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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 2, Number 45

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Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 2, Number 45


Volume 2, Number 45
November 23, 1997
Editor: Joseph Trainor


     Reports continue to pour in concerning the
mysterious "Seattle Lights" that were seen after
9 p.m. in Washington state on Friday, November 14,
     Dale Goudie of the UFO Reporting and Information
Service hotline reported receiving 44 calls from
witnesses that evening.
     In Gig Harbor, Wash. (population 2429), a small town
on Puget Sound seven miles (11 kilometers) north of
Tacoma, June Akiyama and her friend Leslye Stewart
were driving north on Highway 16 "when they saw bright
lights in the sky.  They and other motorists pulled off
the road to watch."
    "It looked like a huge bottle rocket moving slowly
across the sky," Akiyama said.
     In Tacoma, Wash. (population 176,664), a Police
Department spokesman said, "We've had reports from
Roy to Brown's Point."
     Tom Dyer of Lakewood "said he was in his car at
the intersection of Gravelly Lake Drive SW and
Washington Boulevard SW a little after 9 p.m. when
his son spotted multicolored lights in the sky.  When
Dyer looked up, he saw three or four rows of lights...
'It looked like an oceangoing cruise ship,' he said."
     In Centralia, Wash. (population 10,809), a city on
Interstate Highway 5 approximately 81 miles (130
kilometers) south of Seattle, "Frank Frazee said he
and his family saw the lights moving across the sky.
'It looked like a falling star,' said Frazee's daughter,
Janessa, 18, 'It was fire-colored, orange-reddish with
a head that was white.  It was cool.'"
     In Aberdeen, Wash. (population 18,739), a port
city on Grays Harbor 108 miles (173 kilometers)
southwest of Seattle, a witness spotted the lights
at 9:07 p.m.  "I moved to an exterior landing that just
happened to be facing north," he said.  "and couldn't
believe what I saw.  A large group of mixed-size
objects, red-orange in color, were traversing the sky
from west to east approximately 30 degrees above
the horizon.  Most of the smaller objects appeared to
be 'spark like' in appearance...Two red-orange objects
longer than the rest appeared to lead the smaller
     Callers to KXRO Radio in Aberdeen reported
"one entire streak of light."
     In Wenatchee, Wash. (population 17,257), a
town on the Columbia River 147 miles (235
kilometers) east of Seattle, Mary S. reported,
"I thought at first I was seeing a reflection of traffic
(in the window).  I saw (four of them) they were not
moving that fast, and there was a definite formation.
I told my husband to look, and he and my son ran out
in the parking lot, just in time to see them disappear
over the plateau, moving east.  It is pretty ridiculous
to expect anyone who saw it to believe it was
ANYTHING that plunged into the Pacific.  I could see
them passing between me and the hills.  I could see
that the objects were between me and the towers.
They were below the mountain top, in the valley.  It
was no optical illusion, and I had plenty of time to
watch it."  (See the News-Tribune of Tacoma, Wash.
for November 15, 1997.  Also, CNI News volume 3,
number 18, part 1.  Many thanks to Mike Lindemann
for letting us quote from CNI News.)


     A Suffolk County Court judge ordered ufologist
John Ford, president of the Long Island UFO Network
(LIUFON) to be sent to an upstate New York mental
hospital on Thursday, November 13, 1997.
     Ford, 49, was arrested June 15, 1996 by police
of Suffolk County, Long Island, "on charges that he
was seeking to kill three officials by putting radium
in their cars and lacing their toothpaste with
radioactive material."
     The grand jury indicted Ford on charges of
conspiracy and possession of radioactive materials.
Ford has been held in jail without bail bond for the
past seventeen months.
     "Three psychiatrists and a psychologist, two hired
by District Attorney James M. Catterson Jr.'s office,
examined John Ford and all four concluded that the
former court officer (the defendant--J.T.) isn't competent
to stand trial."
     "In one report, Robert H. Berger, director of Forensic
Psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital Center (in New York City--
J.T.), said that while Ford seemed to understand his legal
predicament, he thinks 'the criminal case against him is
in reality an intelligence operation being run by the CIA
together with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.'"
     "Ford, 49, of Bellport (N.Y.) is charged with conspiring
to kill Suffolk Couty Republican chairman John Powell,
legislator Fred Towle (R-Shirley) and Brookhaven public
safety director Anthony Gazzola by putting radium in
their cars and toothpaste."
     "Ford is expected to be transferred from the Suffolk
County jail in Riverhead to the upstate Mid-Hudson
Psychiatric Center in New Hampton (N.Y.) next week.
He will return to Suffolk to face the criminal charges if
doctors there determine he is competent to stand trial."
     "Ford's lawyer, John Rouse, has maintained that
the only reason Catterson brought charges against Ford
for the plot (was) that prominent Republicans were the
target.  'If the threats were against you or I, John (Ford)
would be walking the streets like an average citizen,'
Rouse said."
     Ford and LIUFON had conducted an ongoing
investigation of doings at the Brookhaven National
Laboratory on Long Island since a UFO incident near
the lab back in 1994.  Ford reportedly "said he believed
that visitors from outer space had crash-landed on Long
Island and that government officials were hiding the aliens
at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton."  (See the
Long Island newspaper Newsday for November 14, 1997,
"Radiation Suspect is Delusional."  Also the Deseret
News of Salt Lake City, Utah for November 14, 1997.
Many thanks to Janet Russell for the Newsday article.)
(Editor's Comment: Although Ford has no criminal record,
and the charge was not murder, he was denied bail at
his first court appearance back in June 1996.  Even
though the DA's own mental health team said Ford isn't
competent to stand trail, the prosecution refuses to drop
the charges, as is customary in such cases.  Sounds
like this particular defendant is being railroaded.  This
looks like a job for Johnnie Cochrane.)


