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Re: Inmann on the Fox 'Special'

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Subject: Re: Inmann on the Fox 'Special'

Sigh..... Here we go again.

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>  Doubters of Inmann's knowledge of classified UFO information need only
>  to listen to Bob Oechsler's tape recorded conversation with him where
>  Inmann makes reference to recovered alien technology which didn't seem
>  out of context at all.


Below is an excerpt concerning Oechsler &
Admiral Bobby Ray Inman - if you'd like the
complete review drop me a line.


                    By: Armen Victorian
                        August 1991

                CHAPTER 10 - COSMIC JOURNEY

Good begins this chapter by introducing Admiral Bobby Ray Inman.

From there he refers to Oechsler's brief encounter with Admiral Inman,
(May 13, 1988, on the grounds of the Science and Technology Center of
University of Maryland).

Apparently Oechsler, after introducing himself, gave his business card
to Admiral Inman, saying "I would be grateful if at some point you
might have someone contact me about how I can get closer to MJ12".
(See UFO Magazine 'UFO Secret Team? - 'Control Factor' Stymies
Ufology' by Vicki Cooper),

Good then quotes extracts of Oechsler's telephone conversation with
Admiral Inman (The telephone conversation had taken place at 8AM, July
20, 1989.

At that time Good was staying with Oechsler - the complete text of
this telephone conversation, which included Oechsler's speculation,
was faxed to me by Oechsler.

The published lines in the book, are somewhat taken out of context.

According to Oechsler and Good, they represent the fact that Admiral
Inman is heavily involved with the UFO subject and its cover up.  One
particular question by Oechsler, and Admiral Inman's answer (printed
in italics, page 191), has allowed the imagination of both Good and
Oechsler to fly wild and loose.

Bob Oechsler: "Do you anticipate that any of the recovered vehicles
would ever become available for technological research?"

Admiral Inman: "Again, I honestly don't know.  Ten years ago the
answer would have been no.  Whether, as time has evolved, they are
beginning to become more open on it, there's a possibility.  Again Mr.
Hineman [retired Deputy Director of Science and Technology Division,
CIA] probably would be the best person to put that kind of question

Not once is there a single specific reference to the subject of UFOs
in the entire text of the telephone conversation.  Good, by
deliberately not publishing Admiral Inman's letter of Dec. 18, 1989,
(see bellow), has twisted the facts, giving a totally fabricated
version of the truth.


Dear Mr. Good,

Just a short note to thank you for your letters of 17 November and 7
December 1989, and the copy of Admiral Lord Hill-Norton's letter to
you.  I did receive your book and appreciate your thoughtfulness for
sending it.  I look forward to reading it in the weeks ahead.
Unfortunately, I do not know any information which could be of
assistance to you for your UFO report.  I would like to take this
opportunity to wish you success in your findings.

Please pass my very best wishes to Admiral Lord Hill-Norton when you
have the opportunity.

                             [Signed]  B. R. Inman".

After receiving a transcript of that tape-recorded telephone
conversation from Oechsler, I asked him if anyone else but Good had
listened to that tape.  He gave me the name of a Mr. John Dingley.

On 14 July 1991, I telephoned Mr. Dingley and asked him whether he had
listened to the taped telephone conversation between Admiral Inman and
Oechsler.  He confirmed that he had listened to the tape and I asked
him if the subject of UFOs was mentioned during the course of the
conversation?  He answered "No".

By then I had already written to Admiral Inman, enclosing the pages of
the book where he had been mentioned, and asking him for

On 26 July 1991, I received the following letter from Admiral Inman.


     I received your letter of July 1st concerning Timothy Good's book
     Alien Liaison.  I believe all these allegations to be false.

     Concerning your comments on a group of scientists called MJ12, I
     have no such awareness and do not believe such a group exists.

[Author's note: I deliberately included the MJ12 issue in my letter to
 him, because Oechsler claims that it was the main lead in.]

     In summary, the book is filled with fabrication and distortions.
     My conclusion from the pages I have seen is that the book is
     without any merit.

                                      Signed: B. R. Inman."

[Quote ends]

After receiving Admiral Inman's letter, I phoned Admiral Lord
Hill-Norton on 1 Aug. 1991 and read him Admiral Inman's letter to me
and asked what he thought about it.  His reply was that what Inman was
saying was absurd and that he why he made those comments to Oechsler
should be clarified.  He added that Inman was covering up, and he was
sticking to his comments that, either Inman should shut up or put up
with it. (Taped telephone conversation).

I was not satisfied by what Admiral Lord Hill-Norton had told me.  He
gave me the distinct impression of believing everything Tim Good tells
him, or gives him to read, and due to some passing comments he made in
that regard, I decided to get back to Admiral Inman.

