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Re: PROJECT 1947 Website UPDATE

From: legion@mira.net [John Stepkowski]
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 08:46:31 +1100 (EST)
Fwd Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 13:46:40 -0500
Subject: Re: PROJECT 1947 Website UPDATE

                              PROJECT 1947


                               What's New


                    Site Update             Link Update




       A new addition to the website is the PROJECT 1947 Forum.
       Many researchers affiliated with PROJECT 1947 have interests
       in contemporary UFO research and we hope to showcase these
       efforts in the Forum area.

       The Forum's first contributor is Australian researcher, Bill
       Chalker, who has provided us with articles demonstrating his
       wide-ranging interests in all aspects of UFOlogy.

       In "Australian Aboriginal Culture and Possible UFO
       Connections," Bill explores possible parallels between
       aboriginal lore and the modern-day UFO experience.

       Bill's interest in physical trace cases is highlighted in his
       personal "Account of 'Angel Hair' Observation."

       One view of the UFO phenomenon holds that the governments of
       the world have accepted the reality of UFOs as vehicles from
       other planets. Another perspective, based on once-classified
       official government documents, is that while the subject of
       UFOs has been taken seriously, their origin and purpose
       remains a mystery.

       In "The Ultimate Secret - Fact or Fiction: The Australian
       Connection," Bill relates stories of Australian close
       encounters with "Men in Black" and alleged crashed saucer
       retrievals. The article illustrates some of the vast
       reservoir of accounts and rumors that exist about
       governments' involvement with the UFO phenomenon.

       Material from government files appears quite tame when
       compared to the tales recounted in the first article,
       but the importance of official documents lies in the
       fact that they report how responsible officials, military
       personnel, and otherwise solid citizens have encountered
       various manifestations of the UFO phenomenon.

       Having been allowed unprecedented access to previously
       restricted Australian government UFO files, Bill is in a
       unique position to extensively detail officialdom's approach
       to the "UFO problem" in "UFOs 'Sub Rosa' Down Under - The
       Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO Controversy"

       Bill Chalker welcomes feedback and comments on his articles.


       Site Update

       Aircraft / UFO Encounters Catalogue

       Dominique Weinstein, a French researcher based in Paris,
       continues to compile his unique database of Aircraft / UFO
       Encounters (ACUFOE).

       The main sources for the core of this catalogue consist of
       his own research and the extensive files of the highly
       respected 40 year old French UFO journal, _Lumi=E8res Dans La

       ACUFOE is an ongoing project. Dominique continues to consult
       numerous publications, official records, and private files.
       Researchers in France and other countries have contributed
       additional cases from around the world. As this work is
       constantly being updated, he welcomes additional cases,
       further information on cases currently in the catalogue, and
       cases found to be mistakes, hoaxes or IFOs.

       The latest ACUFOE catalogue update will soon be offered to
       the public. The PROJECT 1947 Web Site is proud to host a
       small sample of Dominique Weinstein's catalogue.


       Aircraft / UFO Encounters Prior to 1942

       Jan Aldrich lists some pre-1942 Aircraft / UFO Encounters



       The PROJECT 1947 Notice Board.

       To aid PROJECT 1947 listmembers in their current research
       efforts, a publically accessible 'Notice Board' now contains
       details of requests for information.

       Research is a gift economy. The more we contribute the more
       we all get back. Please check the 'Notice Board' regularly
       and contact the researchers listed if you can help.


       The PROJECT 1947 Links Page has been updated.  All
       Catalogues are now accessible from the one page.

       Link Update

       The LunaScan Project (TLP) is an EBTI (Earth-Based Telescopic
       Imaging) program using live CCD imaging technology to
       observe, document, and record LTPs (Lunar Transient

       Encompassing various aspects of Lunar imagery, including
       attempts to re-image areas allegedly containing "anomalous"
       structures, LunaScan is highly recommended for anyone with an
       interest in astronomy and selenology.

       The LunaScan co-ordinator, Francis Ridge, has limited copies
       of his book "Regional Encounters: The FC Files" available.
       Taken from the files of the UFO Filter Centre, the book
       contains a "chronological report of special close encounter
       events" incorporated into Fran's personal investigations.


       Mark Cashman has added new cases and articles to his UFO
       page. Always worth a look.




       Limited copies of _Charles Fort, The Fortean Society
       & Unidentified Flying Objects_ are still available. (114 pp.)

       Written and published by noted UFO historian Loren Gross,
       this book is subtitled "A survey of the unidentified flying
       object mystery from August, 1895, to August, 1947," and
       contains a detailed historical overview of UFOs/UAPs, with an
       emphasis on Charles Fort and other Fortean luminaries such as
       Tiffany Thayer and R. DeWitt Miller.

       Combining a history of Fortean researchers with newspaper
       accounts of early UFO reports, Loren Gross provides a richly
       detailed overview of the phenomenon, and a look at
       researchers like Charles Fort who chose the "little trodden
       paths" in their journey through the mysterious and unexplored

       Copies are just (US)$6.00 (including p&h), and available

                            Mr. Jan Aldrich
                            P. O. Box 391
                            Canterbury, CT 06331

       E-mail Jan Aldrich (jan@cyberzone.net) for more details.


       Larry Hatch has just released the latest version (November,
       1997) of his *U* UFO Database for IBM-PC compatibles.

       *UDEMO*, a limited demonstration version of the *U* UFO
       Database, is now available.

       *U* was first introduced in October, 1994, and allowed the
       rapid searching and cross-referencing of many UFO reports.
       This revision now contains in excess of 16,200 high quality
       sightings. In addition, the latest version contains many new
       features and improvements:

          * NEW STATISTICS Functions have been added.
          * NEW MAP FUNCTIONS.
          * ASTRONOMICAL FEATURES. (Plots positions of planets
            at the time of UFO sightings).
          * NEW SEARCH PATHs added.
          * RECORDS "TAGGING" to set aside special cases.
          * Pop-up REFERENCES WINDOW. (see all the sources by
          * ABBREVIATIONS LOOKUP in English, French, Spanish
            and Portuguese!
          * SPEED ARRAY loads into memory to speed up lengthy
          * New UTILITIES MENU consolidates all routines into a
            single .EXE file. and much more.

       The *UDemo* version is limited to UFO reports from 1952-53
       but is otherwise fully functional.

       Ordering and operating details are contained in the *UDEMO*
       file which can be downloaded here.


                        Revised: November 18, 1997



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