.

 I am a believer in UFOs. My books and reports all reflect my
 position. In October of 1996, I presented a paper at a Mesa, AZ, UFO
 conference criticizing the UFO/New Age community's contradictory
 positions and its need to examine UFO events more carefully. Not only
 was I personally attacked by some of the members of the UFO/New Age
 community but I was accused, by one of the better known
 `researcher-lecturers', of being part of the `UFO cover-up'! This is
 not only a blatant distortion of the truth but it is also a clear and
 highly dramatic example of the unwillingness of the `UFO community' to
 accept any constructive criticism or challenge to its self-image of

 The following report suggests that the `Phoenix Lights' are not the
 result of UFO activity but a carefully orchestrated effort to distract
 the public from the truth of the activities in the Four Corners area.
 In short, it is a dis-information event. The conclusions which I offer
 are consistent with the data that has surfaced to date. With the
 release of this report, I will once again be branded a participant in
 the `cover-up'. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am, in fact,
 trying to point out that we must be very careful in our UFO claims.

 I offer you the following report in the hopes that it will assist you
 in your research on the phenomena of the `Phoenix Lights'. As always, I
 ask that you not accept any of the conclusions offered in this report.

 I shall stand on the research and quite frankly I wish that I was

 Robert Morning Sky

 ...and this FROM: http://www.xroads.com/~rms/phnx7.html


 For the last two years, I have been the only investigator looking
 into the unusual phenomena occurring in the Canyonlands of Utah.

 On April 16th, this year, I personally guided a group of 24 people on a
 trip to the Canyonlands of Utah, a site approximately 30 air-miles
 south of the small town of Moab. During the last two years, we have
 witnessed `dancing lights' in the sky overhead, glowing mountain tops,
 strange electrical storms with clearly unnatural windgusts, mechanical
 thunder, electro-magnetic anomalies, `visitors' in the night and
 extraordinary visual phenomena.

 While on this particular trip, we witnessed trucks carrying liquid
 nitrogen, liquid helium and liquid carbon dioxide moving south from
 Moab on highway 191. Between Tuba City, Kayenta and the Four Corners
 area, heavy construction equipment (12 foot tall tires), and military
 convoys were in the area. In addition, while on our hike into the
 Canyonlands itself, we noticed heavier than normal air traffic

 Something was going on that week-end.

                             THE NEW AREA `51'

 The June 1997 issue of Popular Mechanics reveals that the Air Force has
 nearly abandoned its `once most secret test site', Area 51. The new
 site of the `secret test site' is quoted on page 59 as being `south of
 Utah Route 70 and east of Green River'. This places the new `Area 51'
 (actually revealed as Area 6413) less than 40 air-miles from our
 base-camp site.

 FROM: http://www.xroads.com/~rms/phnx8.html

 An Air Force officer at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ, has
 advised that there have been an increased number of `precision flying'
 training exercises on A-10's in the southern Arizona area. He advises
 that some A-10's seem to have been structurally altered for some
 unknown reason. He was only able to confirm a panel of what seemed to
 be high-power lights affixed to the wings of the `A-10s'. No other
 details are available.

 FROM: http://www.xroads.com/~rms/phnx9.html

 Something serious is happening, or has happened, in the Four Corners
 area. UFO magazines and watches on the Inter-net have reported an
 increased number of sightings of lights and UFOs in that region.
 Reports have also been surfacing that military vehicles, including very
 large heavy construction vehicles have been transported into the area.
 Trucks carrying liquid carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, and liquid
 helium were seen on the roads in the area. Local papers have received
 reports of missing hikers in the area, as well as continued closure of
 Parks areas like Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde and Canyon-lands. The list is
 endless and can be easily checked.

 I repeat, something has happened, or is happening, in the Four
 Corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

 I suggest that the military, the Air Force, and someone else (?),
 need a distraction to take attention away from the area.

 A-10 aircraft (based at Davis Monthan?) appear to have been altered to
 accommodate bright lights on external surfaces. It is possible that
 other changes to the basic A-10 structure may have been made, including
 `stealth' and `silent running' re-design. Precision flying training
 activity has increased dramatically.

