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part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

From: United Kingdom UFO Network <ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 20:39:05 +0000
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Subject: part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                           November 22nd, 1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 2 Issue 85
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk giving the issue number. The issue will be
reposted to you. Please put the details as below in the subject
section e.g.  Repost {82} part 1, part 2 or part 3.

"A dazzling blue flash lit up the sky and what looked like a
shooting star zig- zagged at top speed towards the orange UFO which
then zipped off in the opposite direction.

"I was so determined everyone should see this I ran off and banged
on my neighbour's door.

"Karen ran up the street to her mum's house and dragged her mum and
brother Stephen out to see it.

"It ended up with nine of us standing in the middle of the garden
watching this amazing sight with small crafts zipping over the sky
for nearly an hour.

"If I haven't got so many others to watch it, no-one would have
believed us. We weren't seeing things. What happened was very real."

Karen, 24, added: "I didn't have time to feel frightened.

"I just raced up the road to my mum's while David was yelling on the
neighbours. Everyone must have thought we were mad but we didn't
care. We just wanted them to look at the sky and see this before it
was too late." Karen's sister, Marcelle, 24, said: "I can hardly
believe all this has happened right on our doorsteps. I may not have
believed before, but now I know UFOs exist."

Brother Stephen, 23, added: "Karen told us there was something
amazing going on in the sky and we just locked the door and ran down
to where everyone had gathered.

"We stood and watched with everyone else. There were loads of
pod-like lights zipping around the sky, but they weren't going
straight - they were weaving from side to side, gliding in front and
behind each other.

"I had grabbed our video camera but it didn't record it clearly.
There was so much going on and it must have lasted for a good couple
of hours because it was still going on when we decided to go home."

Amazingly Steven and his pal David Walker had experienced their own
close encounter, two years earlier, walking on country backroads
towards Cowdenbeath.

Stephen said: "I was already convinced about UFOs. David and I
watched a large silver object, shaped like a teardrop, descend into
woods near Kirkcaldy, two years ago. We never really talked about it.
Now and again we'd bring it up between ourselves.

"We watched this craft for ages, hovering just above the woods about
100 yards from the road.

"It was shiny silver, more a sort of silvery grey metallic, but it
hung around for ages, and when it turned, its underside was just a
dazzling light.

"Now I was standing again with David watching another phenomenon."

David, 21, said: "It was unbelievable. My wife Nicola and I heard
all this shouting so we went to have a look from our verandah.

Everyone was out in the garden below so Nicola and I joined them.

"At first we couldn't see anything. Then we saw all these white
lights and four or five of them were flying in some sort of pattern,
weaving and diving from side to side. They were travelling very fast.
One went behind another and it disappeared then the same thing
happened again. It really was very unusual. None of us had ever seen
anything like it before.

"They weren't shooting stars because they did not fall and they did
not leave a trail behind them. Also, shooting stars do not stop,
hang about for a minute then fly away again."

Another witness, social care worker Terry March, also rushed

He said: "I saw a star-like object which was being attacked by
another similar object. Then I saw a large flash, like a laser."

And Alfonso Clark, 23, said: "I am now positive there is much more
to this than meets the eye. Before all this happened I'd have found
it all pretty hard to believe."

Jim Fay and his son Mark were watching TV when David came banging on
their door.

Jim, 49, said: "Both of us rushed outside to see what all the
commotion was.

"We watched four or five lights, all travelling sideways,
Criss-crossing over each other, cutting through each other's path
with the most amazing precision. All this activity seemed to be
heading towards the River Forth.

We watched it for about 35 minutes. We couldn't believe what we were

Mark, 13, said: "I only told a couple of my pals about it because I
thought everyone would think I was mad.

"Dad and I watched these lights. They were like stars only much too
fast, cutting through each other's path, sometimes in front,
sometimes behind but they moved sideways, not in front of each other.

"I was glad David had shouted on us or else we'd have missed it."

