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Re: {85} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

From: United Kingdom UFO Network <ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 20:39:05 +0000
Fwd Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 09:39:31 -0500
Subject: Re: {85} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

        ______ _______ ____
------ /  /  //  ____//    |----------------------------------------------
 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                           November 22nd, 1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 1 Issue 85
--- (_____//__/ -- (_____/------------------------------------------------

The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk giving the issue number. The issue will be
reposted to you. Please put the details as below in the subject
section e.g.  Repost {82} part 1, part 2 or part 3.

In this issue:


UK.UFO.NW IRC channel

United Kingdom News

[UK 1] British Airways pilots sightings
[UK 2] If anyone's out there, please wait until we've microwaved
       the dinner
[UK 3] Nine see 'UFOs in Star Wars battle'
[UK 4] Aliens get spaced out for Scots
[UK 5] Men In Black
[UK 6] Alien Spotter: Did you see a Southall UFO
[UK 7] Thirty Years ago in Horsham

World News

[W 1] A Russian scholar says our solar system has 2 Earth's
[W 2] Bandai rings the changes
[W 3] Safety board in spotlight of TWA probe after FBI bows out
[W 4] How Mars Hotted Up for Life
[W 5] USAF future testing of an Airborne Laser
[W 6] SETI@home - SETI@home is a grand experiment to harness the spare
power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the
Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) - uk.ufo.nw says:
well worth a read


Real Estate on the moon
the Name a Star article
Wall Street Journal article.


UK.UFO.NW IRC channel

Our search for guests for the UK.UFO.NW IRC (internet relay chat)
channel has been and continues to be very successful. However we
would like your help. Do you know of anyone who would make an
interesting guest on the channel, whether they be ufologists,
abductees or other. If you do please get them to mail us at:


or send us their details i.e. e-mail address etc and we will contact
them. Recent previous guests to the channel have included:

Stanton Friedman, Matthew Williams, Michael Lindemann, John Velez

Confirmed near future guests include:

Dan Sherman: http://www.earthworld.com/ppd/   (Project Preserve
Destiny) Graham W. Birdsall: http://www.ufomagazine.co.uk/   (UFO

All meetings where invited guests are in attendance become
moderated. This works very well keeping the channel tidy. Visitors to
the channel are able to ask questions of the guest through the
channel administrators Crow & Raine.

Connecting to the UK.UFO.NW IRC channel is very simple. It is not
even necessary to have a dedicated IRC program. You will find full
connection details at the foot of the e-zine.


Some of you seasoned internetters will need no introduction to 'The
Desert Rat'. Others of you may be more familiar with the name Glenn
Cambel. Infact both are one and the same.

Glenn is probably the most knowledgeable civilian on Area 51 / Groom

Glen wrote and edited 37 issues of 'The Desert Rat' which ran from
January 1994 to the Fall 1996. It has to be said that 'The Desert
Rat' was a classic. If you have the time it is well worth reading the
back issues. For this particular type of e-zine there is little to
touch them. Interesting, exciting, thought provoking.

The good news is 'The Desert Rat' is back with us. Or as Glenn would
say it never really left. It was just taking a rest.

Checkout Glenn's web site at: http://www.ufomind.com/ Current & back
issues of The Desert Rat can be found at:


Biography taken from Ufomind/PsiSpy - "The Mothership" web site."


Alias: Psychospy

Occupation: Owner and director of the Area 51 Research Center, which
is chiefly a mail order company that sell books and documents
relating to Area 51. The company is housed in a mobile home in
Rachel, Nevada, and has two employees apart from Campbell. Campbell
says that all profits from the company "support our continued

Prior Occupation: Computer programmer. Worked in "C" on the IBM PC
writing software for banking. Employed by small company in Cambridge,

Source of Support: Campbell says he is supported by income from the
mail order business as well as savings accumulated while he was a

Residence: Spends most of his time in Las Vegas; usually visits
Rachel on the weekends. Major Works: Author of Area 51 Viewers Guide,
a 115-page self-published guide to the public lands surrounding Area
51, as well as references and local lore. (Available from author for
$15 plus $4 p/h). Author of Groom Lake Desert Rat, an on-line
newsletter published at least monthly since Jan. 1994. Back issues
available on WWW.

The 1997 Skywatch

The date of the 1997 Skywatch proved to be a weekend that would be
remembered world wide, unfortunately not for the reasons hoped for
by all UFO enthusiasts, but for the tragic death of one of the
World's most beautiful and well loved ladies, Princess Diana,
Princess Of Wales.

It is uncanny that the UK UFO NW was visiting Wales that weekend and
we wish to extend our sincere condolences to the families and
friends of all involved, not least of which Princes William and
Harry, who are now forced to live their lives with nothing more than
memories of a truly wonderful mother.

Our best wishes go with you.


