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Re: Communication with UFOs

From: wlmss@pegasus.com.au [Lawrie Williams]
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 00:02:51 +1000 (GMT+1000)
Fwd Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:22:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Communication with UFOs

>Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 14:54:38 +1030
>From: JJ <fierycelt@full-moon.com> [Jennifer Jarvis]
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>

>Last night I received, from Skywatch International, a long
>account of a "sighting" over Brooklyn, and was interested to note
>that the "witness" had attempted some form of mental
>communication with the object in question.

>Has anyone else ever found that, when watching "unknowns," it is
>possible to establish some form of telepathic rapport?

The UFO Message I seemed to receive in May 1995.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In 1995 UFO's
were reported in Central Australia. I drove from North Queensland
to count the horses' teeth.  This was late in May 1995.

When I got there I spoke to many witnesses. A UFO, often with a
smaller, fainter light behind it, had taken to swooping in from
the west every night and had been astonishing, delighting and
terrifying the staff and tourists there.

Lou Farkas, Manager of the Wycliffe Wells tourist park said
"Channel 10 from Brisbane" had purchased spectacular footage from
a tourist for $ 100 000. I certainly have heard nothing of it
since. Lou's business relied mainly on tourists and there was
little prospect that a hoax of any sort would affect his trade
much. It was interesting that his wife of Chinese extraction had
set up a shrine in the shop with a life sized ape doll at its

I did not get any footage. I carried a still fixed focus camera
and a JVC S-VHS videocamera, but did not intend to so much as get
any camera out unless an approach was made and it was clear to me
the camera would not offend.  Lets face it, photos were no proof
anyway. My mission was not to get proof but to discover the nature
of the total picture.

I was told by Lou that 30 m craft were materializing 1 km above
the Jarra Jarra Ranges and proceeding eastwards, visiting Wycliffe
Wells as if to get water.

Local aborigines told me that certain pools were empty because
"they drink the water".

My mini-expedition set itself up in the sparse gum forest where
only a few days earlier eyewitnesses said the craft had hovered,
illuminating the treetops with its lights.

We camped in a dry creek bed and later, at a better positioned
gravel dump immediately to the N of W Wells. The nights were cold
and by day the flies sought to lay eggs in our tear ducts,
sometimes with success. It is a funny sensation.  : )  There was
nothing paranormal there that we came across.

Eyewitness and regional newspaper accounts from people of all
cultures confirmed a certain pattern of activity, that hovering
craft with lights were approaching and following motor cars on the
highways. They were not earth lights and they were not advanced
military aircraft. These persistent vessels acted with clear
intelligent intent but there is no way anyone with access to
secret military craft would go out night after night and follow
aborigines and whites around in their cars at a few meters

On our last night on the gravel dump one of my sons got gastro, or
we would not have been awake. At 4 a.m. a TOTALLY SILENT aircraft
drifted overhead. From illumination from flashing lights on the
fuselage I made it out through binocs (later) to be a US YF-23 or
YF-24. I did my ID from a "Time" Video. My report seems to have
later led to a posting on the skunk works mail-l "Goddam Loud
Mouth UFO Watchers" or words to that effect.  : )

At the time we did not feel it was a "real" UFO despite the
astonishing silence in the still desert air. The cessna "paper
plane" that flew past at a great distance made a racket.

The advanced tactical fighter was flying south at the time,
canting slowly and severely as it no doubt made full use of its
side scanning radar apparatus which is mounted in a long slit in
the belly of these aircraft. Or is it some sort of device for
delivering intense microwave pulses?

Its course was such as to take it over Wycliffe Wells at 4 a.m.
One night a little earlier I believe I saw a second such craft
flying south only it was much further to the west. That indicates
what Australians would call an emu parade. And like a dog that
runs from an abusing master, the UFO's had stopped coming to
Wycliffe Wells - as I observed. So yes, the US is hunting UFO's.

> Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 08:20:41 +1030
> From: JJ <fierycelt@full-moon.com> [Jennifer Jarvis]
> To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
> Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: 'UFO Sphere/Orb' over Brooklyn, NY


> My question to the list was, in fact, asking if anyone had had
> any experience with "rapport"/"communication" etc. with

> My area of study is not so much photographic, as
> Thank you.     >  JJ

Sorry Joe, I did meander there. Communication is also my interest.
Communication with UFO's seems to take a variety of forms:

1 - telepathic messages from UFO's, (gene seem to develop
compulsions and
    passions that may or may not reflect the policies or
    attributes of some exotic culture. (prophesizing)

I believe communication did occur on my journey to Wycliffe Wells.
At the time I thought I was going to get to see diffuse "earth
lights" over some sacred spot, something like that. It was not
until well after I got there that I heard how they followed cars.
From the Queensland border westwards the road is devoid of any
settlement. It was dark anonsciousness, and it was linked in my
mind to the view out of the windscreen. It was as if I had two
views, one of the headlights on the road ahead, the other of a
tall skyline of black pine trees. This feeling and perspective
stayed with me four or more hours as we cruised along.

Then I heard this drumming, deep and slow. I was bemused at the
sound, and wound the window down and up, turned the radio on
(static) and off again. Nothing changed the noise. It carried a
feeling too.

Maybns through this area and they have had huge quakes in recent
years. I got a feeling of immense strain, as if it were some vast
geological underground entity with impending gestation. I'm afraid
that sounds a bit New Agey! I can only report what came to me.
Maybe magma dragons are for real.

Then a voice spoke. And when Ed Walters described it as "grinding
out" he got it spot on. It was slow and deep and male:

"I am he ra. I am chi ra. I am win"

Now I am clear about the first six syllab of Egyptian temples.

Funny how in movies or under hypnosis (no, never for me) people
remember every last word. My mind captured the first eight, then I
was so flabbergasted I lost focus a moment.

Then the drumming continued for some minutes afterwards while I
just continued to drive. I guess I was tired and dazed, but it
never occurred to me that it might have been a UFO trying to
communicate with me. That must sound dumb. It is. (The penny did
not drop until I started ploughing througit appeared - and then he
went to sleep.

I often wonder what I would have seen had I stopped the car and
looked above and behind. I have not let myself wonder what might
have happened had I got out of the car. BTW there was no "lost
time" that night so far as I can tell.

I have strived mightily to make sense of what the UFO - if that
was what it was - said to me. One translation is:

"I am a friendly rhean,
      I am the hand (gift-giving) of Rhea,
			I am signa and
they are approaching people and offering to beef them up.  And I
blew it.  : )

Lets briefly recall the myths associated with Demeter. Her symbol
was a black triangle. She quartered the world looking for her
missing daughter "Persephone", which seems to mean "fairy say
hearer".  Demeter's "chariot" was in the control of horses and

In magic so far as I know a few women get the exotic powers and
they have the responsibility of implementing these powers for the
good of the commuems to be a neat system of checks and balances!

I had a type one communication. I should mention that about a year
earlier a member of my family suddenly started having intense
repetitive dreams in which he is at the 1st floor window of our
home in Millaa Millaa and he is watching a craft with flashing
lights coming drifting up the main streeet in the middle of the
night. It was about then that we both started having all sorts of
low-level paranormal experiences. These were duly reportfor us.

In spiritualism there have been cases where it appears that
entities have been sent from the "other side" to inform a selected
person via a fellow human "spirit medium". Generally they offer a
cluster of information related to the question/s uppermost in the
seeker's mind.

So another spin-off from my trip to Central Oz was a lengthy
communication via spirit medium which detailed the nature,
activity and disposition of what most people would call the local
alien or ET cultures or cnk it is of unrecognized significance. I
believe that one of the exotic agencies that humans are trying to
suss out has gone to a lot of effort to offer an articulate net
human (for all my faults) a straight explanation of what is going

Let me emphasize that this belief is based on observation and
other members of this list are welcome to X-question me with a
view to discovering a simpler explanation.

BTW the source of the type three communication (spirit medium)
made it clear thao religion and that I have reached a stage where
I could not care squat diddley if people believe what I report or
not. It is just unfortunate.

I still hope someone can locate that famous video taken at
Wycliffe Wells. As for any possible connection of all this with
Pine Gap, America's "extraterrestrial status" base near Alice
Springs (south of Wycliffe Wells) - well, that is another story.

All the best.

Lawrie Williams__________

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