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Posting Rules for UFO UpDates

From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 03:49:59 -0500
Fwd Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 03:49:59 -0500
Subject: Posting Rules for UFO UpDates

                            Posting Rules

       To help current and future readers of UFO UpDates' posts and
       the UFO UpDates Instant Archive software at:


       please observe the following rules when posting to the List.

 1.    Line-length

       Please make your lines no more than 70 characters long

------------------------This line is 70 characters---------------------

       Longer lines are wrapped by various pieces of software along the Net
and leave awkward
       and eye-jarring line lengths.

 2.    Attribution

       When responding to a message from the List, _always_ include the
       four line 'header' from the body of that message at the start
       of _your_ message - eg.:

                >Date: 01 Jan 97 00:00:01 EST
                >From: Genghis@mukluk.com <Bob Bobberts>
                >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
                >Subject: UFO UpDate: Grays are Grey Area

       Again - it's at the beginning of the 'body' of the message you
       are responding to.

 3.    Quoting

       _Always_ quote from the message to which you are responding.

	Quotes should come _before_ you key your response.

       Start each quoted line with a 'greater-than' sign (>) as the
       first character. It should look like this:

       >Start each quoted line with a 'greater-than' sign (>) as the
       >first character. It should look like this:

       Keep quoted material from previous messages to a minimum:  Just
       quote enough text to let people know what you are referring to.

       Messages that do not utilize the required quoting protocol
       or contain excessive quoting will not be posted to UpDates.

       The Archive software will automatically italicize these lines.
       Visit the Archive page and take a look.

       Most modern E-Mail software will allow the user to click a
       'Reply' button and automatically open a new window, with the
       message being responded to inserted with universal quote-mark
       (>) at the beginning of each line.

       When 'Reply' is clicked, some E-Mail software will insert a line
       which states:

              On 01 Jan 97 at 00:00:01 EST, UFO UpDates wrote:

       If your program does this, please remove it - UFO UpDates did
       not _write_ the message - it merely posted it to the List.

 5.    Don't send 'personal' responses to the list that should be sent
       directly to the original author.  Send a message to the list
       only if it contains new information that you want _everyone_
       to see.

       Messages that contain what the List Moderator considers to
       be personal attacks or 'flames' will not be posted to the List.
       Those messages will be forwarded to the person they refer to
       for their information.

 6.    URLs (Web Site addresses)  _must_ include 'http://' and be on
       one line. The Archive software will make the URL a 'click-able'
       link to that address in your archived message.


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