UK.UFO.NW would like to thank Lloydy for organising this years
Skywatch and for writing the below informative and amusing report
about our weekend.

Skywatch 1997

By Lloyd Bayliss

The preparations for the 1997 Skywatch event began not long after
the ''96 event was done and dusted - such was the success of that
weekend. Within weeks it was decided that the '97 event would move to
Lloydy's home turf, the mountains of South Wales.  Almost
immediately, preparations began and prospective sites were sought out
and suitable campsites were evaluated.

In early '97 the founder of the UK UFO NW, Dave Somen and close
friend Paul_J met up with Lloydy at South Wales and checked out the
three 'short listed' sites.  The original plan was to spend each of
the two nights at different locations, but after being impressed with
the first site an a little disappointed with the second, the third
one blew everyone away.  With stunning views of the Black Mountains
to the right, the Brecon Beacons to the left and views overlooking
Llangorse Lake and beyond stretching out into the distance in front,
the third site was chosen to accommodate the skywatchers for both

The site was located near a small mountain top car park on the B4560
running over Llangynidr Mountain.  A short walk down a green path
would take you far enough away from curious eyes, though close
enough to the cars for supplies and security.  The campsite was a
small Caravan Club site called 'Clydach Gorge' off the A465 "Heads Of
The Valleys" road at Clydach, around ten miles from the Skywatch site

The following months were spent booking the campsite, getting
photographs and details to the skywatchers, informing police Etc,
and by the end of August, all was ready!

The date set for the "Quest International Skywatch 1997" was the
weekend of 30- 31 August, slightly later than the previous year's
event and thought by some to be perhaps a little too late in the
summer for such an occasion.

However, the date was set and preparations completed, all that
remained was for people to turn up and the skies to remain clear.
Suffice to say, people turned up, and we'll leave it at that!

The enthusiasts attending this year's vigil were : DAVE_UFO, PAUL_J,
NESSUS, TOM and JON. Dave, Paul and Hideout met up with
Lloydy at the Little Chef cafe on the A465 at Gilwern just after
midday.  Doug was picked up from Abergavenny train station thirty
minutes later and it was on to the campsite to do battle with a tent
that could easily have housed a small circus!

The daunting mass of canvas and aluminium poles once again surprised
everyone with its willingness to be formed into something resembling
the shape of a tent!  A crew with such a wide spread of expertise
ranging from the academic to law and order could never be foxed by a
fabric abode, a ground sheet on the other hand  - now that's another
matter!  After stopping off at the railway station to pick up Espe,
a short trip to the local DIY store soon cured the groundsheet
problem and it was on to the supermarket for some extra "supplies".
And that was it, everything was set.  All that remained was to sit
back, enjoy the pleasant late summer sun and wait for Crow and Raine
to turn up. And wait.  And wait!  A couple of hours later they
rolled up, Crow as cool as ever and Raine just as bubbly.

Then, suddenly, the time had come for Skywatch '97 to begin proper.
Cameras, coffee, passengers and food were loaded into the cars and it
was onward and upward, and upward, and then up some more until we
reached the spot for the night's activities on the side of Llangynidr
Mountain.  The skies were still fairly clear, though a slight chill
was just starting to make itself felt in the early evening air.

After ferrying most of the kit from the small car park, first on the
agenda was food - of course!  Much had been heard about Dave's major
contribution to this year's festivities, the amazing, all in one,
portable, throw away Bar-B-Quick!  Dave had brought seven, yes
seven, of these wonderful labour saving devices on the strength that
not only could we cook on them throughout the two nights, they would
also serve to keep us warm if the temperature dropped a little too
far below the comfort zone.  Nice idea but, I'm not sure who said (if
indeed anyone ever has!), "the best ideas are not always the most
successful ones!"

After spending over twenty minutes trying to persuade this wonder of
modern technology to burst into flame (a faint glow would have
sufficed!), it was finally decided that it was actually cooling the
air around it!  At this point Jon, a friend and colleague of Dave's
turned up to join in the proceedings.

Now, Jon just happens to be a fireman, and so his talent for
controlling fire was put to good use in attempting to persuade
'Barbie' number two to give off a little heat.  It turns out that
Jon's extensive training had not been wasted and soon we had two
miniature furnaces (OK, slight exaggeration I grant you) piled high
with burgers and sausages.

With nightfall drawing ever closer and the light fading fast, some
patchy cloud began to bubble up, slowly massing together to form a
slightly worrying veil over much of the dusk sky.

It may have been the long distance aroma of burning sausages, but it
was around now that another local skywatcher, Tom, turned up.  He
arrived in style dressed in full combats and riding a brand new
Yamaha XT 600.  A few nervous glances were shared among some of the
other members of the gang until Lloydy announced "Ah, Tom's here at

With the cloud thickening fast and a suggestion of a few spots of
rain, skywatching quickly became a case of "oh look, I think I can
just see a star behind that cloud!"

