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Ford Files - Brookhaven Crash (Long Island, NY)

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Subject: Ford Files - Brookhaven Crash (Long Island, NY)

For those wondering what the 'Ford Fuss' is about
and are not aware of some of the background, UpDates will
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Date: 11-27-94 (05:30)
  To: ALL
Subj: Brookhaven Crash
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From: rabryan@netcom.com (Richard A. Bryan)
Subject: Brookhaven Crash
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The following account was excerpted from a book entitled "The
Rainbow Conspiracy" by Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger, ISBN
0-7860-0065-1. I have no other knowledge of this event, so
please don't ask me about it.


According to members of the Long Island UFO Network (LIUFON),
a nonprofit research organization, they have evidence that on
November 24, 1992 at 7:12 p.m., an alien spacecraft crashed near
the area of south Haven Park in Suffolk County close to the
residential communities of Shirley and Yaphank, Long Island,
New York.

The principal witness, a Mr. Walter Knowles of Mastic Beach, said
that he saw the object fall to Earth in a wooded area near South
Haven Park along Gerard Road, which borders the western edge of
the park.

According to a LIUFON press release, Knowles was driving east on
Sunrise highway while returning home from work around 7:00 p.m.
when he noticed an unusual aerial object to the south of the
highway over the stand of trees that separates Sunrise from
Montauk highway. He described the UFO as tubular in shape with
two large bright blue lights on each end with a brilliant light
in its center. The general color of the object appeared to be
a dull, metallic gray.

As Knowles watched the object, it executed a right-angle turn and
began to tumble end over end on the north side of the highway.

He pulled his vehicle over to the right shoulder and got out of
the automobile in time to see object crash to the northwest.
Upon impact, Knowles stated, the object emitted a powerful
beam of white light, which shot into the night sky.

Later, during the course of their research, LIUFON would learn
that the light from the crashed object was seen by residents in
the area as far north as Ridge and as far west as Bald Hill in

Several other motorists joined Knowles at the side of the road,
and they all watched as the light subsided into an amber glow-
which, in Knowles's opinion, indicated a fire in progress in the
wooded area.

Convinced that he had witnessed the crash of a UFO, Knowles
decided to leave the area and continue his drive home. As he
was nearing the exit for William Floyd Parkway, he observed a
formation of four large, black, military-type helicopters with
no visible markings arriving on the crash scene.

A short time later, after he had arrived at his home, Knowles
became perplexed when he learned that there was no news
coverage of any type of crash - conventional aircraft or UFO -
in the area. Knowles asked his brother-in-law to return
with him to the area where he had witnessed the tubular-shaped
UFO tumbling into the woods.

When they arrived on the scene about twenty-five minutes
later, a military roadblock on William Floyd Parkway was
detouring traffic west on Sunrise Highway. The military
personnel conducting the roadblock were dressed in black
jump suits and their vehicles bore no identifying markings.

While Knowles and his brother-in-law were present on the scene,
they saw five New York State Police cars being turned back
by the black-suited military personnel. Although the State
Police at West Hampton Barracks later denied Knowles account,
a confidential source from that unit confirmed the incident
to a LIUFON investigator.

Finding the streets of Beatrice, Dawn and Sunset also
blocked by military personnel dressed in black jump suits,
Knowles found that he was still able to travel west on Victory
Boulevard, and he and his brother-in-law drove up Gerard Road
to the second bend in the road where he could see a large
fire in progress about 300 yards back in the woods.

He told investigators from LIUFON that there was a strong
airborne odor similar to that of burnt insulation and
that he could see flames dancing near the top of trees in
the park.

LIUFON researchers also received a report from a second
eyewitness, a motorist from Brookhaven Hamlet, who
sighted an unconventional aircraft while traveling eastbound
on Sunrise at around 7:15 p.m. He did not observe the
object crash into the park, but he did spot an unusual
object in the sky around the time of the reported UFO's
fiery touchdown in South Haven Park.

Stubbornly investigating this remarkable UFO crash report
since December 1992 when they were first contacted by
Walter Knowles, the Long Island UFO Network (P.O. Box
1692, Riverhead, NY 11901), gather such information as
the following:

+ All federal, state and local agencies, including fire
departments would have been involved in the incident-
have denied officially that such an event ever occurred.

+ However, on December 20, 1992, LIUFON investigators
retrieved fire department equipment from the main fire
road in the park that has been identified as being similar
to equipment used by Brookhaven Hamlet Fire Department.

  Subsequently, LIUFON received confirmation from a
Brookhaven Hamlet Fire Department source that their unit
was called to the park that night to put out fires caused
by something that fell out of the sky. The anonymous
source added that fire department personnel were prohibited
by federal government orders from speaking about the

+ Suffolk County Police sounded a county-wide alert on
the night of November 29, 1992, that a UFO had crashed near
William Floyd Parkway and all units were to use land lines
to receive instructions for emergency mobilization.

+ The park itself was closed for several days after
the UFO crash, and area residents reported Suffolk police
manning roadblocks near the park entrance. At first county
officials denied the allegations that the park had been
closed, but later informed the editor of the South Shore Press
in Mastic Beach that the park had been closed to the
general public because of the duck hunting season.

+ Numerous area residents reported having heard the object
crash on that November night. Others observed the black
helicopters hovering over the area for hours.

+ A great number of area residents have reported strange
electrical problems that seem to stem from the events of
that same November evening. Cable television and home
appliances burned out; car batteries suddenly failed; the
telephone system malfunctioned; light bulbs burned out
with annoying frequency. All of these phenomena, LIUFON
researchers suggest, could be the result of a massive
electromagnetic pulse effect having occurred in the area.

+ LIUFON investigators discovered tow areas of flattened
and broken trees along Gerard Road. One area over 100
yards long displayed signs of broken and splintered trees.
Another spot 200 yards north gave evidence of broken trees
and a recent fire.

  Trees in the second area gave signs of holding a strong
magnetic field after LIUFON researchers tested them with
a magnetometer.

+ A number of area residents reported to LIUFON that they
encountered the same military and police roadblocks that
Walter Knowles confronted on the night in question.

+ Over seven municipal fire departments responded that
night to answer the call to control fires set by the crash
of the UFO. In addition, elements of the Brookhaven
National Laboratories Fire Department and Emergency Response
Team were dispatched to the location since they comprised
the only unit on Long Island with the expertise to control a
radiological fire.

In June 1993 LIUFON Chairman John Ford received a package in
his home mailbox from an anonymous source. The package
contained a videotape from a Defense Department systems
analyst, who claimed to be a resident of Rocky Point,
New York. The video appears to show the recovery of the
wreckage of a UFO from an area north of South Haven Park.
The tape also contains scenes of what would seem to be
bodies and body parts suggestive of belonging to humanoid
alien beings.

A complete examination of the tape under the auspices of
Preston Nichols and Alan Green, both members of LIUFON,
has produced a video enhancement and stop-frame analysis
of the tape, which further substantiates the suggestion
that the bodies appear to be those of aliens, rather than

The government analyst, who has since contacted LIUFON
and identified himself, told Ford that the tape was
confiscated from fire department personnel on the scene
the night of November 29, 1992.

According to additional information received by LIUFON
researchers, the wreckage of the UFO is being stored
and studied at Brookhaven National Laboratories.


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