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From: George Filer <Majorstar@AOL.COM>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 13:13:16 -0500
Fwd Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 01:12:32 -0500
Subject: CURRENT-ENCOUNTERS: Filer's Files #45

Filer's Files #45  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
From George A. Filer:  MUFON Eastern Director, Nov. 13, 1997
Majorstar@aol.com  (609) 654-0020


"I feel that the Air Force has not been giving out all the available
information on the Unidentified Flying Objects. You cannot disregard so many
unimpeachable sources."  John W. McCormack, Speaker of the US House of
Representatives,. January 1965.


     On Friday, October 17, 1997, at 8:30 p.m., Danielle F. and her cousin,
Tessa P., were waiting in a car for Tessa's father in their hometown of
Boswell, Pennsylvania (population 1,480).  Boswell is located on Route 601
about 70 miles (112 kilometers) east of Pittsburgh.
     "Tessa said, 'What's that?'" Danielle reported. "I looked up and said it
might be an airplane.  We saw a big blurry white light.  We went inside and
got the binoculars to take a better look."
     The UFO hovered at about 45 degrees above the horizon, Danielle
reported, "The center of the object was white, and on the ends were two
yellow lights. On the top of the object was one red light.  The object was
moving very fast while it was descending toward the (nearby) mountain.  Tessa
and I both agree that we never saw a plane move so fast.  We don't know what
it was, but we wondered if it could be a UFO."  (Email Interview) Thanks to
Joe Trainor, editor UFO Roundup #2-43, Masinaigan@aol.com.


     On Saturday, November 1, 1997, at 11:25 p.m., Mike S. was driving with
his girlfriend in Earlysville, located eight miles (12 kilometers) north of
Charlottesville, Virginia (population 40,341), "and it was a very dark
night," he reported, "I took my eyes off the road and looked in the direction
she was pointing. There was definitely something in the sky about 15 to 25
feet above the tree line. I saw lights in the sky that were arranged in
rings," Mike reported, "The lights were circular or almost octagonal, and
they were dull and white.  They were not like light bulbs or headlights.  The
lights outlined a disk-shaped object.  I could tell that it was slowly
spinning in a clockwise motion, and it repeatedly crossed over the road.  It
followed the road in front of me for about a mile to a mile and a half.  I
called my parents from my car phone and told them what I saw."   After Mike
got home, he and his father returnedto that stretch of road outside
Earlysville.  But the saucer was gone.  When both men returned home at 11:50
p.m., Mike's mother telephoned the local police.  They learned that an
officer on patrol had reportedly seen "the exact same thing."  (Many thanks
to Tim Hagemeister of
NACOMM and Joe Trainor, editor UFO Roundup #2-43)


Case97/05/11:  MUFON Field Investigator William Lester has finished his
analysis of Jonesboro case concerning the sighting of a daylight disc.  The
witness is a 29 year old  employed electrical lineman.  He and his family
were driving to church Sunday morning on May 11, 1997, when the wife noticed
a glare from the left.  When he turned to look to his immediate left, he saw
a saucer shaped object with a highly reflective silver surface.  The metal
was similar to the top or bottom of an aluminum soda can.  The object moved
at an incredible speed from his left to right, from the northwest to the
northeast at about 600 feet in altitude.   No one else in the car had time to
observe the fast moving object.  Interestingly, both the witness's wife and
her mother had recently observed a similar object in the area.  The witness
was sincere and has a good reputation.  Checks were made with local
authorities for balloons, aircraft and other possible explanations. The field
investigator ruled out hoax, hallucination and other possible causes. The
investigator is of the opinion that this sighting is indicative of genuine
visual contact with an unknown aerial object.

According to John Thompson, MUFON's State Director, the Marietta, the Georgia
video taken by a Christian television station shows a white tube object in
regular motion. In enhancement it shows a roundish object tumbling behind
three dark Huey choppers  fly from the NW to SE less than a mile from the TV
cameraman. The video quality is very high  and the video shot on a Sony DCR
VX1000 1-10 zoom power. A Digital video (DV) format tape  was used. The
unknown object shown is clearly a structured object moving in the background.

On Wednesday, Nov. 5th at around 6:30 p.m., 13 year-old Curtis F. heard a
loud roaring noise near Augusta, Georgia. The noise grew to such an intensity
that he thought a jet was about to crash. Curtis looking out his window saw a
distant flying light. As he watched the unknown light broke apart. One
triangle shaped portion with flashing red and white lights flew to the
southeast.  The other part also with lights flew off to the north. He could
not ascertain its shape or the color of it's light. The larger object was
observed for about a minute before it disappeared, the smaller for only five
seconds. Both continued to travel horizontally at approximate jet speed. The
initial UFO after splitting in two parts quit making any sound. Curtis'
 father while not seeing the UFO stands by what his son says. The boy bought
a compass to determine the UFOs direction of flight, which suggests that
besides being alert, he genuinely believes that he saw something unusual.
Thanks to John Thompson, ISUR and the National UFO Reporting Center.