With a lack of sky to watch, talk naturally turned to stories of
strange lights, unusual craft and crop circles.  Nessus and his
girlfriend were the last of the skywatchers to arrive and
conversation was soon joined between him and Espe over an incident
that had occurred in Nessus' locality involving seemingly
intelligently controlled lights following a car.  Espe countered with
possible explanations involving static electricity and a lively
debate was enjoyed by all.

Eventually the two parties agreed to discuss the topic in more depth
at a later date and a truce was drawn up around a beefburger, a hot
dog and a couple of cans of lager!

As far as stories go though, the most memorable of the evening had
to be that of Tom's tale of a prehistoric teradactile!  The story
goes something like this...

Some time ago, an article appeared in a magazine telling of a road
crew blasting a tunnel through a mountainside in France.
Apparently, after one particular blast, when the dust settled a baby
teradactile staggered out of the gloom, coughed once and promptly
fell over dead!!!

Tom swears blind he read the story but he can't remember which
magazine he saw it in!  Draw your own conclusions, but whatever, it
certainly brought some jocularity to the evening!

After settling down behind some windbreakers and umbrellas to do
some serious cloud watching (skywatching was well out of the question
by this time), things began to get more and more uncomfortable as the
temperature dropped and the rain began to fall, lightly at first
then with an urgency that suggested it was there to stay.

As one young lady, who shall remain anonymous, fell heavily for
Paul_J (literally - over his feet and straight down a bank), the
reluctant call was made to 'Abandon Skywatch' at around midnight.
And so it was with slightly dampened spirits and very dampened feet
and bums, the kit was hurriedly packed away and thrown into the cars
for the short journey back to the campsite.

By the time we reached our temporary canvas home, the rain had
reached epic proportions and spirits were sinking almost as fast as
our cars were sinking into the mud of the campsite.  After a subdued
beverage, most people decided to call it a night and try to catch
some sleep and hope for better weather for day two.

Our disappointment in finding little change in the weather overnight
was soon forgotten when the devastating news of Princess Diana's
fatal car accident was heard over the radio.  This terrible news
combined with the distinct lack of sky to watch and little prospect
of any improvement in the weather for the weekend served to mark the
end of Skywatch '97.

A quiet (and wet!) stroll around a local trading estate killed some
time while train timetables were waited upon and then it was time to
leave, each member of the Skywatch team heading for his or her own
corner of the country.  Although the event itself was a washout
(Skywash '97 was a favourite term of endearment!), it is still good
to meet up with the people that make up the UK UFO Network and to put
faces to old and new Internet friends alike.

A trek down South seems to be on the cards for next year's event, so
roll on Skywatch '98!!!

United Kingdom News

[UK 1]******

Source: United Kingdom UFO Network

British Airways pilots sightings

The United Kingdom UFO Network are currently investigating a number
of sightings that have occurred in the Midlands (UK) over the last
two weeks.

Sighting No. 1

Thursday 13th November 1997 a British Airways ATP - twin propeller -
aircraft BA 1858 (flight number not confirmed as yet) with an
official departure time of 6.35pm (departure time may have been
slightly later, this has yet to be confirmed) departed Birmingham
International Airport on route to Aberdeen, Scotland.

At 7pm numerous witnesses including police and security at Birmingham
airport heard on their vehicle radios one of the pilots of the ATP
aircraft make a report to Birmingham's air traffic control (ATC).

The pilot said that they had just seen what was described as a
shooting star pass underneath the aircraft. ATC requested the
aircraft's heading and altitude and asked them to phone once they
had reached their destination.

Enquiries were made at Birmingham ATC who confirmed that they had
infact received the radio message as described above. We were
informed that the sighting had taken place in Manchester Airports air
space. This confused us somewhat as to why the pilot had contacted
Birmingham while in Manchester's airspace. One possible reason could
be that Manchester's air space starts only 12 miles from Birmingham.
It is possible that the aircraft's radio frequency was still tuned to
Birmingham when the sighting occurred. It is known that the pilots
have made an official UFO report to Manchester's ATC.

Enquiries are underway with a uk.ufo.nw investigator who works for
British Airways to contact the pilots. More news on that as soon as
we have it.

Enquiries were then made with a contact at Manchester Airport who
through his own investigations was able to confirm that the sighting
was reported officially to Manchester ATC.

Things now get a little strange.

Sighting No. 2

One week exactly prior to this sighting on Thursday 6th November 1997
a British Airways ATP pilot on route from Aberdeen to Manchester at
6.45pm reported to Manchester ATC a basketball sized object passing
down the right side of the aircraft from front to back. The
aircraft's altitude was 17,000 feet, travelling east to west and 20
miles from Stoke.

