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Re: Media Influence on Abduction Reports

From: Don Ledger <dledger@istar.ca>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 14:51:25 +0100
Fwd Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 13:23:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Media Influence on Abduction Reports

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> From: Mark Cashman <mcashman@ix.netcom.com>
> Subject: re: UFO UpDate: Re: Media Influence on Abduction Reports
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> >  Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 13:46:02 +0100
> >  From: Don Ledger <dledger@istar.ca>
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> >  Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Re-Media Influence on Abduction Reports

> >  The question though is, have others on the list had witnesses
> >  relate this same type of occurance to them? Also, knowing it is
> >  possible that the CE3K movie scene influences this type of
> >  incident, is it not also possible that this is a regular
> >  occurance and that Spielberg used a real life experience in the
> >  movie that he had come across while writing the script. The ole'
> >  chicken or the egg puzzle.

> I never have read one way or the other, but I always assumed
> there was some relationship to the following case:

> 10/21/63 - Moreno, family, and employee; Trancas, Argentina;
> evening / early morning

>  Report Summary

> ...Moreno was awakened... by a fifteen year old employee at his
> ranch... The boy told him that there had apparently been an
> accident at the railroad tracks... about a half mile from the
> main house. The area was illuminated and people could be seen
> moving around...

> Sr. Moreno... awakened his wife... they... [saw] a luminous
> oval-shaped object which was hovering just a few feet in the air
> over the railroad tracks. It was projecting a beam of light to
> the ground where human-looking figures could be seen moving to
> and fro in single file... Sra. [Moreno] spotted another object
> which was fairly close to the house, also hovering a few feet
> above the ground. It appeared to be about 25 feet in diameter and
> there was a dome-shaped structure on the top of it, as well as
> lighted apertures which appeared to be windows or ports around
> its circumference.

> Sra. Moreno got a flashlight and shined it toward the disk,
> whereupon it shot out a narrow, tubular beam of light toward the
> house... the de Morenos began a... check of the house... [and]
> discovered ... a total of five disks in the vicinity of the house
> - 3 stayed between 210 and 225 feet from the house, and the other
> two, including the nearest one which she had seen first, were
> within a few feet... One of these latter objects shined a white
> tubular light at the house and the other a reddish violet light
> of the same shape and size.

> Shortly after the light beams were projected at the house the [de
> Morenos] began to notice a strong smell of sulfur and a definite
> rise in temperature. It was not long before the interior of the
> house was suffocatingly hot... "Forty minutes had passed when...
> the object at the tracks [elevated] and moved away, followed by
> the five disks which had surrounded the house. Just before the
> two closest disks left, the light which was beamed at the house
> went out, and following the other[s]... where the two closest
> disks had hovered there remained a misty, smoke-like deposit for
> several minutes."

> (UFOs: The Whole Story, Lorenzen, 1969 Signet Books p 190)

> ---

> This is one of only a few cases with which I am familiar that
> meets this pattern. Another is a strange case from the Blue Book
> files which featured a boy and several close and seemingly
> harassing approaches toward the house by an unusual "axe-head"
> shaped object.

> I think that house-sieges are rare in the non-abduction
> literature. Car harassment is orders of magnitude more common.

> An interesting pattern, isn't it?

Hi Mark and List,

Yes it is, but I think we can break these down even further to
cases where "the mist" has been mentioned, as in the three cases
I alluded to.

Just recently I have been involved in trying to locate a landing
site in dence wood,[spruce trees up 5 inches in diameter and
20-25 feet tall being crushed down to a height of 2-3 feet]. The
person who reported this was originally alerted to this sight the
previous evening when a brilliant blue/white light came on behind
him while exiting the woods at dusk during hunting season. He
turned, startled, to see where the light was coming from but
could only see the glow, not its source. What he did see besides
the light was a mist rolling through the trees coming from the
direction of the light. He stated that the mist had not been
evident before. The light went out after about twenty seconds.

The witness is a retired Chief Engineer on destroyers in CDN
navy, tough and hardnosed and does not embellish. I mention the
latter because, again, mist in the trees with a lot of indirect
lighting after dark is a favorite of the movie and television
industry when they are trying to set up a spooky or other-worldly
scene. On the other hand what he claims to have seen the
following day in the area where he had seen the light and the
considerable evidence of terrific heat at the site's perimeter, a
natural byproduct of moist trees and earth would be steam forced
outwards by pressure and convection.

Don Ledger

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