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UFOs observed APOLLO Moon landing?

From: koch@wad.berlin.fido.de (Joachim Koch)
Date: 03 Apr 98 00:10:00 +0000
Fwd Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 12:57:42 -0500
Subject: UFOs observed APOLLO Moon landing?


*NASA employee confirms: UFOs observed Apollo Moon landing*

In Germany's best UFO related magazine, the UFO-KURIER No. 30 of
April 1997, I found something very interesting which might have
passed the attention of many and so I would like to present it to
this honourable list. I would appreciate further comments to the
text given below.

What I tried to translate into English is part of a report (on
page 18) about the "World Congress February 21st to  23rd 1997"
held by the ATLANTIS FOUNDATION of Mr. Acedaih Dafi in Zuerich,

Here it goes:

------begin of the translation of page 18/19 of German UFO-KURIER

No.30, April 1997------------

"Mr. Armin Risi presented a sensationel revealation to the
audience: in January 1997, the Tessin tv-station "TSI" (which is
the tv-station of the Italian speaking part of Switzerland)
broadcasted a high-class four part tv-documentation about UFOs.
The producer was the renowned journalist Guido Ferrari. After the
documentations a discussion took place with professors and ph.d's
of the relevant sciences. Among them was Dr. Dino Dini from
Italy, a longstanding NASA employee, who has been invited to
argufy from the sceptic point of view.

Near the end of the discussion the TSI performed an uncut film of
the Moon landing. You could see, how astronaut Neil Armstrong
entered the Moon and you could hear what he said:

Armstr.:(just got out) "What is it? Do you have an explanation
about that?"

Huston: "We have one. Don't worry. Attend to the program!"

Armstr.: "O boy! It is really something, it's fantastic! You
cannot even imagine this!"

Huston: "Roger. We know about that. You go the other way. Go back
the other  way!"

Armstr.: "Well, it's a kind... really spectacular. O God, what is
that? What is that?"

Huston: "Change frequency! Go Tango! Tango!

Armstr.: "It's a kind of life there, now..."

Huston: "Roger. ...communication. Bravo-Tango! Bravo-Tango! Talk
Jezebel! Jezebel!"

Armstr.: "...but this is unbelievable!"

And then obviously the frequency of transmission was changed.

The moderator then turned over to Dr. Dini and confronted him
with what  they had heard before:

Mod. "Dr. Dini, you worked within the news services of NASA. I
ask you: why has NASA dropped from the official version which
went round the world the part which was spoken directly? Why was
it deleted?"

All the others in the discussion round expected Dr. Dini to
present some dementi or other elusions. But what followed then
was a sensationel relvealation: the former NASA employee
confirmed everything  -  and more!

Dr. Dini: "It was deleted because several things came together
which belonged to the famous "Blue Book" which should have
published but they changed this initial intention. Well the fact
is this: what Armstrong saw, was real. Because everywhere, where
there is confusion, in the Gulf War, in the last war -
everywhere, where confusion breaks out, there these flying disk
are appearing. These flying disk do come from stations  which are
positioned near Earth. So it was right and we had to do it..."

Mod.: " You mean the deleting?"

Dr. Dini: "Yes, the deleting."

Mod.: "What was spoken, you have heard it. What did Armstrong
see?  What was it?"

Dr.Dini: "He saw objects, which followed them, space ships, which
followed the Apollo space ship..."

Mod.: "...living beings too?"

Dr. Dini: " Yes, living beings too. Other space ships followed
the Apollo space ship. This is a fact which was confirmed by
various expeditions."

We don't know if and how far reaching Dr. Dini is part of a
policy of revealations by NASA. At any rate, this testimony has
great importance."

-----end of the translation of page 18/19 of German UFO-KURIER
No.30, April 1997------------

I'll try to get a transscript of the discussion. If so, then I'll
post it here. Meanwhile I would like to ask our American and
Italian colleagues to do some research into the person of Dr.

Does anybody know him? Did he work for NASA? What is his approach
to the reality of UFOs?

Looking forward to read your comments

Joachim Koch

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