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Re: Kenneth Arnold's testimony

From: "Jason B. Unwin" <jbu@ris.net>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 18:33:20 -0800
Fwd Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 02:19:18 -0500
Subject: Re: Kenneth Arnold's testimony

> From: USDSCUBA@aol.com [Gordon Scott]
> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 01:34:15 -0500 (EST)
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Kenneth Arnold's testimony

> >Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 23:27:36 -0500
> >From: bruce maccabee <brumac@compuserve.com>
> >Subject: UFO UpDate: Re: Kenneth Arnold's testimony

> > A strange bird is a pelican...It flies over 100
> >miles per hour when ever it can....especially when
> >trying to race a small airplane while flying southward
> >past Mt. Rainier.

> Pretty funny stuff about the birds, however according to a close
> friend within the military at the time the vehicle as seen by Mr
> K. Arnold was a German made Gotha Go 229 IX being test flown for
> radar testing. These high performance aircraft were the same
> basic flying wing shape as described in his report, and were
> being tested during the time period. These Go 229 were almost
> invisible on radar due to the 17 mm plywood skin, and with twin
> Junkers Jumo 1890 pounds of thrust turbojet engines it was also
> quite fast. Reichsmarshal Hermann Goring was so impressed he
> wanted to mass produce these advanced aircraft. This allied
> information also helped Jack Northrop with his.Amercian designs.
> The Germans also had an aircraft known as project P-12 with a ram
> jet, (our own Air Force did the wind tunnel tests after the
> war). Designed much like our current SR-71 replacment aircraft.

> But why bother with such old news ? flying wings have been around
> since the 1930's and the rocket powered versions like the Me 163
> B series flew in June of 1943. Invisible aircraft (visual) is
> also not a new idea, during WW II English heavy aircraft also had
> a crude systems long before the current fiber optic composite
> tech arrived.

> Perhaps we should be more concerned with the several secret bases
> of black triangle aircraft in Canada being flown by UN forces
> and paid for by Amercian tax dollars, or what the CIA has been
> purchasing for 26 Billion dollars ?

> There seems to be plenty of strange things going on right
> now don't you think ?

Sorry, but according to _Janes Encyclopedia of Aviation_ there is
no such thing as a Gotha Go 229 IX. The closest aircraft
conceivable were the Gotha Go 242 and 244. The 242 was a glider
and the 244 was a powered version with 2 French built Gnome-Rhone
14M engines (pages 427-428). The only thing a Gotha was good for
was target practice. Even the most primitive jets at the time
would have utterly destroyed one. What is "Project P-12"? Who was
the supposed manufacturer of such an aircraft? Ram jets have been
around in theory for years but very few have been successfully
flown much less deployed in number. The Me-163 was a tailess
rocket plane that had only one shot at US bombers due to its lack
of fuel to stay on station from its rocket engines. The Me 163
was also a sitting duck as it tried to glide back to its airfield
with probably a couple US P-51 Mustangs hot on his tail!

The bottom line is that true flying wing designs have been around
for years but none until the B-2 Spirit have been deployed in any
significant number. I believe there won't be more than 12-18 B-2s
produced. The USAF doesn't have to justify its spending like
Boeing or Airbus would if it had to make a viable commercial
airliner. With the "experience" of 50 years of UFO sightings, we
should have flying wings, triangles, and saucers flying all over
the place if they were test vehicles for the USAF or the
"military-industrial complex". The real money is in commercial
aviation where companies like Boeing and Airbus could make tens
of billions of dollars making airliners. If the flying wing or
saucer shape worked, we would be flying in them from NYC to
London by now. It is time to bury the "captured Nazi aircraft"
myth. The designs never got off the drawing boards, never became
real workable prototypes, and certainly never made it into
production for the Luftwaffe. ( A good source of info on the
failures of the Luftwaffe in the areas of technology, logistics,
strategy, and training is the book _Strategy For Defeat The
Luftwaffe 1933-1945_ By Williamson Murray Air University Press,
Maxwell AFB, AL.  It is available through the US Government
printing Office)

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