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Re: The Silence Is Deafening or The Thread Killer

From: Tim Brigham - Devil's Advocate <devilsad@ksinc.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 01:00:23 -0600
Fwd Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 10:35:12 -0500
Subject: Re: The Silence Is Deafening or The Thread Killer

>Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 13:30:56 -0500
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
>Subject: The Silence Is Deafening or The Thread Killer

>Hello All,

>Have you noticed that after posting a copy of an x-ray from an
>abductee that there have been absolutely no comments or remarks
>on it? (Other than Nick Balaskas)


Proudly considering myself to be of the "show me/fence sitters"
group, I thought I'd pop in a quick reply. Certainly the .jpg
image you sent out to the list was interesting, but I don't know
what sort of reaction you expect. I am not in any way
discounting it, but just getting an email with an attachment of
what appears to be an xray with an odd ..._something_ on
it....what can I say about this? Especially when you made sure
to mention several times that you don't want anyone on the list
to reproduce it in any way ("might someone be building a book
around this one?" he says with a grin). Have you had luck with
finding anyone who can help with _documented_ analysis? In the
meantime, all the rest of us could do would be to discuss what
is (at this point) just and image via email and secondhand info.
As I'm sure you can understand, until I see more data, it's not
worth the trouble.

All I can say is that it looks intriguing, but at this point,
what else do you expect from anyone who is genuinely attempting
to be objective about it? An immediate proclaimation of it
being a fraud or a genuiiine ET object of some sort? I'd be
very suspect of either at such an early stage. I pull a
(longish) quote from your message with which the image was sent

>See for yourself. I have attached a copy of one of the x-rays.
>It is not to be reposted/copied/republished in any way, shape,
>or form. The individual wishes to remain anonymous and the x-ray
>is his private property and a part of his medical record. If
>this gets reposted it'll be the last time I share anything of an
>evidential nature in this forum.

>The x-ray -clearly- shows a cylindrical object (embedded) -in-
>the persons spinal column. One of the physicians I showed it to
>was my personal family doctor. (Internist) He was clearly
>shocked at what he saw and his first comment was, "I have never
>seen anything like that. How did that get in there?"

>When I told him that the person claims that it was placed there
>by "aliens" during an abduction on board a UFO, he asked me if
>he could keep them for a couple of weeks so that he could show
>them to some collegues at the Hospital he is associated with.
>Upon my follow up visit two weeks later he returned them to me
>and informed me that everyone he showed them to were stumped. No
>one had ever seen anything like it,- they could not explain how
>it could have gotten in there without killing or paralysing him-
>and none of them knew what the object was. They were all in
>accord that the object clearly appeared to be
>artificial/manufactured. I asked him if there is anything
>similar (hardware) used by surgeons and he told me no. He knows
>what all the screws and plates and devices they put into peoples
>bodies looks like on an x-ray. They had never seen anything like

>I have shown them to two other physicians and one radiologist
>that specialises in reading neurological x-rays and they all
>said the same thing my doctor said; they'd never seen anything
>like it. We have more. There is just no one -reputable/qualified
>to take them to for further investigation and analysis. It's
>frustrating as hell. I'd like to have the stuff verified one way
>or the other just so I can stuff it under the noses of those who
>insist that there is -no- physical evidence for abductions

Please dont misunderstand me, John. I am always willing to look
at possible evidence, but then again, am I, and is everyone else
on the list, expected to just take your "personal doctor's" and
"two other doctors and one radiologist's" (undocumented as far
as I can see) opinions as evidence that this thing is an actual
object that has been implanted inside this person? Are these
doctors "on the record" regarding their opinions on this object?
Too good and clean to be true;-)

As far as there being no one reputable or qualified to do
further analysis - get some documented opinions from these
doctors and then I'll bet you'll have an immediate challenge
from half the "debunkers" in the world who will be willing to
pay for any sort of analysis that can be done by an impartial
party. And if not, hell, I'll whip out my phonebook and my Visa
and try to help out myself, or at least make a few calls;-).
have you had no luck in finding anyone who can be of assistance
in getting an analysis done?

But you also seem to suggest that for some reason the
fencesitters or the skeptics should be _responsible_ for the
doctor bills of every person who thinks they have some sort of
evidence of an abduction. this I don't understand. Yes, I've
always said "show me", but I dont recall ever saying "if think
you have an unexplained bruise, a lump on your toe, or anything
else you think might be evidence, feel free to take my checkbook
to the doctor of your choice." Sure, some of the CSICOP fellows
have thier own lil challenges out there which make for good TV
fodder, but where is the Intruders Foundation, or MUFON, etc,
etc? You accuse those of us in the middle of not being willing
to "put up," but I never knew that was part of my job
responsibilities (and I definitely dont get paid enuff for
it;-)). Seems to me that both the anti, and pro, abduction
groups who wish to prove that they are right and the other guys
are wrong should do it themselves.


>I have been listening to people whine; "Show me some proof" for
>years on this list. But each and everytime an attempt is made to
>provide it everyone falls silent and the thread just dies.
>Armchair ufologists, all talk, no substance. Everytime I put up,
>everybody shuts up.

Do I detect the suggestion that everyone who tries to be
objective is simply an underground skeptic and that any "sane
person" already knows the answers and therefore wouldnt dare ask
"wheres the proof?"

John, yes you did "put up," but sorry to say that I hardly think
those of us who are "on the middle of the fence" are sitting
around with our mouths agape at this undeniable evidence. we're
just waiting to see if anything of substance ever comes of it.


Tim Brigham

www.ksinc.net/~devilsad/ufo.htm The Devil's Advocate
www.ksinc.net/~devilsad/ring.htm Operation MindPhuck
"Better to go hungry than to feast on lies."

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