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Abduction Information Center Site On Line

From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 03:38:19 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:12:25 -0500
Subject: Abduction Information Center Site On Line

Website announcement.

*Please distribute far and wide! Thanx, John

Hello All,

Well, it's open! I finally have enough of the AIC (Abduction
Information Center) website up to open the doors officially.


Whenever I tackle anything 'big' I always make it a point to
surround myself with the very best people I can find. That way no
matter how much -my input- screws things up there will always be
someone smarter around to help get things back on track! <G>

I've had some invaluable help from many people. I want to single
out Pat Parrinello in particular because not only is he providing
the bandwidth we are using, (via his Crossfields Inc.) but he is
also responsible for setting up and creating all of the cool
'interactive' stuff that's available at the AIC website. Without
Pat, there would be no AIC. Thank you ~many times~ Mr Parrinello!


The 'Abduction Information Center' has been set up to (hopefully)
provide a 'sane' alternative to the myriad of 'poor content' or
'no content' websites dedicated to the subject of UFOs and
abduction that are currently available on the Web. I have gone
out of my way to collect and make available (for the
'experiencers' themselves) all of the very best information that
I could find.

Anytime anybody has contacted me over the last five years with
questions or seeking advice or information, my response has been
to give them as varied a diet of the very best data/information
that is available. Once they've accumulated enough information
-they can make up their own minds- and try to answer their own
questions!  It is my firm belief that (most) people are
intelligent enough to make up their own minds.  We don't need any
'leaders' or any stinking badges either! <G> AIC was created to
provide the raw material to facilitate rapid absorption of
(quality) information for those who may be in need of it.

At AIC I have put together a collection of information that I
wish had been available -to me- when I first started looking into
all of this. AIC also offers people a place to speak freely
(unburden themselves) without fear of ridicule or rejection. AIC
will I hope (one day) be a 'home base' a kind of 'safe haven'
where people can explore their experiences in an environment that
is secure and conducive to serious self-examination.

Among many many others, AIC will feature (exclusively)
transcripts of interviews with the late Karla Turner, (that were
generously donated to AIC by Mike Lindemann of CNI News.)
Intimate, relaxed and informative conversations with Karla that
have never appeared anywhere else. Also ready for immediate
download are articles and papers from top people in the field
who are just too numerous to list here. There are still 'reams'
of information just sitting on my hard drive awaiting editing and
a webpage at AIC to live on.

Important, please.

The AIC website -is not intended for the general public- or,
curiosity seekers. It -is- intended specifically for those that
suspect or believe they are abductees/abduction experiencers.
(Boy, I'll bet ~that~ comment insures a good turnout! <G>) All
kidding aside, the website is intended for abduction experiencers
only. Sorry to the rest.

I set up the 'Intruders Foundation' website with the 'public' in
mind, and on it there are many links to other 'public' sites. AIC
is the completely interactive 'private' website (for abductees
only). It had always been only a dream of mine. Until now, AIC
was my 'missing piece'. Now there's both a public site, and a
private site to meet the needs of the experiencers themselves.

To all 'experiencers':

Pat Parrinello and I are offering (via AIC) an oportunity for you
to meet and interact with others in real time and in a safe and
protected environment. We will also feature private monthly
discussions with some of the very best research people and
writers in the field. You will be able to interact and talk to
them yourself, ask them questions, and explore their different
views first hand.

There is a chatroom, an interactive e-mail list and archive, and
of course the 'Heart" of the website, an ever growing library of
the very best material available on the subject of UFO abduction.
We can't promise that we'll actually do anything for you but, we
can tell you what we won't do!

We promise that we -will not- try to sell you:

a. ...particular points of view, or preferences of one view over another.

b. ...pat answers,

c. ...belief systems,

d. ...dogma, religion, or philosophy (New Age or otherwise!)

e. ...claims that -we- have cornered the market on the truth.

This website was set up to service the unique needs of abductees.
It is as rock solid and stable a place as I could make it. If you
can use -any- of what we have to offer please feel free to stop
by and check us out on the web.


All others:

I would ask those who are not 'experiencers' to please indulge
our request for privacy. As stated earlier there are already a
myriad of excellent UFO and abduction related websites that are
readily accessable to the general public.

This one is ours. <G>

Wish us luck.


John Velez, Webmaster - AIC & Intruders Foundation Online

                              John Velez

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