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Re: Abduction of Blacks? [The Finalists]

From: Stephen MILES Lewis <elfis@ccsi.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 09:54:21 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 18:39:57 -0500
Subject: Re: Abduction of Blacks? [The Finalists]

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>From: Jerome Clark <jkclark@frontiernet.net>
>Subject: Re: UFOUpDate: Re: Abduction of Blacks? [The Finalists]
>Date: Wed, 02 Dec 98 15:32:10 PST

Gosh, how I do get sick of scrolling past all the above data, sigh.


>Nor of Polish-Americans, American Indians, Italian-Americans,
>Korean-Americans, Jewish Americans, German-Americans,
>Anglo-Americans, Hispanic Americans (a broad category of people
>from a variety of different Latin cultures), Icelandic
>Americans, Dutch Americans, Scandinavian Americans,
>Chinese-Americans, Japanese-Americans, and so on and on.  This
>is a circle which can indeed be measured anywhere. Frankly, this
>doesn't strike me as the most urgent of all research projects,
>but anybody who wants to pursue it has my best wishes.

>Jerry Clark

Thanks for the best wishes for these and other areas are exactly
where I am interested in doing some research. And you are right
when you describe this branch of ufology as akin to literary
criticism. I AM a librarian and so look upon all the UFO
literature as DATA which if only we had a better classsification
system we might apprehend some meaning (not the "objects"
themselves). Since we only have the UFOs effects to examine
(ie- eye witness narrative and effects upon the
witness/plants/animals/appliances) I suggest that is where we
keep looking. And since effects upon the witness creates effects
within the societies  which we  live in, I'd like to know as
much about the witnesses as I would about the "objects."

Just cracking open the first UFO related study that comes to
mind which might actually have some numbers to add to this
dialogue (of course its more of a social study but..) I whipped
out Dr. Kenneth Rings 'The Omega Project' which includes its
battery of questions put to NDE-ers, UFO-ers as well as people
"concerned" with NDEs or UFOs.

Out of 264 totaly completed responses the spread was NDE=74,
NDC=54, UFOE=97, UFOC=39

Amongst the background info questionaire was the question of
Race, however, this background info result is not listed in the
appendixes' list of battery question responses. I would be very
curious to see the % of black respondants to all of the above
categories within this study.

For that matter, if anyone on the list is in contact with
Hopkins, Strieber, Jacobs, Mack and others who are likely to
have significant databases on UFO/abduction experiencers,
please send them a message asking simply what percentage of
their contacts is Black (and go ahead and ask for an across the
board list of other ethnicities) so we can get some actual data
on this real question that has been raised on this list.

Now for my rambling spare changes worth of thots on the matter:

First, an aside; when was it first suggested that their were
geographical archetypes of UFO occupants/entities? i.e. North
American Gray, South American Hairy Dwarf, Anglo-European
Nordic, Mediterranean/East Indian Humanoid (short black hair
widows peak style)? Was this trend in entity demographics
reported as evident as far back as the late sixties, early
seventies. I think John Spencer's 'World Atlas of UFOs' dealt
with this a little  at the beginning of each chapter's
geocentric introdruction (which featured Dennis Stacy,Edoardo
Russo, Hilary Evans, and Cynthia Hind of African MUFON who says:

"...the African cultures readily allow for paranormal

However, spacecraft, the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis, and UFOs,
are totally alien to black African literature and folklore. This
lack of knowledge is often compounded by lack of foreign
currency in the the developing countries to purchase books on
UFOs from overseas. Thus, when I approach witnesses in cases of
supposed sightings or contacts, I can be 99 percent certain that
their interpretation will be representative only of _their_
(italics hers) culture."

Back when my friend Jean Staffen created the Austin UFOAbductee
Support Group (which under my 6+ years of  leadership  became
the Austin UFO Experiencer Support Group and more

see: http://www.sdgweb.com/~elfin/aaarchives/AUFOSG/AUFOSG.htm

we were concerned (in a quandry, rather) at the lack of certain
minorities (it was a publicly held and advertised meeting in a
free room at the downtown public library) specificly Black
experiencers. We speculated amongst ourselves, particularly
while with our mutual anthropologist/folklorist friend Susan

see: http://www.sdgweb.com/~elfin/ELFOL2/SLAJSanth.html

all the possible sociological reasons for blacks and other
minorities being more relectuant perhaps to report to a white
majority ufology.

We also considered the possibility that, if the unconscious
belief systems of each percipient somehow effects the molding of
a transcultural UFO phenomena (that is simply the perception of
an unidentified/unassimiliated "object"), then perhaps each
cultures likelihood of experiencing something which to them
suggests UFOand so should be reported to ufologists, would be
less for their unconscious beliefs would have imposed a perhaps
religious experience.

For example, we know of Hispanics who have reported UFO
experiences. However we also see more reports of Religious
Apparitions amongst them. Obviously, someone of a strong
religious conviction who also has seen or heard of the idea of
ufos as non-earth intelligences and who perceives an aerial
unknown and then entities associated with it is capable of
perhaps viewing their experience in both lights and making a
decision for themselve whether it was a religious/paranormal
or alien / extraterrestrial experience.

More often tho, it seems that the people who KNOW it was a UFO
or a spiritual (or demonic) entity are those already caught up
in the that 'myth' i.e. belief system. Did Clark & Coleman's 'The
Unidentified' address this?

Well I wish I had more time to put my thots together on this but
I hafta get ready for my day job.

Suffice to say I was happy to see my colleague Mizrach's paper
cited amongst the list during this discussion, despite the
rancorous contentions on both side.



Stephen MILES Lewis

Writer, Designer, Producer, Editor

Journal of Possible Paradigms


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