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ROJECT-1947: August 1947 Gallup Poll

From: Jan Aldrich <jan@CYBERZONE.NET>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 10:02:38 -0800
Fwd Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 13:34:11 -0500
Subject: ROJECT-1947: August 1947 Gallup Poll

August 1947 Gallup Poll

"What do you think these saucers are?"

 No answer, don't know                         20%
 Imagination, optical illusions, mirages, etc. 29%
 Hoax                                          10%
 US secret weapon, part of atomic bomb, etc.   15%
 Weather forecasting devices                    3%
 Russian secret weapon                          1%
 Searchlights on airplanes                      2%
 Other explanations                             9%

 Total                                         102%

"(Adds to more than 100% because some gave more than one answer.)

"Guesses ranged all the way from practical to miraculous.  Among
the later was a woman, citing biblical text, who said it was a
sign of the world's end.  A man in the West thought the discs
were radio waves from the Bikini atomic bomb explosion while
another man saw in them a new product being put out by the
'Dupont people.'

"A few people smelled a publicity or advertising stunt, while
others felt sure that the saucers were after all only some kind
of meteor or comet."

Informal newspaper polls from 1947 support the general line shown

Interestingly enough 90% of Americans had heard of flying
saucers. While only half had heard about the Marshall Plan or 61%
about the Taft-Hartley Labor bill.

Writers about the early days of UFOs fall into to the trap:

    UFO = ET spaceship.

However, most people did not consider this seriously.  In 1952
after the April LIFE magazine article Project Blue Book's files
are full of letters proposing all kinds of theory.  They ran
something like this, "I don't know much about atomic bombs, but
here is my theory on how the atomic tests are making the flying
saucers...."  Television was new and starting to show up in a
large number of America homes:  "Those flying saucers are caused
by all the TV wave running through the atmosphere."

Many skeptic don't really talk about UFOs, they are busy trying
to demolish the ETH which they somehow think is equivalent.  The
Condon Committee report is not so much a study of UFOs, but a
hatch job, with lots of irrelavent padding (which Condon told
Craig to put in), on why they do not represent a problem and are
not ET.  A number of cases have no solutions, but the scientific
value is considered to be zero.  The padding involves trival
cases.  As McDonald remarked:  they were contracted to look at
the difficult material not mess around in known waters.

The discussion of capability of instruments deployed to study
other phenomena showed that they were not much good in studying
this type of phenomenon (a)--especially since they were not set
up for this type of observation.  One thing the discussion of
instruments did not address was how many times they detected
weather balloons, aircraft or blowing papers....

I have to cut this short, as I have to take my car in for
repair.....the point I was heading for is that most comments and
"studies" are colored by belief or are about belief and not about
what has been reported.

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947

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