Conspiracy theorists believe the strange objects are similar to UFOs
caught on a NASA video of the Space Shuttle Discovery Mission

A leaked video from the live link television broadcast showed a
mysterious white object as the satellite left the earth's
atmosphere. When a large flash appeared in the bottom corner of the
screen, the object stopped, turned 90 degrees and shot off into

The video shows more than 10 unknown objects moving around. One is
saucer shaped with a reflecting surface and resembles a triangular

David Ledger has since become obsessed with solving the mystery of
the strange sky objects.

He spends hours on the Internet contacting UFO groups.

He said: "It's like a driving force within me. I am compelled to
find out more about those star UFOs.

"Those mysterious star UFOs came into my life and I want to know
why. They have left a lot of mysteries unanswered and I believe this
has happened for a reason.

"Since this has happened to us I'm desperate to get to the bottom of

"Funnily enough, those who have never seen anything like this are
the first to sneer and make fun of it. Ignorance is bliss.

"But people are speaking up nowadays, so we may be closer to getting
answers than we think.

" We'll never break new ground on this unless people are prepared to
speak up and not be put off by those who make fun of them. I think
it's us who will have the last laugh because I'm convinced there's
definitely something out there.


"If alien forces are watching us, it's a lot more intelligent than
we are. Mention UFOs to some folk and they start talking about wee
green men. It's a lot more sophisticated than that!"

The sightings have created a huge stir in research units throughout
the world, alerted through the Internet.

Scotland's leading UFO specialist, Malcolm Robinson said: "I have
been investigating this and can find no rational explanation for the
sightings at all.

"The Ministry of Defence has confirmed there wasn't commercial or
military aircraft on that night at that time. HM Coastguard have no
record of anything and neither do the police.

"My job is to investigate all phenomena and find the rational

"Only when all other areas have been exhausted will I admit to real
phenomena and in this case I have no doubts whatsoever.

"This is Scotland's first multi-witness UFO sighting which makes
this case stand head and shoulders above all others and has been a
genuine UFO sighting."

Did you see anything?

Did you see anything unusual in the sky as Saturday night turned
into Sunday morning on August 16th? If so we want to know! The truths
out there and we want your help to uncover the mystery. Call Yvonne
Bolouri on 0141 420 5290 or 0141 420 5291 today. She'll call you
right back so don't worry about the costs.

And don't forget to also contact us UK.UFO.NW at:


[UK 4]******

Source: The Sun newspaper
Publish Date: Friday 7th November 1997
From: Vadir

Aliens get spaced out for Scots

By Yvonne Bolourl

Extra-terrestrial beings are no strangers to Scotland. In fact they
seem to be regular visitors.

Over the past year, there have been numerous sightings with locals
convinced what they have seen is real.

In September last year, two women out walking with their kids
claimed they stumbled across 100 little grey beings and their space
ship in a deserted field near the Falkland Hills in Fife. They saw
the aliens following orders given by a tall, tanned, flat-faced
leader with a bulbous head.

Then, last November, Banchory Academy girl Lesley Fitzgerald, 14,
snapped a mystery object over Balmoral, in Kincardineshire, days
before the Queen arrived on holiday.

That was just weeks after RAF jets were scrambled to Inverness to
investigate an invader penetrating top security airspace over the
Royal estate.

Construction worker Jim Macleen, 54, caught a UFO on camera four
times in five months over his factory in Mount Vernon, then again in
Ruthergen, Glasgow. Experts confirmed the pics were authentic.


Two party plan Ann Summers sellers drove from Alves, Invernesshire,
to Elgin, Morayshire, when a UFO followed their car.

Jane McIntosh, 23, and Diane Pirrie, 19, were so terrified they
rushed to the police.

Then forestry worker Robert Taylor hit the headlines 18 years ago
after claiming he was attacked by aliens, and showed off the

Robert, now 78, stumbled across a saucer-shaped craft in a clearing
in Dean's Forest near his home in Livingston.