From another letter to Admiral Inman, which I faxed to his office, 2
Aug. 1991:


"As an objective researcher trying to establish the intentions of
each party involved in the course of these events, which gave
"enough confidence" to the author of the above mentioned book (T.
Good), and his assistant Mr. Bob Oechsler, in compiling, studying and
editing the data, which he thought to be accurate, there remain a few
areas which would require an ultimate clarification by you.

What did you think Bob Oechsler was inquiring about?  It is still
obscure what your understanding was about the topic of the

Perhaps I should add that Bob Oechsler maintains that in his initial
approach to you, when he gave you his card, he mentioned to you
clearly and briefly that he required your assistance in contacting a
member/members of the MJ12.  He maintains that you accepted his card,
and in a cordial manner "Okayed" it".

[End quote]

I enclosed a copy of my letter to Admiral Inman with the following
covering letter, dated 5 August, 1991 and sent them to Admiral Lord


Dear sir,

Enclosed are the two letters I discussed about.

There are certainly areas of serious flaws in the manner by which the
"data" has been presented by the re-presenters on the main characters
in Chapter 10 of the book, "Alien Liaison".  It is no secret, which
concerns myself and the dignified high ranking officers, whose names
have been mentioned, but the truthfulness and exact, factual
representation seems to bear some serious questions.

Although, by writing my last letter to Admiral Inman, I have tried to
ask him to clarify the grey areas, the seriousness of the issue
referred to in my previous paragraph over-rules such a request.



On 6 August 1991, I received a reply from Admiral Inman, dated 5 Aug.
1991, which I reproduce here in its entirety:

Dear Dr. Victorian,

In response to the request in your letter dated 2 August 1991 for an
"ultimate clarification" by me re Mr. Oechsler, I provide the

a.   I receive hundreds of calling cards each year from individuals
     who approach me at public appearances.  I have no specific
     recollection of the receipt of a calling card from Mr. Oechsler
     prior to our telephone conversation.

b.   I have never heard of any organization called MJ12 nor did I have
     any understanding from Mr. Oechsler about his seeking information
     on a specific organization.  His use of Admiral Lord
     Hill-Norton's name was the principal factor in my having a
     conversation at all with Mr. Oechsler.

c.   Having no prior knowledge of Mr. Oechsler's interest, I did not
     understand until well into his dialogue that his research was
     about Unidentified Flying Objects.

d.   Throughout 22 years of service in intelligence community, I have
     never encountered any credible evidence of the existence of
     extraterrestrial or interplanetary entities, individuals, crafts,
     vehicles, or persons.  I do not believe any credible evidence of
     such activity exists.

I have been advised by Rear Admiral Shapiro that Mr. Oechsler totally
misrepresented both the nature and content of their conversation.

I remain persuaded that complete misrepresentation of my views and
those of Rear Admiral Shapiro has occurred and thus I distrust any and
all stories and conclusions that have been conveyed.

I hope you will entertain no further doubts about my views.

                                      [signed] B. R. Inman

After the receipt of the above letter, there was still one clause
which required yet further clarification by  Admiral Inman.

The word "dialogue", could have a broad interpretation.  I needed to
know what precisely Admiral Inman meant by that.

On August 12, 1991 I contacted Admiral Inman's office, and I spoke to
Mr. Tom King, the Executive Assistant to  Admiral Inman.

I explained to him the nature of my inquiry, asking him for further
clarification by Admiral Inman.  I was asked to contact him the
following day.

On August 13, 1991, I was told by Mr. Tom King, that I can go on the
record with what he was told by Admiral Inman.

In response to my inquiry, Mr. King said:

"What  Admiral Inman meant in clause (C) of his last letter to you
(5AUG. 1991), is that, only after Mr. Oechsler had spoken with Rear
Admiral Shapiro, in pursuit of his inquiry, had it become clear to
Admiral Inman, through Rear Admiral Shapiro, that Mr. Oechsler's
inquiry was about UFOs.  Admiral Inman had absolutely no prior
knowledge of the topic of Mr. Oechsler inquiry before that."

I had already contacted Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro (Retired, ONI
Director) on August 3, 1991 and I asked Rear Admiral Shapiro whether
he met Bob Oechsler.  He replied "He claims to have met me".

I repeated my question.  He answered; "He met me on one occasion and I
realized that he was a fraud.  He had arranged a meeting with me under
fraudulent circumstances, and I dismissed him almost immediately.  I
never had a meeting with him in a restaurant...."

[See p. 195, where Oechsler alleges that he met with Rear Admiral
Shapiro for the first time in a restaurant]

".....as he is suggesting in that book.  I never discussed any of that
material with him."

