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UFO News Internatioal 32

From: Henny van der Pluijm <hvdp@worldonline.nl>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 02:02:52 +0100 (MET)
Fwd Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 09:11:47 -0500
Subject: UFO News Internatioal 32

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Do abductees have B negative blood type?                2
Nick Redfern on Sightings                               4
'UFO attacked our nukes'                                5
Abduction Information Center up and running             5
Jack Shulman says he knows wherabouts UFO               8
Giant saucer in Germany                                 9
Chilean government committee will investigate UFOs      9
Readers' letters                                        11
Quotes " " " " " " " " " "                              13
You can use UFO News International articles             13

- 1 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

Do abductees have B negative blood type?

Dear readers, this is an interesting opportunity to make some
progress in abduction research. The following article states that
95 percent of abductees have the rare B negative blood type.
What we have here is what in science is called a falsifiable
hypothesis. So, let's see if we can confirm this claim.

I want the readers of this newsletter who feel or know they have
been abducted by aliens to inform me whether they have B negative
or not. Since the number of readers has lately gone up to over
10,000, the sample will be large enough to be of significance.
I will publish the results in one of the next issues in order to
share the results with you and the research community. Anonimuty
is granted.

Thanks in advance.

- HvdP


>From The People newspaper
November 2, 1997

The invasion is over - now we're waiting for the screaming!

The silent invasion has begun. Former military intelligence
operative Philip Imbrogno claims he has the evidence. Drawing on
his contacts in the CIA and US Air Force the has built up a
terrifying dossier of alien abductions. He has researched the
claims of thousands of people. Today Matthew Benn's presents
their terrifying testimony.

George and Maria have a daughter who is almost two. One day she
brought out her doll and asked her mum to open its head.
Maria asked her where she had seen something like that and the
little girl told her mother: "they do it too daddy at night."

George and Maria are not alone. Thousands claim to have been
abducted by aliens. When scientific researcher Philip Imbrogno
began to talk to the worried couple be discovered a chain of
events that he believes will stun the world.

Imbrogno served with US Special Forces in Cambodia on a secret
CIA operation called Shadow. He used his CIA contacts to verify
George and Maria's story.

Then he followed up more people who claimed to have been
kidnapped by aliens. Imbrogno discovered several chilling
similarities. Most terrifying of all was that almost every one
of these people shared the same rare blood group.

- 2 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

Imbrogno placed the abductions on a map and found they all formed
straight lines that pointed to the Hudson Valley outside New
York. A CIA former colleague told him: "the invasion is over. All
we are waiting for is the screaming."

The alien invasion had begun quietly. Middle school head Douglas
Harlow arrived at his office to find that every clock in the
school was 10 minutes fast. "I couldn't figure it out," said
Harlow. But it was not just the school clocks. Every electric
clock in the town had gained 10 minutes. A spokesman for the
Conneticut Light and Power Company blamed a power surge - even
though shift supervisor Philip Gervais said there had been no

Then the witnesses came forward. Mrs Diane Duont, 40, was driving
her car when she saw a large boomerang pattern of lights slowly
moving through the night sky. She said: "I watched as these
lights approached and I was surprised that I heard no sound at
all. "The object then passed directly over my car and as I looked
up I saw a dark mass blocking out the brighter night sky."

Police and the local radio station were deluged with reports of
the slow moving flying wing with white and red lights. Arnold
Sprinster said the giant triangular shape was the size of a
football pitch and took 10 minutes to pass over his car. "It
looked like one of the space ships in the science fiction movies
but this was real." Local police chief Herbert Peterson said: "if
this thing can come here and do this, I want to know where the
hell are our country's defences?"

But Imbrogno believes it is too late to worry about defences -
the aliens are already here. Imbrogno began his search for
evidence by calling a general meeting in a valley town called
Pine Bush. He asked people to write down any experience they had
with UFOs. He was stunned. 40 percent of the people in the room
had been in contact with aliens. George and Maria are so used to
the night time visits from alien creatures that when they appear
Maria tells her husband: "your friends are here."