He says: "Two spheres dropped from the craft. They took a bit of
skin from my chin, but I don't know anything else because I passed

A series of UFO sightings gripped Scotland in February 1995.

Civil servant David Gribben claimed he saw a UFO heading towards the
Isle of Jura as he left the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow and a Navy
chopper investigated.

Hundreds of callers jammed The Scottish Sun switchboard claiming
they had spotted a UFO over the country after the incident.

Mum-to-be Jane Adamson thought she'd gone into labour when she
spotted a UFO in Falkirk - a few miles from Britain's UFO capital

And Falkirk granny Margaret Ross, 64, stunned experts after filming
a space ship on her camcorder.

Quick-thinking Jim McNeish, 55, also grabbed a camcorder when he saw
a huge ball of bright light expand to seven times its normal size
before shrinking back again over the skies in Grangemouth.

Hundreds ring to say We saw Star Wars too

By Yvonne Bolourl

Star - gazing Sun readers reckon we are not alone.

Our switchboards were jammed yesterday after we told how nine
neighbours in Kirkcaldy witnessed a Star Wars battle in the skies in

Restaurant worker Andrew Middleton, 53, of St Andrews, Fife, said:
"I saw the same phenomenon on the same night.

"I came home from work after midnight and was making myself a cup of
tea when I decided to have a cigarette.

"I don't smoke in the house so I went into the garden and lit up. It
was exactly 12.50am when I saw a huge bright yellow light in the
sky. It zig-zagged across the sky like a graph then shot down behind
the house next to me.

"The nearest house is about 500 yards away and I was cursing it
because I couldn't see where it went to.

"The flash was a bit like lightning but instead of lighting up the
sky in that split second, it lit up a ziggy line like you see on a

Mum-of-three Kathy Steel, 44, of Kirkcaldy, said: "I saw it too.

"There was a blue object, a big blue light with lots of white lights
all darting around it. I shouted to my daughter and husband to come
and have a look but they were too busy watching  television.

"It was amazing. At one point I counted eight separate lights all
flying at tremendous speed zig- zagging around the sky.

"I'm not a fanciful type and I know what I saw with my own eyes that

Vicki Lamble, 20, of Kirkcaldy, said: "I was really glad to read
your story because I saw it to on the same night as the others.

"I was looking out the window and at first glance I thought it was a
helicopter in the sky.


"Suddenly the light became so bright, realy dazzling, like a star
then it started to change shape and colours.

"It went from round to oval. It's really difficult to describe. I
called my friend Lesley and we watched it until the next morning. It
was fascinating. We sat up and watched all these lights zipping
about the sky.

"The speed was incredible - and all those different colours and

"It was great to read that other folk had seen similar things."

Nightclub bouncer Kevin Neary, 29, of Stonyburn, West Lothian, said
he saw a similar scene over  Bathgate three months ago.

He said: "I was on my way home from work, with two guys who had been
to the club when I saw two orange lights over the hills in Bathgate.

"They looked like orange street lamps but they were high in the sky,
then I noticed another two behind them.

"I pointed them out to my mates but they were pretty drunk so they
were taking the mickey.

"I was stone-cold sober, because I had just finished work, so I
didn't say any more but I kept on watching.

"Two other lights suddenly fell from the darkness alongside the
others, so there were six of them and they were all buzzing about
the sky like wasps.

"I could see another four further back in the sky, there was about a
dozen in all but it really really freaked me out.

"Next day one of the guys who had been with me confessed he'd seen
it as well but said he'd deny it because he didn't want folk to think
he was mad.

"I don't care what folk think. I saw it and I don't mind putting my
name to it - It was amazing."

Alan Melville, 32, of Kirkcaldy, saw the same thing at Kinghorn
Beach three miles from Kirkcaldy a couple of years ago. Promotions
boss Alan said: "My girl friend and I have also seen huge orange
objects drifting through the sky and believe me, seeing somethink
like that realy changes your perspective on life.

