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DISPATCH # 82 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScop

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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 19:37:57 EST
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Subject: DISPATCH # 82 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScop

DISPATCH # 82 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

 S O M E T H I N G   S T R A N G E   I S   H A P P E N I N G


 Quote of the Week

 “The country that represents Satan's harvest is America.”

 -- Rev. Sun Myung Moon


 Rant of the Week: "Let's pie the polluting lolly!”

 Every week we pick the wackiest, scariest, nastiest or funniest rant from the
 hundreds of letters received by us here at ParaScope headquarters, and present
 it to you as our Rant of the Week. This week, we’re thrilled to offer a
 special "remote guest rant" from Noel Godin, the twisted genius behind the
 recent guerilla cream pie attack on probable anitchrist Bill Gates. Excerpted
 from an interview on the Netly News web site (netly.com), Godin’s comments
 offer invaluable insight into his inspired assault. Enjoy.

 “I'm part of a gang of bad hellions that have declared the pie war on all the
 unpleasant celebrities in every kind of domain. [Our slogan is:  ‘Let's pie!
 Let's pie! Nincompoop guys!’] We began to act against ‘empty’ celebrities from
 the artistic world who were thinking they were the cat's whiskers.

 "[We decided to pie Bill Gates because] in a way he is the master of the
 world, and then because he's offering his intelligence, his sharpened
 imagination and his power to the governments and to the world as it is today
 -- that is to say gloomy, unjust and nauseating. He could have been a utopist,
 but he prefers being the lackey of the establishment. His power is effective
 and bigger than that of the leaders of the governments, who are only many-
 colored servants. So Bill Gates was at the top of our lists of victims. The
 attack against him is symbolic, it's against hierarchical power itself. Our
 war cry was explicit: ‘Let's pie! Let's pie the polluting lolly!’

 “We declare war on all the governments of the world, on Tony Blair, on Bill
 Clinton, on the pope... On our blacklist, you will also find Demi Moore; Tom
 Cruise and John Travolta, who are both members of the Scientology; Bill
 Graham... On the other hand, we h
s everywhere. We
 had thousands of propositions to help us, even abroad. We also have many
 enemies. But we are like the characters of a cartoon. We are like Laurel &
 Hardy, Bugs Bunny, the Marx Brothers, the yippies of May 1968.”

 [Read the whole text of Godin’s interview at: http://www.netly.com


 Coming Up Next Week!

 Catch a number of great stories next week on a daily basis on America or all
 at once next Friday on the web site, including daily updates to our Conspiracy
 Newsline and Daily Dose features. Among the articles you'll want to check out:

 Subliminal CIA?  A Secret Report on the Power of Hidden Persuasion

 In 1958, the American public faced a frightening question: could subliminal
 messages be used to influence the unsuspecting? The anecdotal evidence seemed
 to confirm the Big Brotherish power of subliminals. Naturally, the CIA checked
 it out. Now you can read what is probably the agency's first assessment of
 "The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception." Don't miss this
 declassifed report from the dawn of the mind wars.


 Fortean Slips: Big Hot Throbbing Valentine's Edition!

 Love is a many-splendored thing... and it's pretty much a many-weirded
 thing, too. Join "Love Doctor" D. Trull for this second annual romantic
 roundup of outrageous slings and arrows fired from Cupid's bow.

 Sperm Warfare: Think every sperm is created equal? Sir, no, sir! Learn
 how male gametes are regimented into specialized fighting forces on the
 reproductive battlefield.

 The Orgasm Chasm: Scientists have learned that women experience a "more
 highly evolved" orgasm than men -- and they've figured out how to make a
 pill that chemically produces that rapturous brain response ladies love.

 Unholy Matrimony: Instead of consulting a counselor about their troubled
 relationships, some couples in south Asia try to drive the evil spirits
 out of their marriage with exorcism therapy.

 Spontaneous Panty Combustion: Maybe you've heard of hot pants, but take
 a peek at what
 underwear unexpectedly burst into flames!


 Roswell: What Really Happened! Now It Can Be Told! The Probable Scenario...

 Author and fringe journalist John Shirley takes a walk back through Roswell
 history, retracing the steps and connecting the facts with some good ol'
 common sense. What emerges is a very plausible theory -- although a theory
 which may not please those who adamantly believe that a flying saucer really
 did crash in the desert near Roswell. Is this how it happened? You be the


 Area 51: Alive, Well, and Expanding?

 In June 1997, Popular Mechanics ran an error-riddled article claiming that the
 Air Force had for all intents and purposes abandoned Area 51, the top-secret
 test site where some ufologists believe alien spacecraft have been reverse-
 engineered and experimented with. Flying saucers notwithstanding, ParaScope
 correspondent Norio Hayakawa reports that not only does strange aerial
 activity continue to occur at Groom Lake, but the secret base is actually
 expanding! Get the latest reports from Area 51 and find out about the upcoming
 People's Rally at Area 51.


 ParaNoise: News, Notes, Rants and Manifestos from the Fringe

 Plug into ParaNoise and download a pure stream of raw, undistilled paranoia
 and concentrated dissidence. From upcoming activist events to mind control
 conspiracies, get the latest news, scoops and freakouts.

 ...All this, and much, much more!


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