Bill, a 32 years old computer programmer who would not give his
surname, saw the giant UFO in the Hudson Valley as he drove home
from work late at night. He saw the space ship pass over his car
but remembered nothing else about the incident until he had
hypnosis. Bill relieved the ordeal. "There is someone standing
in the road and he's walking towards the car. Who are you?"
The alien replied: "Do not be fearful. We need you. You have been
selected." Bill said: "I feel strange, like I am floating in air.
It's all dark. I am now on this table and these guys are all
around me. "They have large heads with long black eyes, the eyes
are so black I can't see any pupils. They look like shark eyes.

"The one that is near my head is moving some type of thing up and
down the side of my head. It looks like a portable vacuum
cleaner. "He is moving it closer and it is making my head
vibrate, it feels like a drill going through my head. STOP, STOP,

- 3 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

"They are looking for something and they've found it. I can't
hear them speak, but I know what they are saying. "He is telling
me that they come from a place which is very ugly in comparison
to ours and they would like to live here but they

The next thing Bill recalls is finding himself back in his car
one hour later than the last time he looked at his clock. A CIA
source told Imbrogno that an alien craft landed at a US
military base shortly after the Second World War.

The aliens were dying out and needed humans to infuse fresh
genetic material into their species. They offered new technology
in return. The US government allowed the grey aliens to abduct
people for genetic experiments. Imbrogno took blood tests from
people who claim to have been abducted.

The outcome astonished him - 95% had the rare B-negative blood
type. He said: "people with B-negative blood may be off-shoots
of the hybrid race that the aliens are trying to create."
If that is true, the silent invasion has begun.


Abductees, don't forget to inform me about your blood type.

- HvdP

Nick Redfern on Sightings

British UFO researcher Nick Redfern disclosed on Sightings of
November 18 the contents of his new book 'A Covert Agenda'.
Redfern told his host Jeff Rense that he is aware of at least
three UFO crashes in the United Kingdom, the first one during the
Second World War. The third was in 1974 in Wales. Just after this
crash there was heavy activity of large black unmarked helicop-
ters, indicating that the UK government was aware of the crash.

In his book Redfern also discloses information about covert
British government research into UFOs at an underground facility
at Rudloe Manor. This facility is the command center of a world
wide tracking effort by the British government, including a
satellite network in space. Rudloe Manor would also contain
acquired UFO technology.

Redfern bases his research primarily on thousands of documents
that have been released by the British government and on
revelations by active and retired RAF officers. He believes that
the amount of information that is coming out of the British
government is indicative of a "green light" that is switched on
somewhere to release more UFO information to the public.

- HvdP

- 4 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

'UFO attacked our nukes'

The People newspaper Date: 2nd November 1997

Britain's former military supremo is asking the government to
investigate whether aliens fired laser beams at our nuclear

Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton, retired Chief of the
Defence staff, wants the probe to be launched into the sighting
of a UFO hovering over RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk. He has now
tabled questions to the Ministry of Defence asking whether
nuclear weapons stored at Woodbridge were struck by light beams
fired from an unidentified aircraft.

He claims that US Air Force personnel who saw the "attack" filed
reports which are being covered up by the MoD.

He said: "The Ministry has doggedly denied that anything untoward
happened and I simply can't believe them." Defence minister Lord
Gilbert refused to confirm or deny whether the base was equipped
with nuclear missiles.

He added: "There is no evidence to suggest that the Ministry of
Defence received any such reports."

The mysterious sighting happened in December 1980 and was picked
up on RAF radar. Phantom jets were scrambled and pilots reported
intense, bright lights in the sky.


Abduction Information Center up and running

>From John Velez

Hello All,

Well, it's open! I finally have enough of the AIC (Abduction
Information Center) website up to open the doors officially.


- 5 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

Whenever I tackle anything 'big' I always make it a point to
surround myself with the very best people I can find. That way
no matter how much -my input- screws things up there will always
be someone smarter around to help get things back on track! <G>

I've had some invaluable help from many people. I want to single
out Pat Parrinello in particular because not only is he providing

the bandwidth we are using, (via his Crossfields Inc.) but he is
also responsible for setting up and creating all of the cool
'interactive' stuff that's available at the AIC website. Without
Pat, there would be no AIC. Thank you ~many times~ Mr Parrinello!


