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Re: Boylan Wriggling

From: Ed Stewart <egs@netcom.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 12:02:14 -0800
Fwd Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 11:03:48 -0500
Subject: Re: Boylan Wriggling

Hello Errol,

You may post this to UpDates if you so wish.

Ed Stewart

UFO UpDates - Toronto wrote:

> Gentlemen,
> This bothers me -
> ebk

>> From: "Geoffrey Stewart Nimmo" <nextwave@cape.com>
>> To: "N I M N E T" <nextwave@cape.com>
>> Subject:  - N I M A L E R T  -
>> Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 09:07:10 -0500

>> Dear NimFriends~

>> Claude DiDomenica is a friend of mine.

>> If you are in like spirit, could you please circulate this?

>> Dr. Boylan deserves it.  What if happened to you?


It bothers me too. BTW, it should also bother Clark
Hathaway/Julie Presson who are on your list. Clark Hathaway is an
ex-patient of Boylan. He almost had a heart attack under hypnosis
with Boylan during a Boylan session since Boylan would not stop
the session. Needless to say, Clark is not too enamored with
Boylan and his "therapeutic" methods.

I visited the Boylan site and see that he still hasn't a clue as
to who I am since he is still falsely compelled to describe me as
"another retired Air Force contract operative" and "...did work
at the same high-security Air Force base as the Colonel",
presumedly from earlier posts Boylan is referring to this Colonel
Ebert and Beale AFB.

The facts are that I never retired from the Air Force and I was
never an Air Force contract operative, nor have I ever worked at
Beale AFB. Boylan knows this for a fact, but it doesn't fit into
his scenario of alleged "government harrassment". The facts are
that I was one of about 70,000 civil service employees working
for the Air Force Logistics Command for a total of 17 years at
McClellan AFB, Wright-Patterson AFB, Vandenburg AFB and about one
year with Military Airlift Command at Travis AFB until 1985. I
have never made a secret of my civil-service career with the
Department of Defense, nor what my specific duties were with
them. But, as we all know, every government worker, or ex-worker,
every military person, or veteran, and every person that
disagrees and/or offers contradictory evidence is nothing but a
lackey for the ufo-coverup government. By now they must number in
the millions and millions. (GRIN)

What Boylan is somewhat correct about is that I did post complete
TV transcripts from the local TV news programs that broadcast not
only his initial license revocation, but also his appeal before
the Superior Court (part of the due process Boylan has taken that
he conveniently left out of his "open letter"). Incidentally,
these were posted to FIDONET, not the Internet as Boylan alleges.
Turns out that this alleged "contract operative" did not have
access to the Internet at the time. I guess even the "UFO
cover-up government" with its billions and billions of cover-up
dollars to "harrass" Boylan is not immune to government budgetary
cuts. (GRIN)  The Superior Court of the State of California
upheld 6 of the 7 reasons why Boylan's licenses should have been
revoked and concurred with the Board decision that Boylan was
gross negligent in his practice.

I also posted the complete judge decisions from the Board and the
Superior Court Judge (again, to FIDONET, not the Internet). I
used to operate a BBS in Sacramento until the advent of the
Internet and have since shut it down. They are public documents
available to anyone (as also the complete court records of this
case) who wishes to go to the Sacramento Court building and read

An interesting note, that is supported by the court record for
anyone with the inclination to wish to verify it, is that during
the closing arguments before the Superior Court of the State of
California the District Attorney noted that not one shred of
evidence of government harrassment was ever introduced by
Boylan's attorney to the Superior Court Judge. Also, Boylan's
attorney's closing arguments not only did not challenge the
District Attorney's comment regarding alleged government
harrassment, but did include a plea for mercy and consideration
to the Superior Court judge based on the fact that Boylan was
part of the 60s generation and part of the "Berkeley" community
where "nudity" was part of the "scene" with the implication that
Boylan was a "victim" of his generation background and therefore
should receive special consideration by the judge in his
determination. Also, contrary to Boylan's "open letter" on the
Internet, Boylan's attorney pleaded for merely suspension/time
under supervision instead of revocation of licenses. Interesting
plea by one's own attorney defending an alleged innocent man.
(GRIN) Apparently, the Judge for the Superior Court of the State
of California did not concur with Boylan's attorney plea and
reconfirmed the revocation of Boylan's licenses.

I made it a point of being present at the closing arguments
session. Also present was Clark Hathaway, an ex-Boylan patient
and abductee/experiencer who sat next to me on the front row.
(Since Clark has broken off his support for Boylan, Boylan has
also accused Clark of being some kind of "government operative".)
I made a comment to Clark that it was probably a great
embarrassment to the 20 or so "Boylan supporters" who were also
present to find out that "government harrassment" was not even an
issue backed by any evidence during his appeal to the Superior
Court of the State of California, but was simply a ploy of
Boylan's directed at the UFO community for money, support and
sympathy and left out of the Court room altogether. (GRIN)

Also, I noted during my visit to Boylan's "open letter", that for
the UFO community, Boylan still calls his ex-patients "homely,
grossly obese, lesbian, poor or welfare-dependent, drug/alcohol
abusers, who had been suing for money." I think it is imperative
to note that during the closing arguments to the Superior Court
Judge, Boylan's attorney, Richard S. Linkert, apparently did not
feel the above to be accurate or to be a prudent strategy to
employ before the judge. Boylan's attorney Linkert, in the
closing arguments, described one of Boylan's ex-patients and
witness against him as "bright, well-educated, degreed, young
woman." But then again, this was in the Superior Court of the
State of California with Judge Thomas M. Cecil presiding, not on
the Internet before the UFO community pleading for money, support
and sympathy. (GRIN)

For anyone wishing to explore this further, take the time out to
read Boylan's appeal decision before the Superior Court of the
State of California (a step in the due process that Boylan has
"conveniently" left out of his Internet appeal for money,
support, and sympathy.

Boylan's case and his loss of his licenses had nothing to do with
UFOs or his belief system. Anyone that was present at the closing
arguments session before the Superior Court of the State of
California, or has bothered to read the public record available
at the Court House in Sacramento is well aware of that fact. It
had everything to do with the competence of a therapist with
sexually abused patients and how one treats sexually abused
patients in therapy. That is why the Board revoked his licenses
and Superior Court Judge Thomas Cecil upheld that revocation
after Boylan exercised his due process and appealed the Board
decision before the Superior Court of the State of California.

Interesting that Boylan's courtroom strategies are not congruent
with his Internet appeals for money, support and sympathy.

Ed Stewart

PS. I know that ORTK has been previously duped by Boylan and
given him $200.00 in the past towards his "legal fund".
Hopefully, future contemplating "contributors" will take the time
out to review the actual Court Records on this case before
throwing out their money.


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