John Thompson. ISUR/MUFON reports that on October 31, 1997, Georgia WSB radio
broadcast that the numerous UFO reports  in Georgia  were actually U shaped
aircraft being tested out of Fort Benning.
Editor's Note: It is quite likely some UFOs in our skies are unidentified
military aircraft. The Army is known to be working on some remotely manned
odd shaped vehicles. Unconfirmed reports indicate a saucer shaped craft was
used in the Gulf War. In the early 1980's the Army was working on a remotely
piloted vehicle  (RPV) called Aquila.  It was "flying wing" shaped with a
propeller in  the rear. Testing could be accomplished at Eglin AFB, Florida
 or other southern bases. Below are listed some other possible aircraft that
may be sighted.


The November Popular Science Magazine article, "Fighters Without Pilots"
discusses a new series of remotely controlled combat planes being designed
that fly better than any pilot. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop aircraft
corporations are developing uninhabited combat vehicles (UCAV). These combat
drones are designed to conduct reconnaissance missions or to penetrate enemy
defenses, conduct attacks ahead of aircraft flown by pilots. Generally, they
appear as flat flying triangles without a tail or cockpit. They are 25 to 30
feet in length with a wingspan of 25 to 27 feet. They are only 5 to 6 feet
thick and have excellent stealth characteristics against radar. British
Aerospace is working on similar secret air craft at Warton, Lancashire. These
drones can be built at a fraction of the cost of piloted aircraft.


The Canadian/ US governments have released classified documents describing
the development of the Avro Silverbug, a real disc aircraft.  These secret
documents dating from 1955, describe an actual development program of a 2,300
mph disc aircraft.  The money, the design and even extra Pratt and Whitney
J-78 (SR-71) engines were apparently used in the craft.  The Harrier is also
thought to have used some of the technology. The so-called Avrocar was
probably a diversion.  Evidence is accumulating that these discs became
operational. You can purchase the entire 21 page file for $4.95. (I don't get
anything by the way.)  I'm convinced there has been a secret program to build
of odd shaped recce vehicles that hide using the UFO designation and
mystique. Consider that much of the alien data may be disinformation.  I know
from OSI agents  that the F-117 was hid from the public for almost ten years
and the Air Force covered up by implying they were UFOs. For more info:
http://207.41.8/silverbug  or http://www/orgasmic.com/silverbug/


Thanks for putting me on your Filer's Files receivers list.  For your next
edition you may want to comment on the December 1997 issue of Popular
Mechanics.  Pages 44 - 45 feature an article called "NASA's Antigravity
Machine" (a must read article!).  NASA will be conducting an experiment later
this month into gravity manipulation and held a CLOSED DOOR conference of
major Universities, weapons laboratories, defense contractors and corporate
research communities.  NASA is also near completion of an antigravity device
too.  The article also goes into some past history, that may seem familiar to
those following the developments in the (top secret, rumored and
unsubstantiated) electrogravitics field. Thanks to: Steve T.

Aviation Week & Space Technology. November  3rd issue mentions work on
 "lenticular" air vehicle configurations. Professor Leik Myrabo, US Air Force
Research Laboratory's (AFRL) propulsion vehicle is shaped like a cone with a
ring around the rim. The energy of the laser is focused into a small annular
gap between the ring and the body of the vehicle, causing the air to break
down into plasma, producing thrust. Successive laser pulses produce repeated
bursts of plasma from the annular gap, lifting the vehicle. It's just a
remotely-powered rocket engine.  Myrabo's NASA-sponsored publications called
"Apollo Lightcraft" Full-scale vehicles would need many megawatts of laser
power, but a small satellite booster may be feasible in a few years. Thanks
to Joel Carpenter .


