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Re: Mars Face

From: Don Ledger <dledger@istar.ca>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:18:16 +0100
Fwd Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 08:43:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Mars Face

> Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 19:43:20 -0600 (CST)
> From: Brian Cuthbertson <brianc@fc.net>
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Mars face

> >>From the Austin Chronicle, Thursday 27 Nov, 1997, Page A38
> Austin, Texas

>        +-+-+-+     +-+-+-+ +-+-+ +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

This newspaper story has to be a textbook case in how to write an
article about the "alien field" without actually stepping into
the cow pies in that field.  One might say its like fighting
bullshit with bullshit. I'm going through this story like my
grammer teacher use to go through my compositions.


By Faye Flam
The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA - With the Mars Global Surveyor in orbit around the
red planet, NASA plans to try to update its fuzzy photos of the
so-called "Face on Mars", an image made famous by <supermarket

* Well now, right off the bat, Faye has catagorized those that
give some creedence to the "face" as being at the level of the
Tabloid Reader. It's a brilliant use of condemnation by

Photos sent back from Mars by NASA's 1976 Viking mission showed a
milelong hill that looked like an upward-staring face.

Some people who saw the images believed they were looking at an
ancient structure carved by < space aliens >.

*Whoo, this gal is good. Space aliens.  Wow, that one ranks right
up there with "little green men" doesn't it. It is a sexest world
isn't it. Who says they can't be "little green women".?

Michael Malin, who is in charge of the cameras on the Mars Global
Surveyor, said the public's interest in the original photos had been
so great that NASA planned to take new shots of the face as part of
its current survey of Mars.

The taxpayers are footing the bill, he says, and if they want the
face, < NASA should try to give them the face >.

* Okay, we cut away to a picture of a very patient Father NASA
patting smiling but gullible/ignorant/great unwashed Joe/Jane
public on their heads.

Much of the interest in the face on Mars has been stirred up by
Boston-based engineer Mark Carlotto.

Carlotto has developed techniques used by the military to pick
out human-made structures from natural ones.  He said that when
he applied these techniques to the Mars photos, he found that the
face and surrounding hills are more likely to have been made by
intelligent beings than to be a natural geologic structure that
just happens to look like a face near some vaguely pointy hills,
as NASA asserts.

The builders, Carlotto said, could be indigenous Martians, some
unknown race of superintelligent humans, or extraterrestrial
builders from a distant world.

The Mars face has attracted a small < cult > following that
communicates via Internet discussion groups.  Carlotto has
published a book on the subject, "The Martian Enigmas".

The word cult is another buzz word which brings up negative
images of those such as the Heavens Gate suicides or any
potential unstable and explosive group of people. People not in

Some < believers > claims there's a full-blown conspiracy in
which NASA is purposely shielding the public from the truth.
Carlotto suggests that NASA scientists are just too skeptical and
stubborn to take these structures seriously.

For believers read fanatics.

Global Surveyor scientist Malin argues that Carlotto's image-
processing technique didn't scan a large enough swath of Mars'
landscape to determine whether the so-called face and pyramids
were not ordinary, natural structures.  If he had looked further,
he might have found that every 10th hill looked equally unnatural
for his methods, Malin said.

Malin said that, by addressing the face issue, he has
inadvertently gotten caught in the controversy.  He has changed
his telephone to an unlisted number because he was getting so
many calls from < followers > of Carlotto and others interested
in the face on Mars.

By using the word followers we can maintain the cultist or
relgious fanatic feel, as if Carlotto has gained high priest
status, a position I'm sure that Carlotto has no taste for.

With Mars Global Surveyor, Carlotto said, there is finally a
chance to settle the issue.  "It would be a shame if we didn't
take advantage of it."

He said the Viking photos show hints of teeth and other
fine-scale features that, if photographed more closely, might
make the face look so obviously alien-sculpted that even NASA
skeptics such as Malin will have to concede.

It won't be easy for NASA to settle the issue, Malin said.

One of the Global Surveyor's cameras, known as the
high-resolution camera, will pick out objects just a few meters
across.  But NASA can't point this camera, which is fixed to the
craft.  To capture the face, the craft will have to fly directly
over it.

For that reason, "we can't make any promises", said project
leader Arden Albee.  < He and his colleagues will need to get
lucky to get a picture of the face that's any sharper than the
20-year-old pictures from Viking, Albee said.

Albee sending up the old trial balloon. He says it first so he
can say I told you so later. Who then could prove otherwise?

Malin said the new photos, no matter how good, still might not
settle the issue. < The hill might still look like a face. >

What an absolutely brilliant line. He saying well of course it
"looks" like a face, we agree about that, but that as far as it
goes. It will always be a hill that "looks" a face.

Between Albee and Faye Flam, the two have done an absolutely
fabulous job of putting paid to the Face in Cydonia.

I don't know where I stand on this possible alien artifact on
Mars but I think it a little too pat to be blowing it off at this
juncture. No one knows one way or the other so why is NASA, et
al, using questionable language to downplay it and where is Flam
coming from. She could just as easily done an interesting piece
without doing a soft character asassination on those who think
that the face is real.

Or is she just playing the hard boiled, you can't pull the wool
over my eyes, reporter.

I picked on this story because I'm tired of reporters who have
their tongues so firmly jammed in their cheeks while they write
these story that they haven't got enough skin left over to get a
figurative hard on for anything that requires imagination.

I've got the Flu and it's making me cranky.

Don Ledger


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