The 'Abduction Information Center' has been set up to (hopefully)
provide a 'sane' alternative to the myriad of 'poor content' or
'no content' websites dedicated to the subject of UFOs and
abduction that are currently available on the Web. I have gone
out of my way to collect and make available (for the 'experien-
cers' themselves) all of the very best information that I could

Anytime anybody has contacted me over the last five years with
questions or seeking advice or information, my response has been
to give them as varied a diet of the very best data/information
that is available. Once they've accumulated enough information
-they can make up their own minds- and try to answer their own
questions!  It is my firm belief that (most) people are
intelligent enough to make up their own minds.  We don't need any

'leaders' or any stinking badges either! <G> AIC was created to
provide the raw material to facilitate rapid absorption of
(quality) information for those who may be in need of it.

At AIC I have put together a collection of information that I
wish had been available -to me- when I first started looking into

all of this. AIC also offers people a place to speak freely
(unburden themselves) without fear of ridicule or rejection. AIC
will I hope (one day) be a 'home base' a kind of 'safe haven'
where people can explore their experiences in an environment that

is secure and conducive to serious self-examination.

Among many many others, AIC will feature (exclusively) trans-
cripts of interviews with the late Karla Turner, (that were
generously donated to AIC by Mike Lindemann of CNI News.)
Intimate, relaxed and informative conversations with Karla that
have never appeared anywhere else. Also ready for immediate
download are articles and papers from top people in the field who
are just too numerous to list here. There are still 'reams' of
information just sitting on my hard drive awaiting editing and
a webpage at AIC to live on.

- 6 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

Important, please.

The AIC website -is not intended for the general public- or,
curiosity seekers. It -is- intended specifically for those that
suspect or believe they are abductees/abduction experiencers.
(Boy, I'll bet ~that~ comment insures a good turnout! <G>) All
kidding aside, the website is intended for abduction experiencers
only. Sorry to the rest.

I set up the 'Intruders Foundation' website with the 'public' in
mind, and on it there are many links to other 'public' sites. AIC

is the completely interactive 'private' website (for abductees
only). It had always been only a dream of mine. Until now, AIC
was my 'missing piece'. Now there's both a public site, and a
private site to meet the needs of the experiencers themselves.

To all 'experiencers':

Pat Parrinello and I are offering (via AIC) an oportunity for you

to meet and interact with others in real time and in a safe and
protected environment. We will also feature private monthly
discussions with some of the very best research people and
writers in the field. You will be able to interact and talk to
them yourself, ask them questions, and explore their different
views first hand.

There is a chatroom, an interactive e-mail list and archive, and
of course the 'Heart" of the website, an ever growing library of
the very best material available on the subject of UFO abduction.

We can't promise that we'll actually do anything for you but, we
can tell you what we won't do!

We promise that we -will not- try to sell you:

a. ...particular points of view, or preferences of one view over

b. ...pet answers,

c. ...belief systems,

d. ...dogma, religion, or philosophy (New Age or otherwise!)

e. ...claims that -we- have cornered the market on the truth.

This website was set up to service the unique needs of abductees.

It is as rock solid and stable a place as I could make it. If you

can use -any- of what we have to offer please feel free to stop
by and check us out on the web.


- 7 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

All others:

I would ask those who are not 'experiencers' to please indulge
our request for privacy. As stated earlier there are already a
myriad of excellent UFO and abduction related websites that are
readily accessable to the general public.

This one is ours. <G>

Wish us luck.


John Velez, Webmaster - AIC & Intruders Foundation Online

Jack Shulman says he knows wherabouts UFO

In an e-mail interview with Brazilian UFO researcher Jefferson
Martinho, Jack Shulman, president of American Computer Company,

'We are engaging in a point by point recreation of exactly what
happened during the past 5 months at this time, to see if we
missed anything.  It is difficult to tell what we believe, right
now, because in the course of recreating things, we followed a
lead that has convinced us we know exactly where the remains of
the so-called UFO from Roswell are.

We are also intent upon pointing out to the public that the term
UFO was invented by a dilemma expert, who noted that a UFO could
never be "identified", because then it would be an IFO.  We
believe the Roswell UFO, is, in reality, an IFO. Its identity
will have to be proven, before we will further publicize it. 

