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Re: Help for an Indonesian Author

From: KRandle993@aol.com [Kevin Randle]
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 10:09:41 -0500 (EST)
Fwd Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 15:11:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Help for an Indonesian Author

Dear Mr. Nur Agustinus :

Here are some of my thoughts to answer your questions. I hope
that you find them of use.

 > How with the statement of some people who conclusion the
 >UFO is satan?

UFOs are manufactured craft in the same fashion that are
airplanes and cars. There is no evidence that Satan is involved
with the phenomenon.

 > Why UFO crash in Roswell, 1947?

No one is really sure why it crashed. There have been a number of
theories. Some believe that some sort of combination of natural
phenomenon and mechanical failure. The why isn't that important
at the moment.

Why near Roswell is. If you study the history of the region, you
see that the first atomic weapon was detonated about a hundred
miles from Roswell. In 1947 rocket research was being conducted
at White Sands, again about 100 miles from Roswell. Nuclear
research was being conducted at Los Alamos about 200 miles from
Roswell. And, the only nuclear strike force in the world was
based at Roswell. If you are a space faring race, the things that
could adversely affect you were happening around Roswell. You'd
be in the region to learn how dangerous the threat was. The crash
was an accident.

> What happend and what cause make that UFO crash?
> Some trouble in their engine?
> Shutdown by US military force?
 >Alien error?
 >UFO battle (dog fight) with other UFOs and shutdown?
 >Maybe, they are run escape from their colonies or desertion and
 >want joint with us (political asylum)?

We really have very little information on the motivations of the
aliens. I believe the crash was the result of a combination of
alien error and environmental factors but that is just opinion. I
have seen no persuasive evidence that US forces shot it down,
that there was any sort of battle or dogfight.

 >We know an UFOs crash and down in Roswell at July, 2, 1947.
 >Before the crash, two objects (UFOs) reported at Corona, Lincoln
 >County, New Mexico (at time 9:50). They were flying fast. But we
 >know about 48 kilometers from Corona, one UFO crash (down) at

Actually, based on documentation I've seen, I believe the crash
occurred on July 4, 1947. The sightings of an object over Roswell
on July 2 and out near Corona on July 2 are of no importance to
understanding the crash. The July 2 date, according to Bill
Moore, came from the Roswell sighting by Dan Wilmot. Although
that might be the craft that crashed, it didn't crash until July
4, based on the interviews I've conducted with the men who were
on the site picking up the pieces.

 >What happend with that UFO (crash UFO)? What happend with the
 >other UFO?

I believe there was a single craft, not two. The craft was
retrieved by American military forces and transported first to
the base at Roswell and then on to Wright Field, later
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.

 >If true before the crash were two UFOs, so, why the other UFO
 >not rescue?

One craft or two, it is clear that there was no real rescue
effort. Who can say why? Maybe they realized the crew was dead
and the craft smashed, so they didn't care. Maybe they did it on
purpose (using already dead companions) as a nonthreatening way
of announcing their presence to the world. Without a dialogue
with the alien creatures it is very hard to speculate about their

 >Why the alien body left there by their friends (if they are
 >their friends)?

See above.

> I think, they were in air combat. One escape from the other.
> One shutdown the other. And the winner go away...

Your theory is as good as anyone else's at the moment. I hope
these answers help you.


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