     On Friday, November 14, 1997, a witness was driving
on Interstate Highway 80, just south of Brooklyn, Iowa
(population 1,509), a town 64 miles (102 kilometers)
east of Des Moines, when he spotted a few miles away
"a horizontal row of seven or more steady white lights
at about 40 degrees up from the horizon ascending at
a 15-degree angle from the southeast to the northwest."
The sighting took place at 7:30 p.m. Central time,
four hours before the "Seattle Lights" event.
     "The lights would have crossed his path of travel if
the 100 foot (30 meter) long object turned sharply and
headed back east-southeast at a steeply-descending
angle--almost in a dive.  When the object tilted, showing
one end lower than the other, he could see a portion of
the surface illuminated by lights.  At that point, the object
was a quarter-mile south of I-80...He drove at 65 miles per
hour to the end of the row of trees, at the end of which he
expected to see the object sitting in the field.  But when
he reached that point, he saw that the object had
simply disappeared."  (Many thanks to Beverly Trout of
Iowa MUFON for this report.)


     A mysterious blinding flash was seen on Saturday,
November 15, 1997, at 9:40 p.m., in Livermore,
California (population 48,349), a city on Highway 580
40 miles (64 kilometers) east of San Francisco.
     John B. and his wife "both witnessed a very bright
flash at the same time" as the "Seattle Lights" the
previous evening.  "We were walking our dog, and as I
was looking down, I saw a momentary flash like a
lightning flash illuminate the ground in the entire area.
I quickly looked up and could still see the signature of
the flash in the sky, maybe with a trail roughly horizontal
to the horizon which seemed to be toward where the
flash appeared or exploded.  The trail looked similar to a
meteor trail and quickly dissipated in one to two seconds."
     "My first thought was that it was some type of bizarre
meteor which exploded or flashed in a single burst like a
strobe light," John reported.  "I am also suspicious that
it could have been a laser test or a high-altitude target
with the flash being generated by a laser burst" aimed at
the flying target.
     John points out that his community is home to the
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which tests
"extremely high-energy lasers" for "fusion experiments."
(Email Interview)


     On Saturday, November 15, 1997, at 4:45 p.m.,
Dave Briscoe and two companions were out in the field
near Brookston, Minnesota (population 450), a town
on U.S. Route 2 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) west
of Duluth.
     "It does get dark real early up here," Skywatch
member Dave Briscoe reported, "and Venus can be
seen early, but this was the wrong place for Venus.
The object was in the west-southwest (over the Fond
du Lac Indian Reservation--J.T.) and extremely bright
for the time of day.  As I watched it, it veered to the
left and right slightly, and then split in two.  Both
objects 'danced' in the sky, always the same distance
from each other, first up, down, left and right.  They
then merged and were stationary (hovering) for the
next five minutes."
     "Again splitting and remaining stationary, then
recombining and moving slightly to the left, then
slightly to the right."  The trio watched the "pulsating
light" for about twenty minutes "until clouds moved
into the area, and it became undiscernable."  He
estimated the object's position at 72 degrees above
the horizon."  (Email Interview)
(Editor's Comment: Chalk up another UFO sighting
for the Lake Superior region.  The last one was on
October 5, 1997 over Thunder Bay, Ontario.)