This was not apparently recorded as an official sighting. Further
enquiries are underway on this sighting and we'll report when we
know more.

Sighting No. 3

Twelve and a half hours after sighting number one at 7.35am on Friday
14th November 1997 a male worker operating his fork lift truck in the
grounds of a large metal works in Perry Barr, Birmingham reported
seeing two orange spheres in the sky.

We have now spoken to the witness who was able to furnish us with
the following details.

He saw two bright orange spheres travelling across Perry Barr towards
Kingstanding, Birmingham. He estimated their height to be
approximately 2,000 feet and 8 to 9 miles from him. The spheres
appeared to be travelling together in the same direction and at
great speed. Total time of the sightings was approximately one

Once again further enquiries are underway and we are hoping to have
more details for you next issue.

[UK 2]******

Source: Daily Mail newspaper
Publish Date: Friday 7th November 1997
If anyone's out there, please wait until we've microwaved the dinner

By James Clark

For years they have scanned the skies, awaiting a signal from a
distant galaxy.

So far, scientists searching for extra-terrestrial life from the
Jodrell Bank complex in Cheshire have nothing to report.

That's not to say someone out there isn't trying to make contact.
But even if they were, the centre's multi-million pound technology
would fail to detect them - because of interference from microwave
ovens in homes nearby.

As one exasperated eavesdropper put it yesterday: "The single most
important breakthrough in our history could be lost forever thanks
to something as simple as a Cornish pasty being cooked for some
chap's tea."

Jodrell Bank's chief enigineer, Dr Tony Batilana, explained: "It is
like that crackling you get when you're listening to the radio and
someone turns on a light switch. We're listening to signals so far
away that this can obliterate them."

Mobile phones, video recorders, TVs and other household electronics
also cause problems.

"Astronomy has been a fascination for mankind from the dawn of
time," Dr Batilana added. "So it would be extremely sad to write off
all posibility of pursuing our inquiry for the sake of a microwave."

Officials from the centre's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
section have asked the local council to limit the number of
household electronics in nearby Holmes Chapel.

Congleton Council planning officer Richard House explained: "A
special consultation zone has been set up to keep disruption to a
minimum. But although we can limit the number of houses built, people
can own whatever they like."

First to feel the force of the regulations is the hotel firm Hayley,
which is carrying out an 'electronics audit' at its conference
centre near Jodrell Bank.

Manager director Norman Bellone explained : "It's bizarre that
something so seemingly insignificant can affect something so
mind-boggling. But we'll do what we can."

[UK 3]******

Source: The Sun newspaper
Publish Date: Thursday 6th November 1997
From: Vadir

Nine see 'UFOs in Star Wars battle'

Sighting date: 16th August 1997


By Yvonne Bolouri

Nine neighbour's claim to have seen an amazing Star Wars - style UFO
battle over their homes.

Stunned David Ledger and his girlfriend Karen Williams watched as a
huge orange object cruised silently overhead as they took their dogs
for a midnight  walk.

Soon more star shaped craft appeared - and the couple frantically
roused neighbours in Kirkcaldy, Fife, to witness the sighting.

David, 35, said: "The Orange object covered three - quarters of the
sky in about 30 seconds then stopped.

"What looked like a shooting star zig-zagged towards it and it shot
off in the opposite direction. This happened at least five times.
One UFO passed right over our heads."

All nine friends watched as the glittering craft attacked and dodged
each other in a 45-minute lightshow.

Another witness, labourer David Walker, said: "They weren't shooting
stars. Shooting stars do not stop, hang about for a minute then fly
away again."

UFO expert Malcolm Robinson - who has probed the so-called Falkirk
Triangle hotspot - said: "I can find no rational explanation."



By Yvonne Bolouri and Arlene Russo

Just before turning in for the night David Ledger and girlfriend
Karen Williams took their dogs out for a walk.

Then as they stood gazing up at the stars, David and Karen watched
open-mouthed as a massive orange object silently glided over the
rooftops into view.

Within minutes the young couple were battering on neighbours doors
and rallying pals to watch spellbound as a Star Wars-type battle
unfolded before their eyes.

None of the nine independent adult witnesses doubt their own
judgement. They know what they saw with their own eyes but were too
alarmed to discuss in detail what they saw.

Now, for the first time, they agreed to tell The Scottish Sun what
really happened that starry, August 16 night in the skies over
Kirkcaldy, Fife.

In addition, top Scots ufologist Malcolm Robinson has taken sworn
and signed depositions from all nine.

Each can remember the incident with crystal clarity.

David, 35, said: "Karen and I had just let the dogs out and were
standing looking up at the sky. It was a lovely night and the sky
was very clear.

"Then from a corner of the roof we watched a large orange object
glide overhead and out towards the River Forth.


"It moved really fast and had covered three-quarters of the sky when
it suddenly stopped.

-[continued in part 2]-

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