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Re: MIB Intercept 'Phoenix Lights' Video

From: Shaver@online.pol.dk, Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk (Stig Agermose)
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 23:57:54 +0200
Fwd Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 02:33:07 -0500
Subject: Re: MIB Intercept 'Phoenix Lights' Video

Received from "alt.alien.research" November 24 at 20.27 local Danish
time (GMT + 1 hour):

[ Article reposted from alt.ufo.reports ]
[ Author was Peter Petrisko ]
[ Posted on 18 Nov 1997 23:43:01 -0700 ]


(transcribed from a FOX10 NEWS (Phx.) report, 11/18 @9pm,
reported by Jim Schnebelt)

FROM THE FOX-10 '10 files'...

(on screen: stock "Phoenix Lights" footage, of lights suspended
in sky)

voiceover: Months after this (March 13) sighting there are many
questions regarding the strange lights over Phoenix. Is this a
solid craft, or merely lights in an empty sky?

What could be the conclusive evidence is now mysteriously

Richard Curtis claims his home video is proof that this sighting
was a huge flying craft. And he claims his video shows a solid
object in the sky passing over his home.

(on screen: cut to head shot of Curtis.)

Curtis: I saw the bottom part (of the craft) as it went over
Phoenix, because the lights lit the bottom of it, and it
partially blocked out the clouds and the stars.

voiceover: Curtis called city councilwoman Frances Emma Barwood,
wanting to show her the footage.

(on screen: cut to head shot of Barwood)

Barwood: He said he had it on two videotapes, and would I like
them, so I said, "Of course I would.", and could he give me
copies of them. He said he would. I told him how to get them to
my office and to mark them 'personal and confidential'.

(on screen: cheesy slo-mo video "re-enactment" of Men in Black
walking about)

voiceover: But before Curtis could send copies to Barwood, he's
paid a visit by two mysterious men in black.

Curtis:(voiced over MIB reenactments) They were dressed in black
suits, with black hats and sunglasses. They asked me if I had
tapes for coucilwoman Barwood, and I said "Yah, they're laying
right here." They said, "We've stopped by to pick them up." So I
said, "Great!" and just handed (the original tapes) to them.

(on screen: cut to head shot of Barwood)

Barwood: I didn't get them, and I have no idea who these two men
were since I have just females working in my office. Its
absolutely puzzling to me.

(on screen: cut to slo-mo MIB, one of them now holding
videotapes...(!) )

voiceover: Did the tapes ever exist, and if so were they proof of
more than "lights" in the sky? And who were these mysterious Men
in Black who allegedly took them?

(as slo-mo MIB vid continues...)

Curtis (voiced over): I think someone listened in on that phone
call and wanted those tapes.

Barwood (voiced over): I can't explain it. Its just eerie.

Voiceover: The mystery continues. Jim Schnebelt, Fox-10 News.

_________ end story, cut to anchor _________

Date: 24 Nov 1997 12:15:00 -0700
From: Shaver
Subject: MIB Intercept 'Phx Lights' Video
Message-ID: <65cjnk$ppa@nntp02.primenet.com>

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