The front page of the November 7, 1997, Wall Street Journal shows a drawing
of an alien with large eyes next to Professor Sun Shile a Chinese scientist.
 He claims China is  reverse engineering flying disks from photographs and
personal observations of UFOs. The article states in part: "In the West, UFOs
and alien abductions are the stuff of Hollywood pulp and supermarket
tabloids. But in China, UFOs are a matter of great national importance. Prof.
Sun's group, the Chinese UFO Research Association, receives government
grants, and its members include some of the nation's most respected
scientists and academics- even Communist Party officials.  These enthusiasts
aren't merely trying to prove the existence of UFOs: They are attempting to
figure out what makes them fly and then harness that power for every day use
in China.  "UFOs are faster than any airplane or car, " Prof. Sun explains.
"We hope to use the UFO phenomenon to resolve China's energy and efficiency
problems." The Chinese may be developing their own antigravity technology
based on UFO research. There are 5,000 members in their UFO organization, 80%
have a college education or above.  They have already test flown a wooden
prototype with the dimensions of a King size bed. Beijing Institute has
labeled their invention top secret and has banned them from showing even blue
prints to outsiders. They are also working on magnetic fields that produces
as much as a third more energy than it requires to run.  The group studies
the apparent motion and maneuver of UFOs from film and then  work backward
with physics to figure out how the UFOs operate. They imply it may not be
long before China as its own.


Antonio Huneeus, MUFON's International Director reports that on November  3,
1997, the Commanding General of the Chilean Air Force created a Committee of
Investigation for UFOs called the "Commite de Investigaciones de Fenomenos
Anomalos del Espacio" (CIFAE).  All sightings and reports concerning UFOs
will be collected by the CIFAE.

I've heard of many sightings recently in the Punta Arenas region of southern
Chile. I believe this is the same area where the abductions were being
reported . My friend Rodrigo Fuenzalida, director of the Chilean UFO group
AION, told me many times  that most of the UFO activity in Chile had shifted
to Punta Arenas in recent years. I do have some UFO footage taken in that
area in the past. I can also speculate on a couple of things. Punta Arenas is
located in Tierra del Fuego and is the most southern city in the world (that
is, at the tip of South America facing Antarctica). As you probably know,
this is the same area where the ozone hole has been reported since the last
decade. Biological mutations on sheep (the main traditional industry in this
area) have been well documented and blamed on the ozone hole. This could
perhaps have an effect on:

1) Enhancing natural phenomena of the Aurora Australis or southern lights
(counterpart of Aurora Borealis or northern lights) or some other "earth
light" type phenomena. I believe this is what the French Space Agency was
interested when they filmed in that area. I, too, heard that story but I
never saw the footage. Perhaps it's something we could ask J.J. Velasco of
the CNES-SEPRA program in France.

2) Enhancing other types of non-terrestrial energies, i.e. real UFOs. The UFO
Committee (CIFAE) will allegedly be formed by both Chilean Air Force and AION
personnel.  Staff officers from "Direccion de Aeronautica" will be sent to
France and perhaps other countries to get training on UFO issues. Also,
allegedly there will be no censorship and AION will have complete access to
all the military files, reports, images and films. In addition, a new Beta
Chilean satellite will be put in orbit in 1998, with a mission to monitor UFO
activity over Chile. Thanks to AION and Antonio Huneeus


Australia's Clare Williams states in a E-mail to Current Encounters: I was
intrigued by the reports of blue flashes mentioned in Filer's Files. I
investigated a similar incident here in Australia several years ago. A bright
flash was visible for several hundred square miles. It caused the
streetlights to go off and there were reports of electromagnetic interference
 and static on the radio. I have a theory that these flashes may be natural,
very high energy upper atmospheric events and that the flashes are due to
Cerenkov radiation.

Dr. Richard F. Haines writes, "I think that the list of potential causes of
the blue flash effect is long.  It stretches from electro-chemical
interactions in our atmosphere due to cosmic ray interaction to SDI-type high
energy pumping either from the ground or from space.  I don't know, but I
suspect the latter is the case.  In such case someone should be carefully
monitoring, recording, and plotting the locations and times of each
occurrence.  Sorry but these comments are just "out of the thin air" Dick H.

Bill Rose from England also sent an E-mail. George, you mentioned bright
flashes in the night sky. This has been a topic of major interest to serious
astronomers in recent years, and is now attributed to a new form of massively
powerful lightning, which was discovered by chance. It can reach up to the
edge of the Earth's atmosphere at about 60-70 miles altitude.  The physics
are not properly understood at present, but  as I recall, the phenomena is
known as "Sprites" and was first observed  and photographed from either an
SR-71 or the Shuttle.

I've spoken with several astronomers about the recent El Paso daylight
meteor, the general consensus of opinion is that it was a satellite of
(probable) Russian origin which made a re-entry.  It's not that uncommon an
occurrence and as you know and there have been a number of incidents this
year, like the Texas Spaceball, which was a component of a US booster stage
and the Cosmos re-entry over Scotland. Thanks to Bill Rose.