Furthermore: we have isolated about three distinct teams of
personnel of the National Security Agency who have been laying
down a steady stream of false information in the ET Investigation
Community for the past 25 years, since the days the Starpoint
investigation surfaced in the midst of the Bell System, after
Jack Morton was murdered.
They are almost single handedly responsible for maintaining a
cloud of disinformation about the Roswell matter intended to hide
what COULD HAVE BEEN one or more technology transfer programs
involving an other-worldly species that contacted the United
States Government in 1945, 1947, 1952, 1955, 1963 and later.

We believe that if this lead bears fruit, there will also be a
completely different explanation for the end of World War II than
has ever been contemplated before. The species in question are
euphemistically referred to by the NSA and DoD as the "Time
Skippers", and while, assuming they are real, and we are not

- 8 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

being fed a line of disinformation by snitches we have employed,
they are not exactly Time Travellers, they are capable of
travelling great expanses of space, in violation of the laws of
Time - in extremely short periods of time, but are still bound
by a law of the natural universe that prevents them from arriving
anywhere "before they started". They simply skip the time
interval, supposedly, that it would take to travel tens of
thousands of Light Years between stellar systems.  Or so the
story goes...'

Giant saucer in Germany

A US Army soldier's wife living in Germany, called her mother in
the US to report a UFO. She said, that in the afternoon of
October 22, 1997, numerous Army dependents saw a giant saucer UFO
with lots of lights on its bottom, fly over a highway. The UFO
made a lot of noise, flew low and moved slow enough for people
to stop their cars and get out and look at it in astonishment.
This occurred outside of a unnamed American Army base in Germany.
This same person also told her mother that a friend of hers took
a photo of the UFO. The daughter is married to an Army sergeant
stationed at the base. We are attempting to verify this story.
If anyone has further info please contact us.

Thanks to John Thompson
gin@wp-lag.mindspring.com (john c. thompson)

Chilean government committee will investigate UFOs

>From Luis C. Sanchez Perry

This news appeared on todays newspaper "La Tercera" on the front
page. This corraborates the mail I sent last week about a Cometee
called CIFAE witch really is called now CEFAA.


Front Page : A big picture of a crashed UFO (drawing)


All sightings of UFO's that are registered in our air space will
be filed and studied by a special comision of Direccion General
de Aeronautica Civil witch depends directly from the Fuerza Aerea
Chilena (FACH). Page 7"

- 9 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

Page 7 : Titles,

"Project was impulsed by FACH General (R) Ramon Vega"
"Aeronautica will have a comitee dedicated to UFO's"

"This organism will analize and clasify all incoming information
coming from sightings occured over national air space.

The Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil (DGAC) depending from
the Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACH), gave an historical step in the
investigation of UFO's when creating the 'Comite de Estudios de
Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos' (CEFAA).
With this, DGAC joins other countries in the scientific investi-
gation to try to find an explanation to this enigma.

CHILE registers at world level one of the highest indexes of UFO
sightings. Only this year there have been reported more than 60
cases in different points of the country.

Until now the armed forces had kept a reserved position about
this subject being only civilians the ones that gave their
testimonies publicly. And with this information private investi-
gators have made their own report files.
The inventor of this project was the ex-chief commander of the
FACH General (R) Ramon Vega, who was motivated by many sighting
reports that came from inside the airworld, led him to create
this comittee.

To achieve this, before leaving the FACH he gave to the institu-
tion the order to form this organ. That;s how on September 15,
1997 the General Director of DGAC FACH General Gonzalo Miranda,
signed the decree that creates the CEFAA comitee.

The mission of the CEFAA will be to gather, analyze, study and
classify any information about anomalous phenomena registered
over our airspace. For that reason a bulletin has been sent to
all the military and official organs that report strange
phenomena to report to the CEFAA comittee.

CEFAA will not receive reports of any kind from civilian sources
(no abductions, CE, video or photos), only from official sources.

Rodrigo Fuenzalida, president of AION-Chile who is a participant
of this comitee, informed that two report forms have been made
for Radar Operators,

Civil and Military pilots. The forms were based on forms used by
the USAF pilots (made by Richard Haines, Phd. of NASA). The main
idea is to find out if there is any danger or not to our


- 10 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

CEFAA will be integrated by de Director of La Escuela de
Aeronautica Civil, Col. Enzo Dinocera Garcia; the ex ATC Gustavo
Rodriguez (has wide experience in UFO observation), and two
specialists from the Weather Department and from Air Traffic

The CEFAA will also count with internal and external advisors in
areas such as physics, astronomy and aeronautics. Also will have
a close relation with AION who is integrated by many university
profesionals and from other areas."