I then asked Rear Admiral Shapiro what Oechsler introduced himself as?
He answered "He introduced himself as a[n] independent.....  he didn't
even describe what he was doing initially in order to see me.  He said
that he had been referred to me by somebody [Inman] that should
contact me.  I tried to contact that person to verify, he was out of
the country.  I finally agreed that I would meet him.  And then, all
he had was his card that described himself as some sort of a robotic
expert or something.  You know, a complete sham." [Tape recorded

I then contacted Mr. Robert W. Kirchgessner, who was the Director of
Special Development Group,  Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey, at
that time.

Mr. Kirchgessner, with his direct answers, cast a great deal of light
on the subject matter, thereby revealing the length and breadth of
distortions Good and Oechsler went to present THEIR own version of
'Cosmic Journey'.

I asked Mr. Kirchgessner to describe what took place in the course of
their contacts with Oechsler and Good.

He said: "Robert Oechsler's situation is ah, let me put it like
this... Robert Oechsler was recommended to us by Timothy Good, we met
with the man ONE time.  We determined very very quickly that he was a

"This fact is illustrated when the gentleman approached us, coming in
and telling us everything from the fact that he could deliver us
a UFO, to whether he had a government agency watching him."

"We were sitting in a restaurant here in Orlando with him.  We invited
him down here, paying all his costs, to speak to him....."

[This particular factor was confirmed to me by Mr. Robert Kenneston,
in a separate telephone conversation with him in his Los Angeles
office, on 12 Aug. 1991 {tape recorded conversation}.  Mr. Kenneston
was a witness to that meeting, and held a separate discussion with
Oechsler, as part of the same meeting.]

".....trying to do the best research that we could.  And he perceives
and comes out with the statement that the CIA people are tracking him
and they were sitting and watching him in the restaurant."

"The man was...he was not in touch with reality at the time in my
opinion.  We had elected not to proceed with him in any way, shape or
form.  The only question that I felt remaining with the call that I
received regarding Robert Oechsler, was whether or not somebody else
in the Ringling Corporation had hired him to do additional research
without my knowledge.  Which was always possible within our company".

Author: "Yes, Mr. Chuck Smith..."

"...right, Chuck Smith was my immediate superior.  Chuck met various
people, he usually would utilize them to continue to look into subject
matters, if they had any knowledge at all.  To my knowledge at this
time, he had never spoken to nor had he been in communication with,
nor had gone any further than my initial confidential report to him,
stating that this (Mr. Oechsler) is one gentleman that we should NOT
do business with.  And to this date that is the position that Chuck
has taken in regards to this."

I asked Mr. Kirchgessner how Timothy Good became involved?  He replied
that they decided not to have anything to do with Good due to the high
fees he had asked for.

Mr. Kirchgessner's answer to this question is quite contradictory to
what Good has written in his book.

On page 151 of 'Alien Liasons', Good writes:


     Following further discussions, I was invited to become the
     'Official Consultant on UFO research' to the Special Development
     group.  A personal meeting in Orlando, Florida, was
     pre-requisite, the director said, and since I would be visiting
     Gulf Breeze during October, I made arrangements to fly to
     Orlando. Unfortunately, DIFFICULTIES with airline scheduling
     arose, allowing inadequate time for the trip, and I was obliged
     to postpone the meeting.

[End quote]

I put to Mr. Kirchgessner what Mr. Good had published, he said "It is
simply not true, we dropped him because of the sums he was asking as
his fees.  Then Mr. Robert Oechsler appeared on the horizon."

Mr. Kirchgessner told me that Oechsler had asked for either $1200 or
$2000 per day for his work (he couldn't remember the exact figure

He had added that they asked Captain Gene Cernan, ex-NASA astronaut,
who is a director on their Board, to check Oechsler's credentials
regarding his NASA background.

Cernan reported that Oechsler had NEVER held the position he claims in
NASA, but that it was possible that he had worked as a junior
technician either with NASA or with a NASA sub-contractor, in which
case his name would not have been known anyway.

I called Gene Cernan on 8 Aug. 1991.  After confirming what Mr.
Kirchgessner had said was correct, Cernan added that the 'Cosmic
Journey' project never went any further than the drawing board. (Taped
telephone conversation).

The day before, 7 Aug. 1991, I contacted Miss Susan Brewer, who works
with Mr. Kirchgessner and was a witness to the Orlando meeting,
between Oechsler and the Ringling Bros people.

I read her the passage on page 197 of 'Alien Liaison' in which Good
states that the project ('Cosmic Journey') had the approval of
President Bush and Vice-President Quayle. She answered: "As far as Bob
(Kirchgessner) is concerned, when he worked with Gene Cernan, Cernan
presented the project to Vice President Quayle representing President
Bush, then yes, I would assume it would go to the top."