 At least seven A-10 square-winged planes, easily maneuverable for
 flying in precision V-formation, equipped with unusually bright
 lights, with transponders off, and engines re-designed for silent
 running have apparently been prepared. In the time frame between
 March 10th and March 14th, these specially equipped A-10s were
 dispatched on a mission to draw attention to themselves and away from
 the Four Corners area. Local media reported the event causing Phoenix
 residents to watch the western Arizona skies for the next few nights.

 Luke Air Force Base officials were very likely instructed that a
 `special', if not a `top secret', operation was being conducted over
 the skies of Phoenix. Air Force denials, obvious lies, deliberate
 directing of phone calls to a UFO Hot-line and well placed
 disinformation phone calls served to keep the public's attention on the
 staged UFO event. Luke Air Force Base officials believed they were
 protecting a `secret operation'. Within days, and with no substantive
 leads for investigators, the mystery and the interest waned to near
 insignificant levels.

 Three months later, claims by UFO researchers and individuals with the
 ability to manipulate the media, once again revived the `Phoenix
 Lights' story. Their purpose appears to be private gain.

 Those who are behind the `Phoenix Lights' are wittingly, or
 unwittingly, provided with additional cover for the present day
 events and future ones.

 Conclusion: UFOs are real, but the `Phoenix Lights' phenomena is a
 deliberate dis-information event intended to draw attention away from
 the Four Corners area.

 FROM: http://www.xroads.com/~rms/phnx11.html
 This report is quoted from the `Phoenix New Times', June 26 - July 2
 issue, 1997, page 8:

                     THE GREAT UFO COVER-UP

 There is no doubt that something real passed over Phoenix on the
 night of March 13. Hundreds of people reported what they saw passing
 slowly in the sky. Two New Times writers were among the witnesses.

 David Holthouse and Michael Kiefer were in separate parts of the
 Valley that night, but their reports are remarkably consistent: Each
 saw a V-shape of five lights moving slowly from north to south. The
 lights were bright and yellow-white, and seemed very high in the sky.
 No sound accompanied them. Holthouse says he perceived that something
 connected the lights in a boomerang shape; Kiefer disagrees, saying
 they didn't seem connected.

 Interest in the light show has exploded lately, perhaps fueled by its
 nearness to the 50th anniversary of an incident near Roswell, New
 Mexico, which continues to be the most celebrated in UFO history.

 The notoriety of the lights of March 13 has been propelled by the
 likes of Phoenix City Councilwoman Frances Emma Barwood, who called for
 a city investigation into them.

 Barwood continues to press for more investigation. But New Times has
 learned that Barwood herself ignored the claims of a witness who might
 be the most important of all.

 Mitch Stanley, 21, spends several nights a week in his backyard with a
 10-inch telescope, exploring the night sky. He's owned the telescope
 for about a year, and has learned the sky well. With its 10-inch
 mirror, the telescope gathers 1,500 times as much light as the human
 eye. And with the eyepiece Stanley was using on the night of March 13,
 the telescope gave him 60 times the resolving power of his naked eye.

 That night Mitch and his mother, Linda, were in the backyard and
 noticed the lights coming from the north. Since the lights seemed to be
 moving so slowly, Mitch attempted to capture them in the scope. He
 succeeded, and the leading three lights fit in the field of vision.
 Linda asked what they were.

 `Planes,' Mitch said.

 It was plain to see, he says. What looked like individual lights to the
 naked eye actually split into two under the resolving power of the
 telescope. The lights were located on the undersides of squarish wings,
 Mitch says. And the planes themselves seemed small, like light private

 Stanley watched them for about a minute and then turned away. It was
 the last thing the amateur astronomer wanted to look at.

 `They were just planes, I didn't want to look at them,' Stanley says
 when he's asked why he didn't stare at them longer. He is certain about
 what he saw: `They were planes. There's no way I could have mistaken

 He was so certain, his mother didn't bother to look in the scope
 herself. And she thought nothing of it until the next morning when she
 heard radio reports that hundreds of people had thought they had seen
 something extraterrestrial. That day at work, she told her fellow
 Honeywell employee and amateur astronomer Jack Jones what her son Mitch
 had seen in the telescope.

 When Barwood made her appeal and the story began to appear in local
 newspapers, Jones attempted to let people know of Stanley's sighting.
 He called Richard de Uriarte, reader advocate at the Arizona Republic,
 as well as Barwood, directly. To both, Jones said that a local amateur
 astronomer had examined the lights through a large telescope and had
 seen that they were airplanes.