Report done by UFO Journalist, Cristian Riffo M.

A press conference is expected at any moment. Will keep you all

Luis Sanchez Chilean Director Skywatch International

* e-mail : lsanchez@chilesat.net    Fax : (56 2) 219-3314 *

Readers' letters

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for world.online, the info about UFO's. I have not had
an encounter with one, and maybe never will, but I believe in
them. I don't know what they are. Since you are passionate enough
about them to put out a newsletter, I was wondering just who or
what that you thought they were.

I don't mean "exactly," but an idea; like "extra terrestrials,"
demons, or I don't know...
My uncle saw what looked like a UFO last year across the river.
It was the same night a big barn burnt, but he says it didn't
look anything like a fire, other than the fact that it appeared
to glow.

Thanks, Ken


I think some of them are of extraterrestrial origin.

- HvdP

- 11 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

Hello Henny,

As usual I have enjoyed reading your original newsletter. I can't
wait to get the next one.

Only this time I felt rather annoyed over mr. Greer of CSETI. The
only feature I admire of him is his dedication. His stories
however are usualy unfounded and never supported by any hard

I kept a close look on his attempts (Operation ..?..) in the USA
to inform high positioned politicians and gouvernment workers
about the UFO phenomena. As I can remember there were even some
people present from the Dutch ambassy. The attendants supposedly
have had hand-outs with pictures, a video and statements.

Then I addressed CSETI to get a 'bundle' but they replied that
it was not intended to hand out to the 'man on the street'. Now
I ask you: what is their goal eventually?

In your latest newsletter he tells us that they went out to the
desert in America and have watched some extraordinary UFO
activity there. Well very exiting. But where are the video tapes
and pictures? I am waiting anxiously.

By the way, do you already know a little more about the investi-
gation of this UFO footage shot in Mexico last month? Fake or
Real? When will it be available or aired?

Good luck,

Hendrik Rademaker


H: The footage seems real.

Dear Henny,

I received your newsletter through the UFOR mailing list.
Congratulations on a good, thoughtful publication and your stand
against debunkers. A line must be drawn at some point between
healthy cynicism and debunking!

Attached is an ASCII copy of my SAMIZDAT newsletter, which does
its best to cover information usually available only in Spanish
and on subjects dealing exclusively with Latin America and Spain.
Feel free to quote from it in your own newsletter.

Very best wishes, and keep up the good work!

Scott Corrales
Editor: Samizdat and InterAlia newsletters
Author: "Chupacabras and Other Mysteries"

- 12 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

Quotes " " " " " " " " " "

Not even UFO believers have faced the implications of what they

Greg Sandow

You can use UFO News International articles

. Make a selection from this issue for your web site.

. Redistribute articles in your owns newsletter or Bulletin Board


. Please give credit to UFO News International and, if relevant,
to the original source.

. Articles may not be used for the express purpose of baseless
debunking. Baseless debunking can be defined as attacking the
validity of a report without including substantial grounds for
the attack. Violations of this condition will immediately be
followed by exposure on the main Internet UFO discussion forums.

Editor's notes:

UFO News International welcomes:
. your own UFO report
. abduction experience
. analysis or commentary
Anonimity will be provided if needed.

UFO News International also welcomes:
. congress announcements
. congress reports
. notification of a change in your web site
. information about your UFO organization

All contributions to this newsletter must be in English. Grammar
and spelling need not be perfect.

In case of a change in your e-mail address, please notify me in
advance, so that you can continue to receive UFOPals. If you
haven't received this newsletter for more than three weeks,
something must have gone wrong, so please contact me. Readers are
encouraged to invite their friends, acquaintances and colleagues
to subscribe to this newsletter.

- 13 of 14 -      - UFO News International 32 -

The text of this newsletter can be transferred to your preferred
word processor. First take care that this newsletter and your
wordprocessor are both activated under a Windows operating
system. Then select the text of the newsletter with the computer
mouse, click on the copy command (Ctrl-C), change to your word
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se) into your word processor document.

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