[Note: The way in which Good has referred to this point in his book
adds more vigor to his version of the story, as to 'Cosmic Journey'
initially being a government based project].

She further added "Let me tell you that when Mr. Oechsler came here to
Orlando, I was present.  We were very kind and polite, but we realized
that he was a little off the wall".

I also put to her what Mr. Kirchgessner had told me about Oechsler's
promise to provide them with a genuine UFO.  She immediately said,
"A genuine UFO plus a spaceship".  I asked her whether it was in
writing or verbal.  She replied "Verbal, but there were four other
people at the table, you know, they fell off their chairs!".

I asked if she could give me their names as a matter of record.  She
answered, "I was one of them, the other young man was Brownell
Schlubach.  He used to work with us at SDG, Bob Kirchgessner, and the
other gentleman's name was Don Branch, the Manager of Design for SDG".

She further added that "after we realized what sort of person we were
dealing with, we would not have anything more to do with a person with
such a fanatical presentation".

Following my inquiries into other areas of chapter 10, Cosmic Journey,
I was quite intrigued by what Good had written about 'THE PENTAGON
MEETING' (See p.198 - 201, 'Alien Liaison').  I was determined to
locate the 'GENERAL' who had apparently scared the life out of

Oechsler had stated in the course of one of his telephone
conversations with me that, whilst in Florida the Ringling Brother's
team had told him that a variety of people were involved, and that
their names were mentioned to him.

A week after returning from Florida he received a call from the
'General'.  He added that he would not like to "Fuck around" with that
General, after his alleged encounter experience of November 17, 1989.
(Taped telephone conversation with Mr. Oechsler 7 Aug. 1991)  "While
resting in a Dallas cocktail lounge", that he still thinks was the
General's doing.

Good illustrates Oechsler's impressions and thoughts relating to this
'Alien Intrusion':-

     The sensation in the back of Bob's head reminded him of the
     security machine at the Pentagon, which had induced a 'tingling'
     sensation at the back of his head.  Was there some connection
     perhaps? (See p. 202 in the book).

With the help of the members of our research group, I managed to
discover the identity of the 'General' concerned.

Oechsler, independently, in the course of our telephone conversation
on Aug. 9, 1991, confirmed our finding by revealing his name to me.
Further, Oechsler emphasized, that he did not want his name to be
mentioned in the course of my inquiry with the 'General'.
(Taped telephone conversation).

On August 8, 1991, I contacted Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford, the
distinguished ex-NASA astronaut in his Oklahoma office.  He was the
alleged 'General' in Good's book.

I mentioned to Tom Stafford that I had received a copy of the 'Cosmic
Journey' project (from Good's book), and understood that he had met
Oechsler on November 13, 1989, in order to discuss the project with
him.  He answered that he did not remember meeting Oechsler.

I pointed out that at that particular meeting, one of the topics was
about the type of alien/ET to be put on show in a cryogenic tank (See
p. 199, 'Alien Liaison').  I asked him whether he recalled that.  He
said that he did not remember.

He then asked me about the date of the meeting.  After I gave him
the date he said he could not remember such a meeting.  Then he asked
where the meeting was supposed to have taken place. I told him the

I then proceeded to try to refresh his memory, and referred to the
security device that Oechsler had apparently passed through, and
discussed with the General [See p. 199].  He replied "Bullshit.
Tingling?"  I answered yes, and quoted from the book on page 198 of
the book.  He asked by whom.  I replied by Oechsler.

General Stafford, in reply to my question that I had repeated again -
referring to exhibiting a alien corpse in a cryogenic tank - replied
"I don't remember Mr. Oechsler and don't know anything about it".

He later added again that he has just finished an eleven month study
for the White House and NASA about how to get back to the Moon and
Mars, which he had referred to very briefly at the beginning.  And
added that he didn't know what I was talking about.

I told him about Good's  publication, and added that although he had
not been mentioned by name, the 'General' in the passage is him.  I
told him that Oechsler himself had confirmed this to me.

He said that he instigated the Stealth bomber and "Sure, I started the
F-117A fighter, but that was years ago".  Although he goes to the
Pentagon occasionally to meet friends, he does not have an office

I put it to him that, according to Oechsler, his office was in the
basement section of the Pentagon, where  Oechsler allegedly met with
him.  I asked him "Am I correct, or do I have the wrong information?"
He answered "You've got the wrong information.  I was down at SDI in
Star Wars.  I was down there occasionally, but I have no office

In reply to my question about his knowledge of the alien entities, he
answered, that he had never seen them, although he had been into space
four times.  When I questioned him as to whether he had any evidence
about flying saucers, he said "Hell NO".  (Taped telephone
conversation with Thomas P. Stafford)