     Residents from Hoosick Falls, New York
(population 3,490) eastward to Keene, New Hampshire
(population 22,430) reported seeing "bright lights in
the sky" from 10 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Monday,
November 17, 1997.
     The media explained the sightings as "Leonid
meteors."  The annual Leonid meteor shower reached
its peak on Monday morning.  But one college student
in Shaftsbury, Vermont (population 700), on Route 7A
52 miles (83 kilometers) south of Rutland, obtained
five minues of videotape of a UFO slowly crossing the
night sky, heading for Glastonbury Mountain.
     The UFO was described as three dark objects with
"green and blue lights."  A friend who viewed the video
told UFO ROUNDUP, "It took up to five minutes for the
objects to completely cross the picture without his
moving the location from which he was taping."
(Estimated speed would be 55 miles per hour--J.T.)
     The three UFOs "were seen between 10 and 45
degrees above the horizon."  (See the Albany, N.Y.
Times-Union for November 18, 1997, "Shower in the Sky,"
and November 19, 1997, "One Meteor Caused Heavenly
Shower."  Many thanks to Jeff Cameron for this story.)
(Editor's Comment: Vermont's Glastonbury Mountain
has long been a UFO hotspot, with sightings dating
back to 1909.)


     On Friday, November 14, 1997, at 10:05 p.m.,
a half-hour after the "Seattle Lights" event in the
Pacific Northwest, Dr. Ted Lober and Tony Craddock
of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial
Intelligence (CSETI) were staked out at Craddock's
beachfront home overlooking the Santa Barbara
Channel in California.
    Both were using night vision equipment to sky
watch.  Dr. Lober was using a Model 63 ITT
Night Mariner, while Craddock was using a Litton
Model Nav3 Night Mate.  Both devices offer light
magnification of 30,000 to 50,000 power.
    "They both happened to be looking through their
night scopes at Jupiter, which was about 10 degrees
above the horizon and over the island of San Miguel."
(westernmost of the Channel Islands, about 130
miles northwest of Los Angeles--J.T.)
     "Simultaneously they both saw a set of lights
near Jupiter in the shape of a large triangle silently
flying eastward over the Santa Barbara Channel.
They followed it for about six seconds before it
disappeared behind some trees.  Both realized that
the lights were the actual edge of a large craft that
was not visible in their night scopes."
     A few seconds later, both men "saw the craft
tilt slightly on its side so that its triangle shape
could be clearly seen.  (Dr.) Ted Lober counted five
or six lights in the shape of a triangle" while Tony
Craddock counted "an additional two lights in the
center toward the rear, making it appear chevron or
     "It was later estimated that the craft traveled
through an arc of 75 degrees in about six seconds.
It was estimated that this craft was at a distance of
five to ten miles (offshore--J.T.) which would have
meant it was traveling at 4,000 to 8,000 miles per
     Both witnesses are members of CSETI.  Dr. Lober
is a professor of earth science at the University of
New Hampshire.  Craddock is president of a California
petroleum company and coordinator of Santa
Barbara's CSETI Working Group.  (Many thanks to
Steve Wilson Sr. for this report.)


     On Monday, November 17, 1997, at 11:30 a.m.,
while on his lunch break in Scottsdale, Arizona
(population 130,069), Skywatch member Rob King
"saw two large silver objects traveling together near
the clouds.  One object suddenly stopped and hovered
while the other silver object kept going.  After maybe a
mile of traveling, it reversed course and came back and
parked next to the other object.  Rob went inside and
brought out two construction workers.  They watched
the objects and saw a large commercial jet approaching.
They think the objects were about half the size of the
jet.  When the jet approached to within half a mile, they
(the UFOs) both shot upward rapidly."  One witness
said "they shot off like bullets."
     The previous day, Sunday, November 16, 1997,
Rob King "reported that while hiking on Camelback
Mountain (near Phoenix, Arizona--J.T.) he saw a
strange white object over Phoenix."  Grabbing his
35 millimeter camera, Rob "shot three photos of the
high-altitude object with a 1,500 millimeter telephoto
     On Friday, November 14, 1997, Skywatch member
Jeff Willis shot 15 minutes of videotape of a "Hockey
Puck" (daylight disc) over Phoenix.  The tape is now
being evaluated by a team of investigators from
Arizona MUFON.  (Many thanks to Arizona Skywatch
director Tom King for these reports.)