"You forget the day to day drudgery and all your complaints when you
witness something so fantastic.

"One night we had gone for a drive when we saw a big orange ball
object in the sky. We watched it change shape and colour and we've
seen lots of little objects chasing each other around the sky,
darting in and out of the clouds.

"We've seen this a couple of times and it's very reassuring having
someone else with you at the time.

"The last time we just looked at each other and said: 'Are you
seeing what I'm seeing?' And it's a relief when the other person says


Office worker Fiona Lowrie, 26, from Kirkcaldy said: "I've witnessed
UFOs twice this year in this area.

"The first was on April 24 at 6.30 in the morning.

"My window looks over The Forth and I saw three orange balls
floating in the middle of the sky, they were like dancing and the
middle one moved quickly in between the two overs. I dragged my
fiancee out of bed and watched them for a minute.  The other time was
on September 11 at 7.55 at night and I got the fright of my life.

"I looked out my window to see this huge black triangle just 200ft
from my house with three blinking lights.

"I just about had a heart attack. It stayed there for about 15
seconds before zooming off.

"I now keep a camera at my window because there's definitely
something out there."

Hairdresser Caroline Anderson, 22, of Glenrothes also reckons Fife's
a UFO hotspot.

She said: "I've been watching odd lights in the sky over Glenrothes
for the past year.

"Just before Christmas last year I saw a huge orange ball which
caught my eye because it was so bright and just sort of hovered in
the one place for ages before it turned bluish then green then it

"I've been looking out for it ever since."

Care worker Jim Maxwell, 35, from Beith, Ayrshire, said: "I didn't
see that particular sighting but I saw something a couple of months
ago which I thought was really strange.

"I was on night duty and I noticed a bright light in the sky around
5 in the morning.

"I thought it was a shooting star and I was expecting it to whoosh
across the sky.

"It was too fast and far too high to be a plane. My work mate saw it
too. We never did find out what it was."

[UK 5]******

Source: The Sun newspaper
Publish Date: Friday 7th November 1997
From: Vadir

Men In Black

by Arlene Russo

A top UFO expert last night claimed he has secret documents that
expose a real life Men In Black - style group covering up thousands
of mystery Scottish sightings.

Author Nicholas Redfern alleges that for over 50 years, secret
government officials have ordered RAF pilots and radar operators to
keep quiet about alien craft they have tracked.

But Nicholas, 33, believes this is all about to change. He said:
"Government's are running scared. They cannot hide it any longer.

"We are being visited by extraterestrials. This is not about little
green men and flying saucers. This is a serious defence issue.

"Six or seven other secret Ministry of Defence Department's are
involved. They're the real Men In Black and this is where the really
good UFO reports end up."

Nicholas has gained unprecedented access to thousands of previously
classified Defence and RAF files.


He claims a conspiracy of silence has suppressed details about the
flood of Bonnybridge UFO sightings, adding: "for some inexplicable
reason UFOs are attracted to Bonnybridge. Something in that area is
attracting them. This is happening nowhere else in Britain.

"The number of alien abductions in Scotland has also increased and
the Government knows more than it claims.

"These flying objects are witnessed by trained military - expert
witnesses at the forefront of defending our country."

Redferns own obsession with UFOs was sparked as a 14 year old, when
his father Frank recounted a strange experience.

In 1952, while serving with RAF, Neatishead, Norfolk, radar mechanic
Frank tracked a fast moving UFO.

The next day it returned and was filmed. However, photos, radar
tapes and records mysteriously disappeared and the incident was

Nicholas said: "as far back as 1953 pilots were warned not to
discuss UFO sightings outside official channels, not even with their

But he reckons that kind of attitude could soon be about to change -
with Government's softening us for amazing revelations about alien

The said: "in the last three years Britain has released 2,000 pages
of declassified UFO material.

