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Open Letter To Senator Strom Thurmond

From: pharaoh <pharaoh@web2000.net> [Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo]
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 19:26:58 -0800
Fwd Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 11:17:53 -0500
Subject: Open Letter To Senator Strom Thurmond


Dr. Willy Smith
UNICAT Project
November 1997

Only recently was I able to obtain a copy of the press statement
released on June 5, 1997 by the office of Strom Thurmond, U.S
Senator for South Carolina.

In this release by Chris Kelley Cimko, titled RIGHT FOREWORD,
WRONG BOOK, the Senator is disturbed by the foreword appearing
under his name in the first edition of THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL.  He
claims the foreword was written for a second book, presumably
also authored by Lt. Col. Philip Corso.  Leaving aside for a
moment the fact that nobody is aware of the existence of this
second book, the Senator is admitting that he wrote the foreword
for a book which he had not bothered to read, apparently
believing that it was correct to do so, as he based his pen work
on an outline allegedly provided by the author, who at this point
of the Senator's discourse has become simply "Mr. Corso".

This is a nice and convenient explanation that many, including
myself, were ready to accept offhand, that is, until looking more
closely at Senator Thurmond's background.  It is for me
inconceivable that a person with the integrity and outstanding
career of the Senator would write a foreword without reading the
book; if he did not want to preface a book about UFOs, he simply
would have said so and sent Lt. Col. Corso to look for another
sponsor.  That is the first anomaly in the press release.

The second and more significant anomaly is the insistence that
the Senator does not "believe" in UFOs, their technology, and its
possible application to win the Cold War. I will only remark
briefly here about the incorrect use of the verb "believe".  One
believes in God, or in the United States, or in speaking the
truth, but for scientific matters, the question is not of belief,
but of knowledge.  Doesn't the Honorable Senator know such a
fundamental thing?  He certainly must.  A man of his experience,
a man capable of switching from an obsolete party to another
party more in tune with the actual needs of the United States,
surely knows the difference between beliefs and knowledge.

But perhaps he is literally correct when he states that "he does
not believe that the United States is in possession of such
vehicle (an UFO) and that he does not believe there has been any
government cover-up of a UFO crash".  In an admirable play on
words, like the good politician he is, he omits to tell us that
he doesn't believe because HE KNOWS, as a person in his position
undoubtedly has access to all classified pertinent information.
Is there a hidden message in the press release?

Moreover, in the suppressed FOREWORD, which very few persons have
bothered to examine, no mention is made of UFOs!  All that we
read there refers to the character, personality and distinguished
career of the author, documented facts which would fit any book
written by Lt. Col. Corso, be it on UFOs, science fiction or

Why then does the Senator feel the compulsive need to disclaim
his belief in UFOs? Or perhaps the Senator did not read the
foreword, very likely penned by a member at his staff, until it
became a matter of public debate?  Or worse maybe the withdrawal
of the FOREWORD indicates that the Senator no anger believes that
Lt.  Col. Corso is an honorable American?  And even a more
dangerous question comes up: did the Senator approve of this
press release that apparently tarnishes his image?  I think the
Senator must come forward and answer those and other crucial
questions honestly, as speaking with forked tongues is a
characteristic of the so called "liberals".  Senator Thurmond has
created an anomaly, and the reasons that prompted him to do so
are sine dublo not the ones claimed.  It is up to him, and him
only, to resolve this delicate issue for the good of his party
and of the United States.

The more one reflects on the above facts, the more puzzling the
matter becomes.  It is also increasingly evident that the
publishers of the book benefited extremely from the Senator's
retraction, and so far no-body has found fault with the merits of
Lt. Col. Corso detailed in the suppressed FOREWORD.  A book that
could have passed into oblivion has become a point of
controversy, has sold out several editions, and has placed the
Roswell incident once more in the limelight. To what purpose?

Magna est veritas et prae valet

Dr. Willy Smith
UNICAT Project
November 1997

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