     On Tuesday night, November 11, 1997, two college
students driving back to Ames, Iowa (population 45,775),
a city on Highway 69 about 28 miles (45 kilometers)
north of Des Moines, spotted a strange object in the sky.
     The pair from Iowa State University "saw a dark
orange/amber globe of light at about 40 degrees up from
the horizon, to the left of the roadway.  At first they
thought the light was resting on a 100-foot water tower
nearby, but this proved not to be the case.  They
proceeded west and caught sight of a full circular orb
now ahead of them and moving very fast.  The object
finally began to sink below the horizon, and the two
men watched it disappear from view."  (Many thanks to
Beverly Trout of Iowa MUFON for this report.)

from the UFO Files...

           ORTHON OF VENUS

     On November 20, 1952, George Adamski, 62, of
Palomar Gardens, California, a short-order cook and
part-time mystic, invited several friends to spend the
day saucer-hunting in the Mojave Desert.
     In two cars, Adamski, his publicist Mrs. Lucy
McKinnis, his landlady Mrs. Alice K. Wells, Mr. and
Mrs. Al Bailey of Winslow, Arizona and Dr. and Mrs.
George H. Williamson of Prescott, Arizona set off
for Blythe, California, hoping to see a UFO.
     Morning's end found the party 10 miles east
of Desert Centre, California.  At about 12:15 p.m., the
group saw a cigar-shaped object crossing the sky.
Adamski then hiked into an arroyo, intending to set
up his camera for a better shot.
     Alone in the arroyo, "he saw a flash in the sky and
'a beautiful craft appeared to be drifting through a saddle
between two of the mountain peaks.'  Then Adamski
realized that a man was beckoning to him from the
opening of a ravine about 450 yards (410 meters)
Adamski described the newcomer as "about five feet,
six inches (1.5 meters) tall , weighed about 135 lbs.
and appeared--in Earthly terms--to be about 28 years
old.  He had wavy shoulder-length sandy hair.  His
skin was the color of a suntanned Caucasian's.  He
had an extremely high forehead, 'calm, gray-green
eyes' that slanted slightly at the corners, high
cheekbones, and a 'finely chiseled' nose...'The alien
was wearing a single-piece, finely-woven, chocolate-
brown suit with no visible fasteners or pockets, with
a broad waistband and a close-fitting high collar.
His shoes were ox-blood red, with blunt toes.'"
     By using "a mixture of hand signals and telepathy,"
the occupant reportedly told Adamski that his name
was Orthon, and that he'd travelled to Earth from the
planet Venus.  He said several alien saucers had been
"shot down by men of this world" and the time was
coming when extraterrestrials would openly land
by Peter Brookesmith, Barnes & Noble Books, New
York, 1995, pages 56 and 57.)
(Editor's Note:  In 1952, most people thought Venus
was "Earth's twin."  Now we know that the plant has
a surface temperature hot enough to melt metal, with
an air pressure equivalent to the bottom of one of
Earth's oceans.  Considering Venus's carbon dioxide
cloud cover and runaway "greenhouse effect," it's
unlikely that Orthon came from there.  Also, it's been
pointed out that four of Adamski's witnesses later
recanted their 1952 testimony.  Then again, Galileo
Galilei recanted his views, too, before the Inquisition.
It didn't change the fact that twenty-odd moons
revolve around Jupiter.)


     UFO Scotland just appeared on the Web.  Dave
Ledger hopes to make this site the central database
for Scottish UFO sightings.  Drop in and say hello
to Dave at http://wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/dledger/
     Looking for UFO pictures?  Then visit the
International UFO Museum and Research Center
(IUFORC) website.  Faeylyn Wylder has a great
collection, including stills of the August 1996 Mexico
City saucer.  The URL is http://www.iuforc.com.
     "Intercepted," Dennis Balthaser's speech on
alleged efforts by the U.S. government to conceal
the facts of the 1947 Roswell case, is now available
on the Web.  Balthaser is the operations manager
of the International UFO Museum and Research
Center in Roswell, New Mexico.  You can download
his speech from http://www.iufomrc.com/intercept.htm
     Don't miss our parent site, UFOINFO.  It's at
     Back issues of UFO ROUNDUP can be downloaded
from our website at http://www.digiserve.com/ufoinfo/

     That's it for this week.  To our readers in the USA,
enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  Don't
forget to root for your old high school at the annual
"Turkey Day" game with their arch-rivals.  As for
us, we'll be back--leftovers and all--next Sunday with
more saucer news from "the paper that goes home--
UFO ROUNDUP."  See you then!

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Productions, all rights reserved.  Readers may post
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