"Nicholas Pope, a Government official has spoken out extensively
about his role as the MoD's UFO frontman.

"The US Government, CIA and FBI have also been pumping out
declassified documents.

"This is being done deliberately. World Government's are slowly
acclimatising us to the fact that UFOs exist.


"The problem has been that UFOs enter our airspace and our pilots
can not intercept them.

"World Government's don't want to admit that they are not in control
of our skies.

"They may not be about to tell us the whole truth even now, but they
can no longer deny that something strange is going on in our skies."

Nicholas is convinced authorities will admit within five years that
we are being visited by extraterrestrials.

He went on: "the powers that be imagine there will be worldwide
hysteria when they say UFOs exist. I disagree. We've lived for half
a century with the threat of nuclear war hanging over us.

"In the same way, when we receive official confirmation that UFOs
exist, for the first fortnight it will the front page news.

"But we'll all go back to normal life."

Despite that, Nicholas warns us to forget the cuddly ET image.

He claims the first credible face-to-face encounter occurred near
Balmoral in November 1958 - and bears out his theory.

Two terrestrial army soldiers heard a gurgling sound from a group of
trees, then saw two figures over 7ft tall emerge.

The soldiers fled in terror and were chased by a disc-shaped UFO,
which swept low then vanished in a trial of spikes.

Now he is convinced UFOs deliberately target military installations.

He adds: "they are studying our defence capabilities. Maybe they are
trying to see if we can withstand an attack. Aliens are out for their
own ends. They abduct us and interfere with our thought patterns."

But maybe visitors from other planets have very good reasons for
being wary of us.

Nicholas added: "let's face it, were not very friendly. If we spot a
UFO, we try and blast it out of our skies.

"Humans are too aggressive and unpredictable for aliens.

"But aliens are reprogramming our patterns of thought.


"It's no coincidence many abductees go through a life change.

"They become vegiterians, are more concerned about the enviroment
and develop artistic qualities.

"So maybe in another 50 years, once our thought patterns are more
peaceful, aliens will make open contact.

"On the other hand, they are an advanced species. We're like ants to
them, so what can they learn from us?

"Just as we have no interest in speaking to squirrels, maybe they
have no desire to speak to an intellectually inferior species."

[UK 6]******

Source: Ealing Gazette
Publish Date: 24th October 1997
From: mickjones@cix.compulink.co.uk (Mick Jones

Alien Spotter: Did you see a Southall UFO.

A UFO group is trying to find if the truth is out there after one of
its members saw an unidentified flying object hovering over Southall
- for the second time in six months.

Elaine Waite, 42, spotted the metallic globe earlier this month in
the south-east sky as she was walking to work along Dormers Wells
Lane, Southall. She says it appeared to be hovering over Norwood

But UFO experts at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) say its unlikely to
have been an X-File type of craft.

They believe it is most likely to have been the sun reflecting off
an aircraft as it approached Heathrow Airport.

Elaine, a school classroom assistant, saw the phenomenon on October
2 at 8.2Oam. She said: I was just walking along the road and I saw
it. It was a bright day and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

It was like a silver or metallic globe and over the far side of
Southall. It just hung in the sky appearing not to move. I got a
good look at it. It must have stayed there for around eight seconds
before it disappeared. I know people will say it was an aircraft.
because Heathrow is nearby, but it just vanished and didnt fade away
as a plane would.

Elaine saw a similar object in May appearing to hover over Brent
River Park. She said the UFO was similar to that filmed by
Christopher Martin as it hovered over Bromley-By-Bow, east London, in

But Alien Encounters, a magazine devoted to UFOs, got experts to
examine the film and most concluded the objects were probably

Elaine is a member of the UFO Postal Network which investigates
sightings and the effect they have on people. She wants to launch an
investigation into her own sightings and has appealed for anyone
else who saw the object to contact her.

-[continued in part 3]-

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