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N.Y.Post, 11/23: "Clinton wanted UFO probe: Hubbell book"

From: CloudRider@aol.com
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 13:29:00 -0500 (EST)
Fwd Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 22:08:03 -0800
Subject: N.Y.Post, 11/23: "Clinton wanted UFO probe: Hubbell book"

"Clinton's secret UFO fascination: revealed in new book by close friend."
(Page 12)...so reads front page blurb of N.Y. City's "real" newspaper this
Sunday morning. "UFOlogists," listen up!

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See:  <http://nypostonline.com/>
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New York Post, Sunday, Nov. 23, 1997  (Page 12)...excerpted:

"Bill wanted UFO probe: Hubbell book"

by Deborah Orin
Washington Bureau Chief

   President Clinton was intrigued by UFOs and wanted to know if they really
existed, says a new book the his golfing pal, disgraced Justice Department
official Webb Hubbell.
   Hubbell says finding out about UFOs was one of the top priorities Clinton
gave him in sending him over to a job as one of Attorney General Janet Reno's
top deputies.
 "'Webb,' (Clinton) had said, ' if I put you over at Justice I want you to
find the answers to two questions for me,'" Hubbell recounts.
 "'One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs.'
  "Clinton was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn't satisfied
with the answers I was getting," Hubbell adds.
   Hubbell describes his failure to find out about JFK and UFOs as a big
regret when he had to resign as associate attorney general and pleaded guilty
to bilking law clients of $482,000.
   Whitewater figure Jim McDougal has said Hubbell -- who worked closely with
Mrs. Clinton and former White House lawyer Vincent Foster at Little Rock's
Rose law firm -- "knows where the bodies are buried" on the land deal, but he
stays pretty closed-mouth in the book, "Friends In High Places."
  The book touched off a courtroom battle when Whitewater counsel Ken Starr
tried to subpoena early drafts. Starr backed off, and in any case Hubbell's
book insists he can't remember much.
  But Hubbell does toss out a tantalizing aside in examining why Bill Clinton
decided against running for president in 1988: a remark from Hillary that,
"We've got to straighten up Whitewater."
  The book portrays Hillary Clinton as an ambitious woman who dreamed of
succeeding her husband as Arkansas governor and paints Bill Clinton as
someone unable to face his wife on whether she should use his last name or
(End excerpt...)
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ADDITONAL "heads-ups":

1.  Look for supermarket tabloids to sensationalize Hubbell's writings about
"UFOs," as high-level "disconnection" effort by Rockefeller's minions, and
Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein's intelligence community cronies in the U.
S. A., continues to try and separate the "believer billionaires" from
"Roswell" scams.

2.  Hillary indirectly figures in another new book soon to hit the airwaves,
but already should be in a bookstore near you. It is: "The Healing of
America," by Marianne Williamson, who has decided that our nation might be
worth saving, even if it was founded by "dead white men," but only if
American values can be laundered through the "Course in Miracles" and the New
   Another from the Simon & Schuster "secret school" of books including John
Mack's "Abduction," Michael Drosnin's "The God Code," Philip Corso's "The Day
After Roswell," Bill Broad's "The Universe Below," and profitable others in
the 20-year "Global Mind Change" initiative aiming to reshape our planetary
civics into a post-Cold War, post-modern, Joseph Campbellian cosmic culture
that puts God back into the mythology box and replaces morality with the
ethics-free techno-fascism favored by the same "old white guys" and energy
moguls who PAY for all of the New Age and "UFOlogical" Space-Nazi belief
systems, Ms. Williamson's "The Healing of America" even includes the texts of
our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the U. S., so her
readers can readily see where our imperfections as a democratic republic lie,
all-the-better to remake America in the image of "the Goddess," and all of
her acolytes here now.
   Included in that gaggle of geese we see Oprah listed, along with Yale
"neo-feminist" Naomi Wolf and a list of "Williamson groupies" and fem-wiccan
philosophers, most notably former Hillary Clinton "shaman" Jean Houston, to
whom Williamson gives her highest praise and gratitude. The overlap between
the "peacenik-aliens-are-here-to-reshape-Earth" UFO-nots and this particular
cadre of anti-American, globalist philosophers is more than coincidental, and
needs no "conspiratorial" spin to be evident to the discerning reader. Don't
"look under the bed." Just read WHAT this woman is saying, as it ties into
the other chaff coming out of Simon & Schuster...whose editor in chief is a
Williamson & Oprah groupie, using her power to alter reality.
   This group ranges from The New York Times to Time-Warner (home of Cowboy
Ted Turner and "Hanoi-Jane" Fonda, who just flew off to their Argentine ranch
after hosting an "affair" in the Big Apple for the Native American Museum in
Washington), to New York "glitterati illiterati" like ex-Apple-ite Whitley
Strieber, "UFOlogical" hypno-priest Budd Hopkins and others of the Ivy
League-Establishment set promoting cultural redesign.

3.  Watch out for Clinton to be "destabilized" because of the stress, when
some of his opponents (who appear to be "friends" like the Rockefellers and
Establishmentarians, like Elliot Richardson and Bob Bennett...key players on
Clinton's legal defense fund, in place to keep the "dirt" of the sex-capades
off the cuffs of the "Big Boys" and their cartel shenanigans...by an effort
to invoke the 25th Amendment...which regulates when a President of the U. S.
can be declared "unfit" for office, citing physical or mental incapacitation.
A team of "reputable" M.D.s and shrinks have been studying just such a
scenario, under the aegis of the Jimmy Carter Center, with the study going on
at the Bowman-Gray Medical Center over in Winston-Salem, N. C.

4.  Also, just as an aside, families of French victims of TWA Flight 800 are
upset with American investigators, according to news reports out of Franch
this morning. Not disputing the assertion that "mechanical failure"
contributed to the crash, the French families' organization is critical of
the delay by US officials in coming to that conclusion, which the French say
is partially because the U.S. wanted to protect aircraft maker Boeing while
its large order from China (PRC) was in process.
(Source: NY Post and other news publications, of 11/23/97.)
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