 Jones says both promised to have someone call back who would take
 down his story and contact Mitch Stanley.

 Neither one did.

 `They really don't want to know,' Linda Stanley says. `Here was a
 person who had seen it and [Barwood] never bothered to contact us at

 Barwood counters, however, that she did pass on Jones' call to
 Village Labs, a Tempe firm which has been the focus of many media
 treatments for its pronouncements that the lights were not possibly
 terrestrial in origin. Jones says he never received a call from Village

 De Uriarte recalls receiving a call from Jones, but says he didn't pass
 the information along to news editors, and that he apparently had lost
 Jones' phone number.

 Air traffic controller Bill Grava was on duty on March 13 at Sky Harbor

International Airport. He, too, saw the lights, but not until they were
southern horizon, slowly disappearing behind South  Mountain.

 He confirms that the object or objects did not register on radar as
passed overhead, a fact seconded by Captain Stacey Cotton of Luke
 Air Force Base.

 But both admitted that that doesn't rule out the possibility of a
 group of airplanes. Cotton says that the radar used by air traffic
 controllers reads signals emitted by transponders in the airplanes
 themselves.Normally, in a formation of seven planes, only the lead
 plane would turn on its transponder so air traffic controllers could
 track it. If the lead plane's transponder was turned off, however, the
 seven planes could have passed by without detection.

 Grava says that depending on the planes' altitude, that may have been
 perfectly legal.

 (Altitude and speed estimates follow, I leave this to your pursuit.)

 Mitch Stanley's sighting jibes well with witness reports that the
 config-uration of the lights changed over time. In Prescott, for
 example, witnesses claim that one of the lights trailed the rest.
 Such evidence supports the claim that the lights were separate
 objects rather than one large craft.

 Pilots consulted by New Times say that a group of planes flying in
 formation at night suggests military aircraft. The squarish wings as
 opposed to the swept, triangular variety, suggest A-10s or T-37

 Among the rumors making the rounds in commercial aviation: that the
 group was the Canadian Snowbirds, a group of T-37s which flies at air
 shows. A spokesman for the Snowbirds says their season does not begin
 until April, however, and that the troupe was not in Arizona in March.
 New Times has contacted numerous military bases in the Southwest, but
 none claims the planes.

 All witnesses seem in agreement on one thing: the unusual brightness of
 the lights. Flight controller Grava says that's the only reason he is
 reluctant to accept the explanation that it was a group of airplanes
 that flew over Arizona March 13.

 Until a group comes forward to claim the flight, however, the planes'
 unusual lights and apparent lack of transponder signals suggest the
 possibility of a calculated hoax.

 FROM: http://www.xroads.com/~rms/phnx13.html


 On the evening of March 13, did the public actually see a flight of
 A-10s disguised to look like UFOs or did the public actually see one of
 the newer triangular winged stealth aircraft described above?


 Did the public see both the A-10s and a triangular stealth craft?

 While the debate could be continued for years, what is significant in
 this case is that either one or both these two possibilities can
 explain the phenomena witnessed by the residents of Southern Arizona.

 I leave you with the following tables in the hopes that it will
 assist you in making your assessment of the events.

 It is important that I once again stress that my data and my
 conclusions should not be accepted blindly. It is vital that you
 research the events that have surrounded the `Phoenix Lights'
 phenomena for yourself. It is also vital that you not accept blindly
 those who say that the `Phoenix Lights' are definitely a UFO phenomena
 with `mysterious connections'. I suggest that the data supports a much
 more down-to-earth explanation.

 I repeat my suggested conclusion: UFOs are real, but the `Phoenix
 Lights' phenomena is a staged and deliberate disinformation event
 intended to draw attention away from the Four Corners area.

 Best wishes,

 Robert Morning Sky

 A final note...

 Though we may never know what Captain Button may have intended by his
 mysterious flight, we cannot ignore the possibility that he was trying
 to draw attention to something he knew was happening in the Four
 Corners area.

 It is not entirely impossible that Captain Button paid the ultimate
 price for trying to advise the world about the `Four Corners Secret'..

 Again, though this might sound far-fetched, in this incredible
 scenario we might just have a true hero hidden in the deceitful mists
 of disinformation.

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              I am IT - Which is greater than I.

                               (Corinne Collins)

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