A unsigned  letter from a woman who is convinced she is an abductee is very
informative. She writes: My attitude towards extraterrestrials has changed.
Gone was the gripping fear that I had carried since reading Jacobs's lurid
book. Instead I noticed that a gentle live-and-let-live attitude had settled
in. And I began feeling sorry for the extraterrestrials, as I considered the
monumental Star Wars weapons crash program aimed at them that I had just seen
this trip. I also reflected on my own research. Cases I had interviewed found
the extraterrestrials to be, after the human got over her/his initial fright,
usually caring, gentle while firm, and concerned for such values as ecology,
social justice, childhood education, consciousness advancement, and a
spiritual/metaphysical focus.


The following is a transcript of part of the feature "Science And Engineering
in the Commonwealth", which was subjoined to Voice of Russia's news broadcast
October 23 at 0900 UTC. Boris Blitsky is Voice Of Russia's science

Interviewer: ...But just now we have to turn to another subject, and we keep
getting letters about unidentified flying objects, yes UFOs. So tell us first
of all, Boris, when the first UFOs were spotted over Russia!

Well, we all know that in the United States the first reports of flying
saucers, as they were dubbed on that occasion, came in 1947, and that was
when a group of rapidly moving, glistening objects were observed in the
daytime near Mount Rainier, Washington. Now, what about Russia? Are UFOs a
relatively new phenomenon here? Boris Blitsky: Oh, no! This is evident from
recently declassified documents of the Russian Ministry of The Interior which
inherited documents of the Russian Imperial Ministry of The Interior dating
back to the beginning of the past century. Now, among those documents there
is a very unusual report to the Tsar from his Third Department of The
Chancellery, as the government's secret police was known in those days. It
describes certain extraordinary light effects observed in the sky by the
inhabitants, the police and  military in the city of Orenburg on the night of
December 26, 1830. The observations amount to what today we would call a
typical UFO sighting.

But surely this wasn't the only report of this kind in the archive of the
Tsar's secret police, was it, Boris?  B: No, it wasn't. There were others,
too. A similar sighting was reported from the city of Ushtug (?) in Central
Russia on January 30, 1844, and still other reports are dated 1846 and 1847.
In short UFOs appear to have been sighted over Russia as far back as the
first half of the past century. You can hear it in real audio at:
http://audio.wrn.org/audio/1700.ram from the WRN (World Radio Network)
Internet Audio Services (audio@wrn.org). The main site of which is at


     Two NATO jet interceptors, described as "the F-16 type," chased a UFO
over France's Eure-et- Loire department at 4 p.m. on Monday, October  27,
1997.  Eyewitness Marie Franck reported, "I was at my country home in
Sainville, a village 40 kilometers (24 miles) east of Chartres.  I was in the
garden when I heard a progressive rumbling originating from the north, behind
the house.  It was then that I saw, to the west of the village, at 45 degrees
above the horizon and about 2,000 meters (6,600 feet or just over a
mile--J.T.) away a flying tube without wings but with fire coming out of the
stern, which moved in horizontal flight from the north-northeast to the
south-southwest."  Mme. Franck watched the UFO for "five seconds" before it
disappeared "behind a neighboring rooftop."  "Its speed was around 1,400
kilometers per hour," she reported. "I was astonished at not hearing a sonic
boom, and I thought I might have been mistaken in my calculations."  She
estimated that the UFO traveled two kilometers during the five seconds.

"At the same time, I got the idea that it might be a missile (perhaps
nuclear?) and that it was going to explode in the distance," she added.
 "Sudden terror! My sole reflex was to hurl myself to the ground, all the
while counting the seconds to estimate the distance from the object."      "I
was at 50 seconds when a new rumbling sound made its approach, but it was
coming from the southeast. I then observed passing from south to north a
military plane of the F-16 type, which made a very tight turn north of the
village (Sainville) in order to get on the north-northeasterly trajectory of
the object."  A few seconds later, "a new rumbling" was heard, and a second
F-16 appeared, flying in the same direction as the first.  Mme. Franck
gathered her children from the pavilion very quickly and brought them indoors
to safety.      Sainville is located on L'Autoroute A.10-E.05, the main
highway between Paris and Orleans.  The Armee de l'Air, France's Air Force,
has a base at Chateaudrun, 55 kilometers south of Sainville.  (Thanks to
Marie Franck, OVNI, and Joe Trainor editor UFO Roundup #2-43.

If you have a UFO news or comments, please, e-mail it to:  Majorstar@aol.com.

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